Kerry King in Charge of New Slayer Album, Tom Araya Reveals

Frontman also expresses uncertainty over band's future. "Jeff was 95 percent of the band," he adds.

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Slayer singer/bassist Tom Araya recently discussed the band's new album, revealing that guitarist Kerry King will be calling most of the shots in the studio. Specifically, Araya noted that King's been writing heaps of new material he doesn't want to share with anyone yet. Tom added that he doesn't know whether anyone else in the band will be included in the songwriting process, calling it "Kerry's call." The singer also expressed uncertainty over the group's future, sharing a pessimistic stance on continuing without late guitarist Jeff Hanneman. "As far as songwriting goes, I can honestly say that - this is the part that really eats us - it's the hardest for me because me and Jeff collaborated on material," Araya told Loudwire. "We've collaborated on stuff openly. He would give everybody his music, he would have everything prepared." Tom then focused on King, saying, "As far as Kerry writing material, Kerry has been working on quite a few songs for the past year and a half. I guess almost two years now, he's been working on ideas for a while now. Usually, Kerry does his own stuff. He was working with Dave [Lombardo], but after Paul [Bostaph] hooked up with us, he went back and started re-working those ideas with Paul.

"But he doesn't present any of his ideas to anybody, he just kind of ... they're his songs," he added. "So, as far as me being a part of that, I don’t know. That’s basically Kerry's, at this point, call, as far as if he wants me to apply myself to any of the stuff, but Kerry's been working on ideas and putting songs together." When it comes to Gary Holt's studio involvement, the singer commented: "I don't know. I know Kerry has said some things in interviews and spoken to different people and brought up Gary's name on a few occasions. Like I said, on this tour, me and Kerry have a lot of communicating and talking to do just to see where everything stands as far as me and him moving forward. If anything does happen, it definitely will start after this fall tour." Finally, Araya got back to Hanneman, once again expressing a pessimistic stance on the current state of affairs. "Man, that's something that's a swirly mess that's running through my head, you know?" he said. "That's where I’m at. I mean, it's a constant ... it's just something that's always on my mind. I myself am at a crossroads. I myself don't even know what I'm going to do. That's where I'm at, that's me." He continued, "I guess people really don't understand that Jeff played a major role in this band. They don't really understand that. It's kind of hard for most people to figure that out that Jeff was like 90 or 95 percent of the band, musically. Because he wrote music and lyrics. He wrote everything, he helped in every aspect of songwriting." As previously reported, the band's new album will feature two Hanneman's previously unreleased songs.

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    Oh boy.
    Looks like they're gonna call it quits. Sadly, I think it's a good thing...
    I believe they should call it quits on Slayer but come up with a new name and continue as that. This way, Gary Holt can contribute and they dont have to worry about writing with out Jeff. They can still player Slayer songs live too, look at Velvet Revolver and how many GNR songs they played.
    Look at Heaven and Hell, too. They could call it "Angels of Death" or something.
    kerry queen was ok til he shaved his head and got those gay tribal tats. i started listening to slayer because they weren't egoists and now well you get the picture. sad how a little fame destroys what made them famous. and to not let tom in on the songwriting now,.....well thats just f#@kin dumb
    Eb: 00000100003000003001035
    I just played that and it was actually pretty cool. Not that i want an entire album based around it...
    Next Ug headline: Kerry King to continue Slayer with holograms... Then: Kerry King replaces the visual aspect of Slayer member holograms of himself but still uses the original studio audio.
    you mean kerry king will replace the entire band with holograms that are kerry king playing every instrument?!! i can picture that. i imagine him sitting on some throne watching himself play every night with a mic doing commentary on his playing. "wow did you guys see that solo i just did?! let me just rewind that to make sure no one missed my greatness"
    No Tom, we can all read the liner notes. We all know Jeff wrote all the good Slayer songs, and Kerry wrote all the crappy ones. Burger King should just stick to making Jagermeister commercials, and pimping his gawdawful BC Rich guitars. So happy I was around in the 80s & 90s and saw them when they were FUCKIN SLAYER! Because they are dead.
    how many times can i upvote that comment? cos that deserves ALOT! oh. just once? damn. i almost like jagermeister LESS once king started in their commercials.
    I think Jeff and Kerry have both contributed to the Slayer legacy. They've both written awesome songs separately and together. Kerry may be a douchebag, and even more so recently, but I don't think we can deny his input to the band.
    PePzi NL
    Is Slayer gonna be the next Guns 'N Roses? A band which clearly isn't itself anymore, but because of a selfish prick refuses to officially quit? Slayer died with Hanneman. Just have some respect for the name, kill it off, and go your own seperate ways. Kerry will always be 'the guy from Slayer', so who cares if he plays with Slayer or his own band.
    The band is so disjointed, and that's all because of Kerry being a selfish little prick. I wish somehow Tom could wake that guy up. I'd honestly just punch him in the face if he decided that most of the studio work would be done by him and not even show his own work to Tom! Like wtf!
    I wonder why Tom wants to continue after all these things. There's simply one Slayer song made by Burger King which I like - Cult. That's all. I'm curious, how bad the new album's gonna be.
    Also, hopefully Gary will have a say in some of the songs. Doesn't seem like he will though. If Kerry won't include Tom, who's been in slayer since day one, I'm sure Gary won't be included either. Kerry seems like such a d-bag.
    It sounds like Tom is very subtlety taking jabs at Kerry the entire time. Good for him.
    Oh my... I do not like what I'm reading. If Kerry takes full control over this record, with NO input from the others, I fear (hope not tho) the record will suck. My opinion (not that it matters) is that they should use Jeff's material and let Tom finish his lyrics. Let Gary contribute with the writing, in addition to letting him take control over the guitar tone, Kerry's tone is absolute horrible. Drummer: as much as I want Dave, Paul isn't bad at all. I will give the record a spin when it's out, but my hopes aren't really high.
    +1000. I completely agree with all of this. Sucks that Lombardo isn't drumming for them anymore, but Bostaph is also a beast on the drums. Loved his drumming on Testament's Formation Of Damnation album. Gary's a hell of a guitar player too, if he's good enough to play live they should treat him like a full time member and let him contribute on the next album. Unfortunately I don't see that happening. Kerry will continue to record all the guitar tracks with his god awful tone. It's only a matter of time until he says "screw Bostaph, I'll play drums too!"
    Paul really is a kickass drummer. And Gary Holt is a legend. I personally think Exodus is better now then ever (I know a lot of people don't agree), and I think Slayer should use his talent. The REAL big four of thrash metal IMO is not the bands, but Jeff Hanneman, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine and Gary Holt. Without their riffs, no thrash metal. And Slayer now has a chance to replace one great guitar player with another.
    I think Tom is just too mellow of a dude to work with Kerry. It's obvious that Tom's still beat up over Jeff, and Kerry is just ready to boss hog his way all over Slayer's shit. For me the best thing would be if the next release never comes into fruition and Tom goes off for his own thing, maybe Dave will join in. lol call it Slayer Lives!
    Thrash Metal
    Tom should just quit. Surely that would be enough to force the band to end where they are instead of plummeting further down.
    Slayer is probably my most favorite band ever. It's really heartbreaking to see them fall apart slowly ever since Jeff got bit.
    Lee Makky
    Hologram Jeff Hanneman? Even a digital Jeff is better than a real Kerry King.
    I'm sick of the hologram crap. Get a turd to replace Kerry King. Gary is doing a decent job even though he (and no one) could ever replace Hanneman
    So what exactly is going to be different? Hasn't he pretty much been running the show for the better part of 20 years anyway? it's just going to suck that much more that Jeff is no longer with us. It sucks that Dave is gone too but you have to admit Bostoph is a monster drummer too.
    Yes Tom, we do understand. I have fond memories of seeing Slayer at Festival Hall in Melbourne. One of the best shows I've seen. I think they've given a lot to metal, but as others have pointed out, this sounds like it may be the end.
    Yup, this is about as bad as it can get. Honestly, the rest of the band should veto King in the song writing process and do it themselves. Let Tom bring in a handful of ideas and then let Gray and Paul take a crack at it. If nothing else, they will have the framework set in place by someone who's only ever know Slayer and then a fresh take on what Slayer will sound like. Gray's been playing the material long enough to probably have some decent Slayer-esque inspiration and Paul was part of Slayer before. Just get King the **** off his throne!!!
    Tom should just retire n tell burger king to stick it up his ass far as im concerned Slayer is done!!!
    This doesn't sound like a "band" to me. It looks like Slayer is now a King solo project. The guy comes off more and more like a prick everyday.
    burger King is prolly the biggest ******* rockstar ive ever met
    Blah blah "Slayer should quit!" Blah blah etc etc. Maybe we can actually HEAR the record before we judge it? Just an idea...
    At least Tom acknowledged Jeff being the driving force behind the band. Sounds like Slayer is done and frankly they should be.
    I'm finding myself agreeing with pretty much everyone here - Tom seems to be taking a bit of a passive-aggressive route here. I think that he knows Slayer is finished just as well as half of the metal community, but then agai nit IS his bread and butter so... I dunno. I just don't want an album full of Kerry's whammywanking
    Kerry King is a douchebag and any 12 year old who picks up the guitar for the first time can play better than his mucked up garbage solos. Hanneman was way better.
    Slayer will literally keep going until it's Kerry King on stage with an 808 drum machine and a head set mic.
    I read somewhere that Kerry was doing all the studio work for the last 15 years or so. Jeff would only come in for a solo. Besides, Kerry has also co-written some of the classics. The band is a business and Kerry has been running it for a long time now. I do miss Jeff alot, but they wouldn't have come so far without Kerry. One more last album, perhaps with some last riffs of Jeff and then call it quits...
    This is sad, I saw them a couple of weeks ago opening for Iron Maiden and despite they put a good killer show there was this sad atmosphere when Hanneman's images where put on the screen, the band seemed gloomy the whole show. I can really sense that Slayer as it was it's dead by now
    Yeah Hanneman is the most important part of Slayer, but King has still wrote some great stuff too and they are one of my all time favorite bands so I want to see them as long as they can go. I just want Lombardo back.
    As I understand it King has been "in charge" of Slayer for the for the majority of the time the band has existed so I don't know why it comes as a shock to some people..... I don't think they'll call it quits for a while yet either, despite what the 100 or so "slayer is done" crowd would have you believe Slayer still sell albums and sell a lot of tickets to their shows across the globe..... also, Hanneman has only been dead for about six months so I would guess Slayer are still in the grieving process.... Personally, I'm gonna cut them a bit of slack.
    Theres no shame in them calling it a day and no fan would want them to feel like they're obligated to do it. Same goes for the beastie boys.
    Time for them to hang it up before there like kiss and tour endlessly with only two original members.