Killswitch Engage Stream New Album 'Disarm The Descent'

The album is now available to stream in advance of its April 1st release date

Ultimate Guitar

Good new for Killswitch Engage fans - the band's long-awaited "Disarm The Descent" album, their first full-length release since original frontman Jesse Leach returned to the band, arrives April 2, but luckily you can hear it now in its entirety a week before its release.

The band began recording the hard-hitting effort early in 2012, shortly after announcing Leach's return to their lineup. Guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, who has built up a major production resume in recent years, served as producer on the effort.

Leach previously stated about the new album: "It is with a grateful spirit that we prepare for this record's release. From the music, to the lyrics, to the artwork, we are all proud of what we have accomplished.

"To me, this is by far my best vocal performance, much thanks to Adams guidance and faith in my abilities. I am very grateful to be where I am in life, back in an amazing band with a record we are all excited for the world to hear. Thanks to all the fans for their warm welcome back and their undying love for Killswitch Engage," singer adds.

You can hear the entire album in the player below.

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    This is how metalcore is supposed to be and not that asking alexandria,black veil brides, and bring me the horizon shit.
    thank the lord we have these guys! Honorable mentions go to As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Oh, Sleeper, Shadows Fall, Trivium, Every Time I Die, and Parkway Drive!
    I don't think Oh, Sleeper get enough attention. They really are a talented group.
    Yeah man I just found out about them! Really good things to come from these guys! Micah really knows how to write music.
    Wow. I was not expecting this amazing of an album out of them. Kudos to Jesse, I wasn't a big fan of his voice on the old stuff, but this is epic.
    Sgt Killswitch
    Fairweather fanboys will critique and complain about Howard not being with the band anymore, but true KSE fans will love this to pieces. Screw all the haters, this freakin rocks!
    Man this whole album is sick! I thought these guys might start fading after the last album but this is one of their best yet.
    It's a good thing black veil brides, asking alexandria, and bring me the horizon aren't metalcore
    Holy crap this album is awesome. $12 bucks is steep for a digital download though. However, this maybe worth it.
    That's the special edition price. The regular album is still $9.99, but the special edition will be worth it. It's Killswitch after all. Now if only you could get some lossless audio through downloads these days. You think we'd get to that point already by 2013.