Kings of Leon: 'Pretty Much Any Song Caleb Hates a Guaranteed Smash Hit'

"I'm the worst," says frontman Caleb Followill while discussing the latest single "Super Soaker."

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Nashville rockers Kings of Leon recently took some time to discuss the latest single "Super Soaker," revealing frontman Caleb Followill as an interesting merit when it comes to picking tracks to release as singles.

"Pretty much any song Caleb hates is guaranteed a smash hit, a Grammy or a Brit award," said drummer Nathan Followill through laughter during a recent chat on BBC Radio 1. "I'm the worst," Caleb jokingly confirmed (via NME).

The single itself comes off the group's upcoming record "Mechanical Bull" set to drop on September 24 via RCA Records. While discussing the upcoming effort, guitarist Matthew Followill stated that unlike with the previous record, there was no tension or pressure during the making process.

"The pressure was really off of us on this last one. We were our own bosses," the axeman said. "There were no bills because we bought the studio ourselves, there was no timeframe when it had to be done by. Us being able to take a break, we kind of got to fall back in love with what we loved about it in the first place, which was picking up your instruments and and playing and smiling onstage and actually having fun, and not feeling like it's a job."

The previous Kings of Leon record, "Come Around Sundown," saw its release in October 2010 as the group's fifth studio effort, debuting at No. 2 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    'Pretty Much Any Song Caleb Hates a Guaranteed Smash Hit' 404 sentence not found
    "Kings of Leon: 'Pretty Much Any Song Caleb Hates a Guaranteed Smash Hit'" How many times do I have to read this until it starts making sense?
    Meez rites 4 Ultimit Geetar. Meez rites gud. Clappy clappy for meez.
    Seems like this happens with lots of bands. Didn't Slash hate Sweet Child of Mine?
    Kurt Cobain hated Smells Like Teen Spirit. Im sure most bands hate the song they have to keep playing over and over and over to please the crowd.
    Nah man, I'm pretty sure he only hated the fact that he had to play every single goddamn concert. (And that people he disliked like bullies loved the song and misunderstood it..)
    Also ironically, he still plays it all the time on his solo tours with Myles Kennedy.
    Not irony. Also, possibly plays it simply because that's what a lot of fans want to see.
    My impression from interviews I've watched is that he originally disliked the happy/ballady beginning half of the song, but over time has warmed up to it all.
    theres a fan boy in our midst....
    87656789 up-votes for trolls and idiots, but no love for an intelligent analysis of a great band's new album from a die hard fan. Oh how I love Ultimate-Guitar and the unintelligent and ignorant people who live on it. Human society has a lot to look forward to, let me tell you...
    Dear God, we get like the band. No need to reply to every negative comment made about them. People are allowed a different opinion from yours.
    So people don't like KOL and because of that we're ignorant and unintelligent, ha okay kid.
    Obviously when I said "unintelligent and ignorant" you thought of yourself... finally, something we can AGREE on... lol
    An artist that hates their own music but keeps making it because they know they will cash in on it? Yeah thats dignity right? wtf
    I'm pretty sure he like all of their songs. Just some less than others. Do you honestly think every band enjoys every one of their songs equally?
    I would feel insulted to hear an artist hated their own song and still try to make me buy it. That sounds terribly dishonest. "I hate this. This is bad. But maybe I can make money off it" That sounds like a platform for music that I don't want to support.
    The lyrics are dumb, but the instrumentals sound pretty good. I'm glad they are trying to bring back the old sound and having fun with it.
    Just truth here, nothing else. I had their first cd when it came out, I thought they had an awesome sound and look with the moustaches and hair... then I sorta forgot about them right up until Sex on Fire and I thought the song was shit. Then today my mate (an avid obsessive, who just saw them live recently) played me their supersoaker track and I almost fell asleep.... granted, it was sunny
    You forgot about them... thats why you don't like their new stuff... You have to grow with the band
    Why would you put out something you don't even enjoy yourself? Because it will sell to the mass audience? That's the definition of sell out.
    What a cool track, I do miss their old vibe but hey! They grew up and the sound changes. Progression. But if they do another "Use Somebody" type of song I will punch a small window.
    I wouldn't mind this becoming a hit. Use Somebody was a huuuuuge hit here (Holland) and I cannot explain how much I hate that song. I used to hear it 3 to 4 times a day on the radio in the shop I used to work in....if ever there's a way to turn a song you slightly dislike into a song you cannot stand the thought of hearing ever again... I like that Holy Roller Novocaine song though.
    i hate that song too, and my band covers that i just throw in a bunch of sweep arpeggios instead of chords and it makes it a little more tolerable =P
    I completely understand the statement and usually tend to agree with it. I pretty much dislike all radio singles by every band that I am into and tend to like all of the other songs on their albums.
    @Theonlychance Dude, you're pretty dumb. Your analysis wasn't dumb, but that doesn't make it intelligent. To call everyone else ignorant when you claim that "good music is hanging on for it's dear life" just makes me laugh. That statement is born out of ignorance. There are millions of bands out in the world now, you haven't even heard 1% of what is out there now. isn't really that obscure, and if you're opposed to finding new music and have just resigned to the fact that even most music sucks, then your opinions on the state of music are completely invalid. On a side note, ya'll are weird, Use Somebody and Sex is on Fire are cool haha, catchy as hell.
    Who cares about websites or bullshit new-age technological mediums? Good music used to be on the radio and was appreciated by the masses. Not only that, but it was stuff WAY better than KOL (The Beatles, Led Zep, Rolling Stones, etc.) There is still good music out there, but no one appreciates it anymore. The "popular" music of today consists of shitty bands like Mumford & Sons, F.U.N., and Taylor Swift. People have changed, and i'm afraid it's for the worst. If you want to enjoy music and feel cool because no one else knows about it or it was "hard to find", then go for it, but please try to refrain from judging people like me who actually want to see bands compensated for their hard work (whether it be with money or more fans). Perhaps I should have said "humanity's taste in music is hanging on for dear life". Is that better, or are you still misinterpreting my more than simple post?
    I hope you realize that when you say "good music" you mean music you like, due to music being completely subjective like any art form. What makes music "good" or "bad" is simply how it emotes people.
    Yeah... I think I am 100% accurate when I say that most popular music is trash... opinions are opinions, but there is always a truth, regardless of opinion... The TRUTH is what matters, not "opinions"
    Did you not notice how you put "I think I am" showing that it's only your opinion that most popular music is trash?
    "Pretty much any song we write songs like pop garbage with slightly distorted guitar"
    "pretty much any insult you make about a band is stupid and makes no sense"
    God forbid a guitar be SLIGHTLY distorted!!! Fricken' metalheads... go mosh
    Yes, blame all your trouble on metalheads 'Its those damn metalheads again!'
    And I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling metalheads!!! And their dog too!!!
    Damn metalheads are on his lawn again. Perhaps he needs a fence?
    Let me start by saying Kings of Leon are honestly one of the most original and talented bands EVER. Every single album has brought something different to the table, yet at the same time, ALWAYS retained that authentic KOL vibe. It truly takes a talented and rare group of individuals to achieve such a great streak of quality albums. So far, "Mechanical Bull" has blown me away! Supersoaker has one of Caleb's better vocal melodies (imo) and Matt's lead riff is pretty damn cool. Jared's bass sounds great as well. If every song ends up being this pure and catchy, it may be Kings of Leon's best effort to date. I really feel sorry for the people who wrote these guys off after "Only By the Night" (although I will never understand why), because "Come Around Sundown" and "Mechanical Bull" are awesome records sure to inspire and entertain. In a time when good music is hanging on for it's dear life, Kings of Leon are a rarity and a powerful musical force to be reckoned with.
    i like their music. its catchy, its not teeny bopping pop. but most original and talented ever is pushing it. and if you think good music is hanging on for dear life, you need to turn off the radio. start by checking out . almost any band on there will blow that statement out of the water
    Who said that they were THE most original and talented ever? No one. My point with music hanging on for dear life is true. If you have to go to some obscure website like to hear a decent band, then the state of music is pathetic. In the good ole' days, the goods bands weren't underground, they actually were loved by the masses. Hope that clears things up a little.
    obscure? in the last month there has been 3 reviews of their bands on UG. Bosnian Rainbows, Deafheaven, and the Deafheaven and Marriages Brooklyn live show. Not to mention 3 different bands than them are headlining Amplifest in Portugal this year. (yes music does exist outside the USA). Sorry i don't agree with you. Get over it
    There is nothing for me to get over. We have two different opinions. Nothing wrong with that. Where do you get the impression that I only listen to music from USA???
    You like the band and thats cool. But not everybody thinks the same way as you
    ...and what about my post says that you have to???
    "I really feel sorry for the people who wrote these guys off after "Only By the Night" (although I will never understand why)" That bit?
    Do you really think that is another way of saying "everyone must think like me"? Please, explain how my lack of understanding translates to telling people they have to agree with me.
    yeah dude people have different opinions...was that your point? What you just said exploded my brain. Where am I?