Kings of Leon to Release New Single 'Supersoaker' Next Week

The first single from their youthful new album "Mechanical Bull" will land on July 17.

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Kings of Leon will release a brand new single "Supersoaker" next week on July 17.

It's the first preview of their new album "Mechanical Bull," which the band have promised will be "more musically complicated" than their previous pop-driven efforts like 2010's "Come Around Sundown."

The band returned to long-time producer Angelo Petraglia for the new effort, but the results didn't turn out quite as expected - and that proved to be a good thing. "I thought we were going to make a really mature album but I'm amazed how youthful it sounds," said bassist Jared Followill.

You'll get a chance to hear the new single live when they perform on the chatshow "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" too. Alternatively, if you prefer to see them live in the flesh, you can catch them touring festivals in Europe and the US between now and October.

In September, Kings of Leon will take part in the iTunes Festival. If you're not near enough to apply for free tickets to the show at the Roundhouse in London, you'll be able to stream it in high definition over an Apple TV.

What are your hopes for the new Kings of Leon album? Let us know in the comments.

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    Sammy Mantis
    Maybe this song will be about a girlfriend who is a squirter?
    At least then it would be about something. Watched these guys on VH1's storytellers and every song explanation was "yea i was drinking one night, woke up the next day and this was written in my songbook".
    That was one song you fuffer.
    oh okay so that paraphrased quote was only about one song but he said the same thing in different ways about multiple other songs. I like their music, but knowing the bands history it was kind of sad to watch him laugh about it and hear the crowd applaud him when it's well known he had (?has?) a serious problem that kept him from doing something he loves.
    Hope this is a killer album. About time people realised that they're more than Use Somebody and Sex on Fire.
    Aha Shake Heartbreak is in my opinion thier ABSOLUTE best album and was extremely youthful,explicit, and fun. Hope this is like it
    I love KoL and I hope this is a good album, but so far, the titles are dumb. "Mechanical Bull"? "Supersoaker"? Well, I guess they're unique titles.
    Every album is great but id like to see them return to stuff from the first 3 albums.
    their last two albums weren't for me, but im not going to condemn them because im not an a$$hole hipster who can't accept the fact that musicians change over time
    Horrible article... There was nothing "poppy" about Come Around Sundown, and obviously, this album is LESS musically complicated... use your ears... But anyway, cannot wait for this album! I have a feeling it is going to be the best yet!
    This song is awesome, it's on youtube. They've played it for two times. Saw them last week, one of the best gigs I've ever been.