Kiss Writing 'Serious' Lyrics On New Album?

artist: KISS date: 08/01/2012 category: new releases
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Kiss Writing 'Serious' Lyrics On New Album?
In the past 40 years of writing and recording, KISS's lyrical content has seldom strayed far from the territory of girls, partying and rocking. Yet, in an interview with Billboard, the band's bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has stated that the song writing on new album "Monster" will see them take a more confessional direction: "A lot of the lyrics and points of view have less to do with sort of the cocksmanship, craftsmanship - 'Hey babe, I'm gonna rock you all night long,' and are more about sort of primal notions about who we are and how we feel. So something like 'The Devil is Me', for instance, is more confessional; you can keep pointing your fingers at all the evil in the world, but you've got some of it and here's the Lord's decree - the devil is me. Maybe there's a little devil in all of us." "Monster" is being produced by KISS front man Paul Stanley, who also produced the band's last album, "Sonic Boom". It is an arrangement that Simmons is very happy with: "I no longer have that patience or the temperament to be strapped in the studio for three months. There's too much going on outside, and who better to trust than (Stanley)? He's a very good team player and isn't afraid to say, 'Yeah, maybe I'm not right? Let's try this' or 'Let's try that.' We'd go in and just try anything. It's really a band effort, like four guys in a car but somebody's got to be driving and everybody else is going, 'No, turn right here, turn right there!' Ultimately we're all going to the same place, and Paul got us there." "Monster" is set to be released on October 15th. The full tracklisting is as follows: 01. Hell Or Hallelujah 02. Wall Of Sound 03. Freak 04. Back To The Stone Age 05. Shout Mercy 06. Long Way Down 07. Eat Your Heart Out 08. The Devil Is Me 09. Outta This World 10. All For The Love Of Rock & Roll 11. Take Me Down Below 12. Last Chance 13. Right Here Right Now
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