Kittie To Enter Studio In July

artist: Kittie date: 06/26/2006 category: upcoming releases

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Kittie To Enter Studio In July
Canadian metal band Kittie will be entering a New Jersey studio on July 15 with producer Jack Ponti (Bon Jovi, Doro, Skid Row, Alice Cooper) to begin recording their new album, tentatively due in early 2007 through the band's own label, Kiss of Infamy Records. Kevin Shirley (Iron Maiden, Dream Theater) has been tapped to mix the effort, which will mark the band's first full-length release since the band's split with longtime home Artemis Records. In other news, a video interview with Kittie and three live video clips of the band performing at the Knitting Factory in New York City on their recent U.S. tour have been posted online at The trek gave audiences their first glimpse at the band with new bassist Trish Doan and guitarist Tara Macleod joining Kittie mainstays Morgan Lander (guitar/vocals) and Mercedes Lander (drums). Kittie's downloadable EP, entitled "Never Again", was released in February through Rock Ridge Music. iTunes is offering an exclusive four-track version of the EP, which includes bonus track "Everything That Could Have Been". Kittie have sold more than a million records since the release of their debut, "Spit", in 2000, which was followed by 2001's "Oracle" and 2004's "Until The End", with several EPs in between. Thanks for the info to
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