Korn Announce New Album Release Date

The band promise a guitar-heavy sound on this album, to counter critics who didn't like their recent dubstep direction.

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Korn have announced that their 11th studio album will be released on September 24.

It's the first album to feature founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch since "Take a Look in the Mirror." He quit in 2005 to pursue a solo career and find God. Welch rejoined the band this year, and recently said that their new record was the best in their career. "It's my favorite [Korn] record by far," he said.

Fans who weren't into their last album "The Path of Totality" with dubstep producer Skrillex can breathe a sigh of relief; it won't feature as many electronics, and returns to their guitar-heavy origins.

"There's definitely some electronics on the new album," said guitarist Munky. "Not nearly as heavy as 'Totality...' but it feels fresh.

"We did go out on a limb there and take some chances - some people liked it, some people didn't - but with Brian back in the band it makes sense to have a very guitar-heavy album."

See Korn announce the release date for their new album at a press conference here:

YouTube preview picture

What are your hopes for the new Korn album? Will Head's return improve their sound? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    hoping this new album sounds more like their older stuff... and it should now Head has returned!
    Head's awesome!
    I know right? Getting head is awesome!
    It sure beats spanking the Munky!
    Munky had to do it all alone, he went a bit mad over the last few years trying to reinvent his onstage personality. He can take a chill pill again. Brian on stage looks amazing now, the costume, the hair. he is just KORN. It's brilliant. and so are the live perforances.
    I love the short music piece they posted a while back. Epic, post-rock-ish, but still distinctly Korn. It really sounds like Korn is growing with me musically.
    Glad Head's back. I understand why he left regardless for what it was...sometimes you need to find something more to life and I respect his past decisions...but damn bro, welcome back, it might just be me but Korn really needed Brian, and it's awesome he is back.
    It will include their new single "Bitch we apparently don't have a problem"
    my favorite band of my generation. dont care what anyone says. last great album they put out was take a look in the mirror which was my fav
    "... the album to be titled simply 'KoRn IV' is described by the band as "a return to their roots" and will contain the much anticipated single 'shoots and ladders to heaven'.
    The title is " We're Sorry For The Path Of Totality, To Make Up For It We Got Head Back, And If You Don't Like This Album, Maybe We'll Try And Get David Back Next Time"
    I'm a huge Korn fan and all. I love their music. Really hopeful on the new album but.... Am Ithe only one that noticed that Head was acting like a child pretty much the entire video/interview?
    Save for Narcissistic Cannibal I wasn't to fond of their Dubstep direction. More guitar is always a plus in my book haha.
    Take a look was on tape noise wise the heaviest korn record of all of them. This could be good if they don't over do the strings and wubs and drown out the guitar. I'm looking forward to it
    Looking forward to having a Korn record with Head back, but I'm hoping it sounds nothing at all like their earlier stuff. I've got those albums, and any time I want to hear them, I can put them on. No need for a re-hashing.
    September is n0t raining anym0re!!DT+Korn on a same day!!Who0ohaha!!2013 will be remembered as the Renaissance of Rock music!!
    I kinda liked Path of Totality. That being said, I agree with another commenter that their music seems to be growing with us. The clip they recently posted was still distinctly Korn, but different somehow. If it's any indication, this could be a very decent record.