Korn Complete New Guitar-Heavy Album

Mixing is complete on the new record, where they've ditched dubstep and returned to guitars now Brian Welch has returned to the lineup.

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Korn have completed work on their 11th studio album, the first to feature former guitarist Brian "Head" Welch since returning after quitting the band in 2005.

Speaking backstage at the Rock Im Park festival in Germany at the weekend, Welch and fellow guitarist Munky said they were about to embark on the final days of mixing:

"We're basically going to finish the whole mixing process tomorrow. The album is completely done, probably in the next day or two," Welch said.

Describing the sound of the new album, Welch added: "The new record definitely sounds like a 2013 'Korn' - it's refreshing. It's my favorite [Korn] record by far."

Munky acknowledged that their 2011 album "The Path of Totality" divided fans with its heavy dubstep influence by producer Skrillex, but says the new record has gone back to their roots.

"There's definitely some electronics on the new album. Not nearly as heavy as 'Totality...' but it feels fresh," said Munky. "We did go out on a limb there and take some chances - some people liked it, some people didn't - but with Brian back in the band it makes sense to have a very guitar-heavy album."

Watch Korn reveal the album news in this video interview:

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    Fuck, middle school me is so excited right now
    Do we not all have that "inner-adolescent"? I'm ****ing stoked!
    My body is ready for this cd. Side note, how come I said **** and they didn't censor it, you said ****ing and they censored it?
    Good, like getting a third & fourth arm back, they worked better as a duo. I'm interested to hear what they've got after eight years apart.
    Wise choice. The sample they released sounded very deftones esque. Lovely.
    I saw them in St.Louis @ the Peabody Opera house and let me just say this... Set Opener: Blind Ball Tongue Twist Chi 'nough said
    Their guitars have always been "heavy," they play in A on 7 strings, right? Now what would be really surprising, if there's any bit of technique in there! But, maybe they did change it up, I haven't sat down and listened to them since Take a Look In The Mirror, aka, when they reeeally started to suck.
    Korn shouldn't have to specify that their new album is guitar heavy. That should be a given. I never thought korn would come out with an album that makes them say "don't worry, our next album will have guitar"
    I really hope it sounds like See You On The Other Side. That is my favorite album by far because of the nice mix between original Korn and radio friendliness.
    I liked See You on the Other Side, Untitled was iffy. Korn III was decent and even Totality wasn't as horrible as people make it out to be (IMO). I loved Brian's solo album and his album with Love and Death. So I'm wicked excited for him to be back with Korn!
    See You on the Other Side and Untitled were two of their best albums IMO, the other two didn't really have anything memorable to go by.
    I can't believe that everytime I see one of these things before the new album comes out, they just buy me instantly. I hope this time they don't dissapoint me...
    As I noticed during their latest RAR show, they pretty enjoyed playing the old-fashioned Korn together. That makes me sure the album will be swwwwweet.
    Every time I sniff my wallet's finger, it makes me feel like I'm running in place on a moving rocking horse and it makes me throw up until my butthole spits out a zebra.
    Word dude, I feel you on that. Just so we're clear, are you trying to say Limp Bizkit and Korn should collaborate again?
    It would be so refreshing for a band to say about their new album: "it's alright I guess; not nearly as good as any of our first four albums, but definitely better than the steaming piles we released after Head left". Why does everyone have to constantly bullshit themselves and their fans?
    link no1
    Because if they said that nobody would buy it. It's not even marketing, it's common sense you idiot.
    I can't wait for the new album, but I don't understand how some Korn fans can say See You On The Other Side and Untitled were Korn's best albums. No offense but those two albums are garbage compared to "Korn" and "Life is Peachy". Or really anything before See You On The Other Side. I will say I did enjoy Korn III and The Path of Totality. But really, Twisted Transistor and Evolution were not really Korn. They experimented. They didn't do terrible. It's just not Korn. But with Head back, we will see Korn.
    you tell me that brian is clean? ha. and metal is going to rise again in september? i hope my predictions are ignorant.