Korn, Dokken, King's X Supergroup Releasing Album This March

KXM's self titled debut due on March 11, details inside.

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After joining forces on their KXM project, Korn drummer Ray Luzier, singer/bassist Doug Pinnick of King's X and guitar virtuoso George Lynch have announced details of a self-titled debut, confirming March 11 release via Rat Pak Records.

With Chris Collier (Lynch Mob, Lita Ford, Tommy Bolin) at the helm of production, the record features "Rescue Me" as the lead single, as well as a "Gun Fight" track we got to hear in the group's introduction clip back in September.

"This was one of those things where it came together and we were excited to write the next song and get together the next time and we couldn't wait to see what was going to happen." Lynch said (via Loudwire).

"I've always wanted to do this - play with guys who have compelling ideas. It's better when we all contribute and then we just have this interesting chemistry which is different than what I normally do. That's why this record when I listen to it is so special to me," the axeman added.

You can pre-order the album here, make sure to check out the clip below for more details.

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    Doug Pinnick is awesome, talked to him after a fishbone show a few years ago, and he stays in touch and e-mails. Really nice, inspiring, great dude
    This is a supergroup that actually sounds interesting... especially the idea of Doug Pinnick and Ray Luzier playing together.
    I have an awesome name for the album...."King Kamikaze Korn" or KKK for short.....
    Interesting. For once, it's (mainly) the main members of the listed groups that are forming the group. I am so sick of seeing "Members of Guns n Roses, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and Iron Maiden form supergroup", when it's DJ Ashba, Gilby Clarke, Rob Trujillo, Jason Bonham, and Blaze Bayley.
    So supergroups like Chickenfoot and Audioslave are full of nobodies then? So many bands are supergroups you wouldn't even think of. Journey, ELP, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin themselves are a supergroup...
    I mean yeah it's annoying when someone says former member of Guns N Roses and its Robin Finck but they're not lying
    I think in that case, those musicians should be called session musicians.
    They're not lying though. Yes it's annoying that it's not the members you initially associate with the band but those people would be/were members of that particular band
    I was unsure about this until i saw the name George Lynch. Fuckin sick. Also pumped that this makes my username relevant
    wasn't expecting much from this, but after watching the video and hearing some of their stuff, i think this is going to be a damn good record
    I have yet to see any of these groups actually become "Super"
    Velcro Man
    Super group simply refers to a group formed by different people from different famous bands getting together. Chickenfoot will never be as big as the bands the members come from (excluding Satriani, maaaybe)but still a super group.
    It's a term, dumbass.
    to me adding "super" indicates something should be impressive in some way. Superstar, supernova. Sorry you misunderstood, you superbellend
    Cream, CSNY, Traveling Wilburys, Bad Company, Velvet Revolver, Audioslave, A Perfect Circle, Black Country Communion, Them Crooked Vultures, Blue Murder, Chickenfoot. All super.
    point taken, all very cool groups. did they ever bill the selves as supergoups or did media? i retractmy bellend comment
    When i saw George Lynch.. I thought of the director. Who the hell is this George Lynch? Unless he worked with Mark Frost on Twin Peaks, then i'm lost Please link something!
    seriously....u don't know who Mr Scary is? Dokken? Lynchmob? hell my guitar player from my band has another band called Black Box 13 and they r opening for Lynchmob in Las Vegas! maybe even me too but not as sure on me but for sure on my guitar player. Vamp'd if ur local
    You take these three totally different bands and you put them together?!?! Sounds very cool!
    wasn't expecting much from this, but after watching the video and hearing some of their stuff, i think this is going to be a damn good record