Korn Give Dubstep Album Update

artist: Korn date: 06/13/2011 category: new releases
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Korn Give Dubstep Album Update
Korn are to set release a new "dubstep" studio album later this year - and have talked about how it's coming along at the Download Festival on June 10. Speaking to NME earlier today at the UK metal bash, bassist Fieldy said that the band were almost finished with the follow-up to 2010's "Korn III: Remember Who You Are" and that their new record is a collaboration with "six or seven dubstep producers". The first fruit of the sessions was "Get Up", which was released online last month and is produced by DJ Skrillex. Fieldy said: "We've collaborated with six, maybe seven dubstep producers on the new record. I've done my parts, I think Jonathan [Davis, singer] has a couple of vocal takes still to do, but it's almost done." The bassist also said that Davis had inspired the new direction, adding: "Jonathan loved it [dubstep] and he just got us into it." Fieldy added that the band felt it "was important to stay current and keep on top of what's going on." Korn played a well-attended greatest hits set on the festival's second stage on June 10, with "Get Up" the only material that hasn't featured on a studio album from them thus far. Opening with debut single "Blind", the set included covers of Metallica's "One" and Queen's "We Will Rock You" as well as a seven-song medley of their classic material. Davis, clad in his trademark kilt, played bagpipes during the band's version of their 1995 single "Shoots And Ladders". Korn played: 01. Blind 02. Here To Stay 03. Pop A Pill 04. Freak On A Leash 05. Shoots And Ladders 06. One 07. 4 U 08. Got The Life 09. Alone I Break 10. Oildale (Leave Me Alone) 11. Throw Me Away 12. Get Up 13. Falling Away From Me 14. Coming Undone 15. We Will Rock You 16. Twisted Transistor 17. Make Me Bad 18. Thoughtless 19. Clown 20. Did My Time 21. Y'All Want A Single Thanks for the report to NME.com.
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