Korn Hint at Arena Tour With 'Bigger Bands'

"We're talking to some bigger bands to do some arena stuff," says Brian "Head" Welch.

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Korn axeman Brian "Head" Welch recently confirmed that nu metal veterans are planing to schedule arena shows with some of the industry's bigger acts. Whether or not we might have a full-on arena tour at hand yet remains undisclosed, but the talk clearly seems well under way. "We're talking to some bigger bands to do some arena stuff, so [claps] - a lot different than my life last eight years man," Head told Artisan News. "We're doing this tour for the album thing, we're doing the Rock Walk, we're putting our hands in the cement next to Eric Clapton, Metallica, the Eagles - crazy stuff like that. So that's an honor man," Head stated while discussing the upcoming Korn plans. "And after that we take a nap and we go and play 'Jimmy Kimmel,' the TV show - I haven't played that since like '03 when I was on meth [chuckles]. So I'm gonna be like 'Wow, this is cool - sober.'" Head also confirmed that the band is looking to head over to Europe in January for a string of tour dates. Meanwhile, guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer and drummer Ray Luzier discussed the matter of priority change, pointing out that family now comes first. "All of us have kind of reorganized our priorities. It's like - family, then our music and then we have a good time and party," Munky explained. As the band's new record, "The Paradigm Shift" is scheduled to drop on October 8 through Caroline Records, marking the 11th release in Korn opus.

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    Could Korn actually do an arena tour again? I remember seeing them open for Ozzy in an arena and it was amazing... but it was also 1996. I guess we'll see.
    they need to do a kings of nu metal tour. make it like its the 90's again and bring limp bizkit and system of a down or something. hope the new korn album kicks ass
    Depends if you consider Rob Zombie a "bigger band"
    I don't.
    He headlined the whole Mayhem festival this year. I'd consider him a "bigger band".
    Yeah but he's not arena big. I heard there weren't a lot of people at Mayhem this year.
    I consider a bigger band in terms of how good they are. Personally I think Korn is miles better than Rob Zombie. I don't go to festivals therefore I don't care who headlines what. Personally I can't stand Rob Zombie >_>
    That's not even exciting... and almost new crappy van, that's supposed to pull us in?
    I wonder who does his eyeliner makeup every morning, makes him look so badass..... puke. Cool that they are still trying tho.
    Best show with Korn I saw was that Staind, and LoG opened for them. It was pretty awesome. Here is hoping that they get some great acts together