Korn Hit the Studio With Brian 'Head' Welch For the First Time in 10 Years

Original Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch makes his studio comeback with the group after a 10-year break.

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For the first time in 10 years, original Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch is back in the studio as a part of the nu metal band.

The band has recently posted a video showing Welch reunited with his bandmates in the Buck Owens Studios in Bakersfield, California, as they track down a laid back, somewhat introspective new tune. Apart from Head and the new song snippet, the clip also features lines such as "Money, fame, fortune" or "Addiction, depression, separation" occurring throughout its entire 90-second length.

"We knew we would have a blast playing together, because we love each other so much, but we really wanted to make sure the music felt right before we committed to making a whole album together," Welch tells the Rolling Stone magazine. "But since we got in the studio, everything just started pouring out, now I can't wait until our fans hear this stuff!"

The yet-untitled follow-up to 2011's "Path of Totality" is set for a tentative late summer release. The band is currently getting fit to embark on a world tour starting on May 15 in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania. The concert trek will keep the group busy on the road well into mid-July up to the final performance in Cadott, Wisconsin on July 19.

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    Lets Do A Life Is Peachy... Remember Who You Are ... With Head Attached And See what Happenes.... No Dub Step Please....
    they specifically said their next album wont be electronic like path of totality. in my opinion that album didnt really work, but props to them for trying i guess
    Being a long time KoRn fan, this is such great news! So excited about this!
    now all they need is Ross Robinson back at the helm, and this could be as good as the first two albums, which would be amazing.
    Korn 3 didn't exactly blow us all away, did it. I keep forgetting it exists like untitled. How many times can a band go back to it's roots? Take a Look was OLD KORN.. Then korn 3 again OLD KORN. Just use head and make new Korn
    The music that plays on that 'trailer' is mesmerizing for me. I could listen to it all day long
    Aye, but consider that we were only getting the instruments - it looked like Jonathan was getting pretty into it. Assuming we were actually hearing a track from the album, I have a feeling it won't sound much like this when we hear the finished product.
    I've been pretty into Love and Death lately, and have to say, Head has grown up immensely musically. This is great to hear, gonna be a great (re)addition.
    Been a Korn fan since I was young, liked every album in different ways.. Now if they could get David back this would be amazing. I have no doubt they will record a solid heavy album together.
    Stop hitting the studios, what have they done to you ! ... Yeah, really bored, felt like writing something stupid, and it amazing that Head will record with these guys again.
    I can just hear from this trailer that Head is back.. maybe it's too much to hope for.. But this album might actully be really good!
    Sammy Mantis
    Great news for Korn, this is probably the best thing that could have happened for them at this point. I'll probably actually check this album out when it drops.
    bring back DAVID too and then this would b perfect!!! was that an E CIG that Munkey was smoking on??? @ :46 u can see the glow of the button to push near his lips. i am pretty sure that's an E-Cig. i love mine. great for smoking in the venue when no smoking is posted.
    I love how the reunion has been so natural and honest. I wrote an article on Korn's reunion on my blog, feel free to check it out: www.rockatlantic.wordpress.com =]
    F### Yea, Head is back in Korn!!! Man, Im so excited right now. I hope they make their next album like Issues or Untouchables.
    Please bring back the KoRn we all love.. this has been one of my favorite bands forever, after "see you on the other side", kinda fell off track with them. Hopefully this brings us right back to that time
    Is Head still a Christian as I thought he left due to becoming born again (I could be wrong though).
    Nero Galon
    I heard that it was something to do with his young daughter singing lyrics from ADIDAS, whether he was born again then or if thats what made him do it... But either way I think thats what made him realize he didn't want to be with the guys anymore.
    Rob Man
    I am a Christian, and love Metal too. You can do BOTH. Head felt he needed to get his life in-order, and has done so. He now can play for this group with a full heart. A bad exapmle is "Scott Stapp" from CREED. He was/is a Chritian but fell to the pressures of a rock star life. He is still a Christian. He is not perfect, but is still a Christian.
    Yeah I agree nothing wrong with being both, I was just curious. I was more so inquiring if his religion pulled him away from Korn, what changed to bring him back to Korn?
    matteo cubano
    no if you read his first book, it was his meth addiction mainly, because one of the main aspects of drug addiction recovery is to get out of the surroundings and peer groups in which you were using. In addition to this, he wanted his daughter to have a real father who influenced her for the best and he didn't want some of Korn's older stuff to pollute her mind at such a young age. He just needed to get his life together, it had nothing to do with his conversion, I actually met Head at my church 2 years ago, he came to speak, it was awesome, signed my guitar and my Adidas shoes,
    Brian. God phoned. He said JD is going to stand on stage and say FUCK repeatedly for 90 minutes every single night you play. But it is ok because you have no money. Brians music sounds more like KORN than Korn has for 5 years. So this record will be awesome for korn fans. look forward to it. I do have to wonder if God will lead Brian away from Korn again after he makes 3 or 4 million dollars over the next year. Dat God. Works in mysterious ways.
    This man brings up a fine point, Mr. Welch made some pretty awful accusations against his bandmates in his book "Save me from myself"
    tbh i shouldn't be mocking god right now. ive just lost my grandmother and i find myself praying a lot so that makes me a hypocrite (no pun intended).
    These guys still smoke? haha they are in their 40's. Anyway, this actually sounds really cool. I think most people agree their last good album was Take A Look In The Mirror. Make an album like that.
    Who needs Head when you have Skrillex All jokes aside, am the only one who thinks Korn should put up the 7 string and call it quits? They haven't had a good album in a decade.
    Yes, you're the only one. I mean, everything forbid that we actually have a band reunite and do an album. /sarcasm
    Just you bud. Especially now that Heads back. Not huge on his solo stuff but you definitely see where the heavy and one of the most important dynamics of the band went. Their sound wasn't the same without Head and I admit to not really enjoying much of it. Especially Path Of Totality. That album was a low point in their career IMO
    And a link I see with that is 10 years ago, Head was in the band. I think this will bring back some luster they've lost.
    Korn? who cares! are we in 2001? Where's Limp Bizkit
    Im surprised this got so many downvotes. Does anybody remember Family Values? Korn & Limp Bizkit frequently played and toured together.
    I live in the tiny little town of Belle Vernon! I will definitely be attending that first show!
    Nothing against whatever drummer they have now but I really hope the old one comes back. I would love to see the original line-up.
    The drummer they have now is very good. Good enough to be seen as a member of the band and make the photo shoots. The guitarist they have used for 10 years I don't think I've even seen a picture of. I can't see them ever getting rid of Ray, even if David shows up. He really is that good.
    The guitarist they used for 10 years was Munky. It used to be that Head and Munky both played guitar. When Head left, they just stuck with Munky and a few touring guitarists, iirc.
    That just sounds like a bit from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack that JD did in 2002 =/