Korn Not Letting You Bring Them Down in New Video Single 'Hater'

"In the world, everyone has haters," says singer Jonathan Davis.

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Korn have officially unveiled a brand new video "Hater," promoting the single off last month's "World Tour Edition" reissue of their latest album "The Paradigm Shift."

Described by singer Jonathan Davis as a rare motivational Korn song, "Hater" comes as one of the three previously unreleased tracks on the reissue.

"In the world, everyone has haters," Davis told Billboard. "Everyone has someone who hates on you 'cause you have something they want. It's really, like, the first empowering song I've ever written. The lyrics are: 'You can't bring me down / I've already had my life turned upside down / I ride a downward spiral round and round / But I keep flying, I keep fighting / Don't ever bring me down.' That's like the most positive s--t I've ever written."

As for the video, the clip sees the band rocking crowds across the world. Although the group had initially requested bullying stories from fans, a live video is the final outcome. Check it out below.

UPDATE August 23: An official video featuring mentioned fan bullying stories has also surfaced. Check it out below.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    I actually rather like the sound, but.. It's just too.. Modern, for me? Seems weird i guess. But.. honestly.. Don't call your song "Hater". Just don't. It just makes me cringe and think of little twitter-girls whining. Which i guess is kinda the concept of the song anyway. It's whiny and the lyrics are horrid, really. In my humble opinion, of course. I actully quite like alot of the unorthodox sounds being used. If the concept and lyrics had been better, i think this could've been a more solid song.
    Holy shit, whoever is writing lyrics in this band needs to stop.
    This new korn is so unispired
    they had thier best years but **** it music is much the same these days so it hard to bring something new cause al the haters. sucks though i miss the old korn though since the path of totality they kinda got bad but nevertheless i still like to listen to hier old classics like blind,children of the korn, falling away from me, cauze stey sounded heavy back then.
    This song would've greatly benefited from heavier parts and his older growling-type vocals at the ends of the chorus. They just aren't as heavy as they used to be. I think this is a band that needs to step away from the digital stuff and go back to how they did it originally.
    Jon Davis, I know you can do better than this. Keep the electronic stuff with your own side project, and bring back your prime vocal style that defines KoRn's sound
    Not the worst song on the album, not the best. Not the worst album they've done, not the best. Frankly, I'm more into Head's "Love and Death" than I am Korn anymore.
    man korn is my favorite band of my generation, but that song kinda sux. i was however, pleasantly surprised with the paradigm shift. new album needs to be even more guitar driven and less electronic. you can blame jon davis for the electronic bullcrap. its like some of those songs off the paradigm shift could have been elevated to another level without the electronics. just watch them play love and meth guitar center sessions, sounds way heavier and beefier. much more korn sounding, but i digress
    I've given them like 10 chances and I still can't figure out how is this band so popular.
    well if you've given them 10 chances in 10 years thats probably why. they haven't released a great album in a decade. people can hate all they want on the last decade of korns career but there is no denying their old shit was fantastic.
    I mean at least once I've gone on a full youtube trip over their songs, older and newer, I've also heard their revered debut which was one of the most annoying experiences of my life (I nominated it for the "most overrated albums" question and it only barely missed being #10), and seriously... Jonathan Davis is plain annoying, and their guitar tone is horrible. And I say this as someone who adores 7-strings and low tunings. Thought this song might by chance be something, but... (The only Korn song I've EVER heard that I enjoyed is Oildale, which does actually have some decent riffs and emotion.) On the other hand, I randomly listened to the new Slipknot song and really enjoyed it, it's so much better than anything Korn it's not even comparable.
    That riff at :23 kinda reminds me of "Some Kind of Monster" by Metallica. I like the tune
    Why complain that this song is missing heavy growls etc? It's a track added on to the tour circuit for the album that is packed full of heavy growls. All they've done is make a 'Nothing Else Matters' to stick in with the metal. Best song in the world? Nope. If it means something to someone, then cool. The record and Korn vibe atm is awesome... Just a mellow track with a simple point... screw you, hater. Although, I don't know who is hating currently because live they're really on form.
    I think the music is pretty good but the lyrics are a bit cringeworthy, as a Placebo fan, i might be able to manage though. I even like the electronic touches, there's some nice details in the background.
    They have another video, it came out yesterday and that's the one with the bullying stories.