Korn on 'Never Never:' 'It Was Undeniable It's a Hit'

Meanwhile, a supergroup featuring Korn, King's X and Dokken members was officially announced.

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The axemen duo of Korn, James "Munky" Shaffer and returning member Brian "Head" Welch took some time to discuss the "Never Never" single off upcoming record "The Paradigm Shift," stressing it was clear they had a hit at their hands soon after the start. As Munky explained, the new album's lead single was a brainchild of singer Jonathan Davis and reflects a period of his personal turmoil. "That was the track that he started - with the drumbeat and then he put some synths on it and then I came and put some guitars on it," the guitarist told Fuse. "When he put the melody on it, it was like 'Wow, this is the hit, man.'" "Yeah, it was undeniable when we heard the vocals finished," Head chipped in, also noting that returning to Korn feels like he's "back from the dead." Seeing that Fuse caught up with the pair during "Never Never" video filming, the matter of music videos was also discussed. Both guitarists described it as a tedious process robbed of genuine emotion and energy. "It's like sex with a condom," Munky jokingly said. Meanwhile, a supergroup consisting of Korn, King's X and Dokken members was officially announced. Named KXM, the band gathered Korn drummer Ray Luzier, bassist/singer Doug Pinnick of King's X and guitar virtuoso George Lynch. You can check out the trailer featuring a track titled "Gun Fight" below. "Sometimes when you get musicians like us together it's a good idea and sometimes it's not," Luzier explained. "But this was one of those things where it came together - we were excited to write the next song and get together next time, we couldn't wait to see what was gonna happen."

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    Jacques Nel
    Didn't they say earlier that they made that a single to piss people off? So in Korn's words "We put out a hit to piss our fans off"
    Wow, that supergroup song is actually pretty awesome
    I enjoyed it. I'm a Lynch fan from way back. Definitely gonna keep an eye on it. Very nice to see multi-generational groups like this.
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