Korn Premiere 'Never Never' Music Video

Meanwhile, singer Jonathan Davis talks partying: "What I'd give to be able to drink, do drugs and wake up feeling fine."

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Korn have officially premiered the video for their "Never Never" track, first single off upcoming record "The Paradigm Shift."

The clip depicts the band trying to "beat the time" by dodging the hits of a giant clock. The track itself features several dubstep injections and was so far met with mixed reactions from fans and critics.

"The Path of Totality" follow-up is set for an October 8 release through Caroline records. As the eleventh album in Korn opus, "The Paradigm Shift" also marks the studio return of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch after a decade-long break.

Meanwhile, singer Jonathan Davis discussed old partying habits with Metal Hammer, wishing he could still keep up the pace with alcohol and drugs the way he used to back in the day.

"'Head' wanted to come and check things out to see if we were all partying still," Davis said while discussing Welch's return (via Blabbermouth). "He wanted to make sure he wouldn't fall off the wagon because everyone was partying, but we all stopped a long time ago.

"What I'd give just to be able to do that again, drink and do drugs, and wake up feeling fine, but you get those three-four-day hangovers. I had them at 28, that's why I had to stop."

The frontman also noted that Head's return didn't require persuading any of the band members, making in a clear unanimous decision. "I think everyone was on board with it," Jonathan said. "Me and Munky were thinking, 'Is he gonna take off again? Is he f--king crazy?' But he just came back and he was normal Head."

You can check out the "Never Never" video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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    The song is not all that impresive, the video in other hand, is really cool.
    "The clip depicts the band trying to "beat the time" by dodging the hits of a giant clock." I don't know why, but I read this as "dodging the hits of a giant cock." A far more entertaining concept, me thinks.
    better than Miley Cyrus
    I actually read "The clip depicts the band trying to "beat the time" by dodging the hits of a giant cock (c_o_c_k if this is censored)" Damn
    Pretty sure Munky knocked himself out smashing a guitar back in the days of 'Who Then Now'...
    this is the exact opposite of y'all want a single - the video had to cost a fortune and the music is so overproduced and yet not original. sigh.
    Not even sure why Monkey and Head bothered showing up for this shoot... where are the guitar parts for the song??
    well i liked it becuz i love anything they do , they could do country and i would like it,lmfao
    I would actually be intrigued to hear their take on a genre like Country, but it'd likely wind up sounding a bit like O'death - dark, quite morbid, and with the aesthetic of a Rob Zombie-directed remake of Deliverance. Kinda a niche thing. Still, it'd be comedic.