Korn Prepare Comeback With 'The Best Album We've Ever Done'

artist: Korn date: 05/20/2013 category: new releases
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Korn Prepare Comeback With 'The Best Album We've Ever Done'
Korn say their forthcoming album will be the best if their career, after reuniting with founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch. Welch recently became an official member of the band again after quitting the band to embark on a solo career when he found God in 2005. Describing their new album, Welch says there's a lot on their new record for Korn fans to get excited about. Their previous release in 2011, "The Path of Totality," was a departure from their signature nu-metal sound and divided fans with its dubstep production by EDM star Skrillex. "Dude, you could feel the realness in the music," he said about their studio sessions in an interview from backstage at Rock on the Range (via Blabbermouth). "It's true from inside of all of us, and Jonathan's lyrics and stuff. And the choruses? These are the best choruses. I love big choruses that people can just sing to." Welch says there's a lot of positivity in the new songs, but frontman Jonathan Davis will bring their trademark angst-driven vocals because, sadly, he's been through a tough few years. "That poor guy just goes through hell on earth sometimes in his life ... he's in a dryer tumbling around in circles; he's getting beat up - and so a lot of that's coming out in the record." Bassist Fieldy adds that it's sounding like their best album to date. "It probably [turned out to be] the easiest [album to make], but the most challenging too. Because you've gotta just try to be ourselves and just do what we do. And it came out as probably the best Korn CD that we've ever done." Could Korn be onto a winner with their new album and original line-up, mins founding drummer David Silveria? Or did their dubstep album put you off the band for good? Let us know your thoughts about Korn and whether they can really make a comeback in the comments.
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