Korn Prepare Comeback With 'The Best Album We've Ever Done'

They're returning to their signature sound after 2011's experimental dubstep album and reuniting with founding guitarist Head.

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Korn say their forthcoming album will be the best if their career, after reuniting with founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch.

Welch recently became an official member of the band again after quitting the band to embark on a solo career when he found God in 2005.

Describing their new album, Welch says there's a lot on their new record for Korn fans to get excited about. Their previous release in 2011, "The Path of Totality," was a departure from their signature nu-metal sound and divided fans with its dubstep production by EDM star Skrillex.

"Dude, you could feel the realness in the music," he said about their studio sessions in an interview from backstage at Rock on the Range (via Blabbermouth). "It's true from inside of all of us, and Jonathan's lyrics and stuff. And the choruses? These are the best choruses. I love big choruses that people can just sing to."

Welch says there's a lot of positivity in the new songs, but frontman Jonathan Davis will bring their trademark angst-driven vocals because, sadly, he's been through a tough few years. "That poor guy just goes through hell on earth sometimes in his life ... he's in a dryer tumbling around in circles; he's getting beat up - and so a lot of that's coming out in the record."

Bassist Fieldy adds that it's sounding like their best album to date. "It probably [turned out to be] the easiest [album to make], but the most challenging too. Because you've gotta just try to be ourselves and just do what we do. And it came out as probably the best Korn CD that we've ever done."

Could Korn be onto a winner with their new album and original line-up, mins founding drummer David Silveria? Or did their dubstep album put you off the band for good? Let us know your thoughts about Korn and whether they can really make a comeback in the comments.

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    Not the BIGGEST Korn fan, but I loved their music back in the day. Lost it around when that song "Oildale" came out. Not a bad song but I hope they sound similar to before then. Either way looking forward to it!
    Same here, I followed them up until Issues. That album was split for me with a hand full pretty good songs and the other hand had ok songs. Follow the leader was great back in the day and s/t was off the hook too.
    "It probably [turned out to be] the easiest [album to make], but the most challenging too." Yes Fieldy, if you say so.
    I want to hear some of that nasty, ominous lead guitar that Head was just so damn good at.
    Korn's albums are and have alway's been great, but do they really think they can top their debut?
    I want them to try to top the debut and life is peachy... but they have to be angry Korn in order to do that...
    personally i'd rather see them do another experimental album like see you on the other side again rather than try and go back to their old sound yet again. i thought what they did with skrillex was pretty cool though, way more interesting than that "untitled" load of shit
    Have you actually listened to Untitled? It was a great album, it's produced the deepest song they're ever written (Kiss) and the catchiest (Hushabye). You should check it out some time.
    Korn III was quite terrible too.
    I don't think it was terrible as much as it was a step the right direction. if head were on that album it would have been better.
    I saw them in concert last year and it was incredible, new music included. They still have so much to give performance wise that I think they have at least one more Great record to give.
    Ive heard on the Korn forums that they are going for something between Issues and Untouchables or atleast in the territory of those two albums. Regardless, paint me excited for this new album. Any Korn fan should be excited especially considering that Head is back.
    This album had better be dub-stepless.. Pretty stoked though. Something tells me these guys still have it.
    path of totality was amazing, really looking forward to hearing what direction they go in now, whether they stick with the dubby thing or go back to roots and see what happens
    finaly head get back.. I know munky is a great guitar player.. but I can't listening to him playing his guitar next to a keybord... he can't play without head!!! they need to each other... those crazy head's picking with munky's super loud blaster chords... I wish they could come out with a sound like the first four albums... but I think they can only get an "take a look in teh mirror" sound... that.. for me... a big fan.. it's good enought for recover my love.. lost after these two last albums... (sorry for my english) and... lets' wait!!!
    Hopefully this album will become Korn's "Gold Cobra"
    Not so hard to record a better album than the old ones...
    the old ones made them who they were sir. they are awesome albums. I haven't listened to the path of totality but idk if I want to.
    Update: Korn says same thing that they've said about every album since Issues
    I was looking for the comment that already said what I was thinking.... (There's usually one) Normal hype. "This album is our brutellest yet"; "This time we've really pushed our aggression"; "This album is like our old records"; "We went back to our roots to write this record".... Really, the last record I liked was TALITM... Not particularly clever, but damn it was heavy. Then Head left, and they haven't had a heavy record since. Until now???
    Another one of those "gonna-be-great" shouts on UG. Blehrg! Well see about that when we hear it, and not a day before!
    I love Korn, one of the first of the heavier bands I got into. Thought Path to Totality was awesome too and can't see this next one being being as bad as some of their weaker albums. Life is peachy and untitled I'm looking at ye
    Jacques Nel
    You know what bands should do instead of saying "This is our best album ever!" or "We are going back to our roots", just put out your album! Don't say a word just make it. And let us tell you whether it's a hit or a miss. You won't attract new fans by saying things like this, and old fans will stay loyal as long s you're good.
    The only album of theirs that I really haven't liked was Untitled. It sucked monkey balls. I love the old stuff, but I like that they're mixing things up a lot.
    BREAKING NEWS!!!: Lou Reed is signed on as a collaborator on the new album!
    I also never knew their last album was call The Path of Totality. Sounds like the name of a matrix video game..
    One day i'd just like to see a band release a comeback album with the headline '**** prepare comeback with a fairly mediocre album not really representative of their true heyday'. Just for shits I reckon it'd be really popular.
    Come on guys, it's 2013. There's no place for these guys anymore. This isn't going to be good. It really isn't.