Korn Releasing New Songs on 'The Paradigm Shift' Extended Edition This Summer

Album to drop on July 15, lead single "Hater" due on July 1, details inside.

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Korn are set to release a set of new songs on the upcoming extended edition of their latest album "The Paradigm Shift."

As Billboard reports, the album is due out on July 15 and will be announced with a new single "Hater" on July 1, following today's (June 19) radio premiere.

Discussing the lead single, singer Jonathan Davis noted, "In the world, everyone has haters. Everyone has someone who hates on you 'cause you have something they want. It's really, like, the first empowering song I've ever written."

Sharing "You can't bring me down/I've already had my life turned upside down/I ride a downward spiral round and round/But I keep flying, I keep fighting/Don't ever bring me down" as the tune's lyrics, the vocalist dubbed "Hater" "the most positive s--t I've ever written."

As Davis further noted, the song is "going to give people who get down on people picking on them and hating them, like, 'F--k this! I don't give a f--k what you think. I don't give a f--k what you say. You just f--kin' are a hater.' I think people will relate with that."

The rest of the new release will include another unreleased tune recorded during "The Paradigm Shift" sessions titled "The Game Is Over."

"The Paradigm Shift" was originally released in October 2013, marking the return of guitarist Brian "Head" Welch, ultimately landing at No. 8 spot on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    i'm getting really tired of bands releasing new albums only to release the "deluxe" edition a few months later. it's been happening a lot more often lately. i'm not opposed to 10th or 20th anniversary editions, but re-releasing an album w/in a year of its initial release is really just giving fans the shaft.
    oh i remember korn...weren't these one of the bands that started killing metal along with godsmack, coal chamber, fear factory and such... you know...the same kind of bands that started breeding sh1t poser bands like stinking park, avenge sevenfold and all that g4y numetal shit? yeah...i remember korn.
    Jacques Nel
    You seem like a very sad and lonely person. Let me introduce you to [there are other genres of music apart from metal].
    you seem ever sadder coming here to tell me about other genres when it has nothing to do with this genre of music...go be g4y somewhere else jacque-strap.
    Can't wait to hear the other songs, heard that they were really good. 2014 is a great year for music at the moment, so much going on
    "Hater" is a good song, but it sounds too much like "walking on my shoes" by depeche mode. Love both bands though.