Korn Revealed New Album Title and Release Date

The follow-up to "The Path of Totality" will drop in the middle of this fall.

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Korn revealed new album title and release date, Rolling Stone reports.

The 11th studio album by nu metal five-piece, titled "The Paradigm Shift," will be released on October 1. This will be the first band's album featuring classic axeman Brian "Head" Welch since 2003's "Take a Look in the Mirror."

The record, produced by Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Linkin Park, Lacuna Coil), has a lot of vintage Korn sounds, as Brian Welch stated.

"I'm a metalhead. I love rock music, and I came here just wanting to do the old Korn vibe, but with a new twist," he says. "Me and Munky haven't been playing guitar together for eight years, so we came in just wanting to jam out with the bass player Fieldy and Ray [Luzier], our drummer ... The end product is a really good mix of old Korn mixed with some new elements. It's got a fresh new Korn 2013 sound. And the melodies, the lyrics and the choruses on these songs are at a new level. It's my favorite album by Korn."

"Originally, him and Munky, what was interesting about the band and what we did was that twin guitar thing. So I think it brought unity back between those two," says the band frontman Jonathan Davis. "To have our brother back was really good for morale. It was just fun being in the studio with his goofy a-s again."

Davis also told Rolling Stone that he had his own substance-abuse issues to get past, which heavily affected the writing of "The Paradigm Shift."

"Writing the record was really weird. They started writing, I think, in August, and I didn't get into the studio until March, because I was going through all kinds of crazy sh-t. My boy got diabetes and I had come off medication for my depression, and that f--ked me up," he says.

"I was in a straight haze. I detoxed off that medication it was an anti-depressant, the anxiety and stuff. I'd been on it for three years and the doctor told me you gotta get off this, it's bad for you."

He continued: "I went to this county rehab. I was like, 'I don't want to do this sh-t ever again.' So I went into the most ghetto, f--ked-up place I could find and I'm barely coming out of it now."

Davis also shared his impression on the album lyrics.

"The whole writing process I was on autopilot," he says. "It was weird I moved into the studio. I stayed there for four months, I only came home on weekends. I moved my boys in with me, so I had my kids with me the whole time.

"It was an interesting creative space," he reveals. "It was stream-of-consciousness so many songs I don't know what the f--k I'm talking about. I didn't really have to try to write, it just came out.

"It was really kind of magic. I don't know how the hell I did it. I was so fucked up from coming off all that medicine, and I feel so good about the record. When I look back now, I'm like, 'Wow, how did I come up with this sh-t?'"

The previous Korn record, the controversial "The Path of Totality," was released in the end of 2011 and disappointed the huge amount of the band's fans by moving to the dubstep vibe.

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    Anticipating hearing real KoRn again. AMAZING albums coming out this year! Here's hoping this is another
    Korn just did a Metallica and released a "St. Anger" as it were. I like St. Anger... but a lot of people don't. Can't please everyone. Change is always cool though, even if it backfires, it's worth freshening it up. Maybe changing to an entirely new genre was a bit ballsy or stupid. But they're still on top, unlike Bizkit and Deftones and Slipknot and all the others. This album will not disappoint cus this album will be Korn with those bad ass guitars running in perfect sync again after all these years. Can't wait.
    Korn is still on top? I'm sorry, but they are not the band that I would say have been on top. Honestly, since Head left, they really haven't made me think, "Wow, this is awesome!" with any of their material. Not saying he's the driving force of the band, but it really does show a difference when you compare the material. Also, Deftones not on top? I think they've done nothing but get better and better with each release. They've evolved well and Korn really hasn't in my opinion.
    Path of Totality put them back on top. Whether as a Korn fan you think it's shit or not. They were never out of the picture anyway but the two albums before Totality were 2 of the worst, if not the worst they have ever done. It has nothing to do with Head, because SYotOS was a hit. Incidentally him returning will put them even higher with the hype, but as a live act now they are outstanding again. and touring is where the money is, they will be wanted at all the big festivals as ever and they are the best at what they do. Korn are very much on top, how can you say they haven't evolved?? To come so far away from your original sound to have to "Go BACK to basics" twice, shows they clearly have evolved... just in a direction that doesn't please fans of the song Ball Tongue. Of course, I like many others respect your opinion. that's all this is at the end of the day, people with opinions running their gobs on bands they like. I'm terrible for it.
    Thank god they're not doing more dubstep though. Classic Korn with a few twists... my kinda music (I hope) :p
    Alligator Dunde
    I had no idea they were coming up with a new album. Good to see they're going back to their roots because, with all due respect to dubstep, The Path of Totality was awful IMO.
    i actually thought it was great for what it was. surprisingly, i thought it was better than korn III which was complete shit and their worst record
    this would be the actual THIRD time korn have "gone back to their roots". But they aren't. they're not going back, they're not going to force another Korn 3. They're going forward and using all that new weird shit that comes with it. (in minute doses probably) But there will be dub.
    I am looking forward to hearing those 2 guys using their guitars in insanely different ways at the same time like the old days. Those heavy as hell riffs with the weird squealy bits. Korn 3 was a failed attempt at Korn 1 and untitled left no mark on me at all apart from one tiny snippet at the end of 'killing' where it goes death metal for about 10 seconds.. Totality opened a lot of doors and slammed a lot of doors shut forever. This is going to be a cool album curiousity-wise cus Brians back. Korn always used weird shit on their stuff, dubstep was just the next level. They did their experiment, I dont care if this record has dubby wubs in places because the riffs are gonna sound like Issues part 2. I'm hoping for that Take a Look feel of in your face metal. Look forward to it.
    Thank god for Head coming back...The Path of Totality wasn't very promising for their future work, but now that he's back, I have a good feeling about it.
    i don't know why everyone hates on "path of totality" there are really no bad songs on the album.
    Maybe because, when people listen to Korn, they don't want dubstep?
    Then don't listen to "The Path of Totality"...? Not like we didn't know it was going to be dubstep....
    That's not really the point, man... It wasn't just dubstep; it was dubstep trying to be Metal. And it didn't work.
    I agree with crazysam23 , I do like some dubstep, and I have been a huge fan of korn since the beginning, but the dubstep sound just didn't work for them at all. Glad to hear they are back to basics. Anxious to hear the new record
    The fans hate if for having dubstep elements and not sounding Korn-ish. It doesn't matter if the songs are good or not for them...
    korn is and will always b my fav band of my generation (not all time) i cannot wait. the last GREAT record they made was take a look in the mirror, my fav korn record
    Yar original korn. I wounder what it will sound like?
    Other than "Yar", I wouldn't think your writing would read like a pirate was saying it, but somehow it still reads like you're a pirate. You make pirate-speak seem oddly natural.
    Title instantly reminds me of Liquid Tension Experiment. Am looking forward to this album. I never got into Korn when they first came out but I "discovered" them a couple of years back and enjoy their albums.
    Jeez, what's he got to be depressed out, most would kill to have his life.
    Please, don't do dubstep again. Original line-up, hoping to hear some old-school KoRn stuff.
    I'm still reeling from that crazy stuff Jon said about Obama and Illuminati and stuff. I stopped listening to them after that, Jon has single handedly negated all his lyrics and everything hes sung about; to me of course.
    Will probably suck. I've long accepted that their first album will remain their only good one.
    It's not their best one. It's got some good songs on there but some boring ones too. I loved it at the time, but I moved forward and I quite welcomed the change after Life is Peachy. Then it just kept changing, and for me as a long time fan it got very good up until untitled. untouchables has some of the coolest shit they have ever done on it, so has Take a Look. They've done some awesome shit since their debut that has blown a lot of those songs out of the water. For starters, Dirty shits all over Daddy. Forget lyrical content and listen to the musical progression. Good band.
    Sounds like the title of something that Fear and the Nervous System would put out. Can't wait!
    Sounds interesting. I'm looking forward to mostly original KoRn putting together some familiar, but new and original sounding material.
    Finally, a decent album title from a metal band. I've had enough of "Falls" this and "whatever the hell Avenged's new album title was" that.
    title reminds me of STAR TREK lol...cant wait for this. too bad no Ray :-(