Korn Streaming New Album in Full

Check out "The Paradigm Shift" prior to October 8 release.

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After several song snippets, leaks and "Never Never" lead single, Korn's massively anticipated new record "The Paradigm Shift" is officially available for streaming in its entirety. The album's scheduled for tomorrow's (October 8) release through Caroline Records featuring 11 new tunes. Check out the full effort over on Pandora. Due to licensing constraints, streaming is available only for listeners in the US, Australia and New Zealand. As the band's first studio effort with guitarist Brian "Head" Welch back in the fold and a follow up to 2011's dubstep-fueled "Path of Totality," "The Paradigm Shift" marks Korn's return to the guitar-driven sound. Apart from "Never Never," the fans were introduced to the new record with drastically heavier "Love & Meth" and "Mass Hysteria." The initial reactions to the lead single were somewhat mixed, but interestingly enough, singer Jonathan Davis said that the band opted to "put ["Never Never"] out first cause I knew it was going to p-ss off a lot of people." So if the first tune wasn't exactly your cup of tea, make sure to check out the rest nevertheless. UG readers recently had the opportunity to interview guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer. When it comes to the return of his fellow axeman Head, Munky commented: "I mean we jumped in when we went to write this new record. It was probably a couple of hours - it didn't take any time at all. It was super easy to communicate musically with him and personally. It didn't take any time; it was just effortless. We're both still metalheads and that doesn't change. You're always a metalhead." So it's "once a metalhead - always a metalhead" for the Korn gang. Let us know what you think of the new record in the comments.

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    Very decent. Gotta love head
    Nothing beats good head!
    "Whoa you kinda just reworded my joke but a, haaa..." -.-
    You were streets aHead with that joke, but since you had to say that you're streets behind.
    naw, i got streets behind that joke with the "nobody knows Ted" bit. Ted is an awesome movie though. more people should know that d*mn phrase.
    This album is damn great. I was kinda skeptic after hearing Never Never, but my faith in korn after the reunion with Head was to high to ignore this album. So well, I opened up the stream and listened. The first Track "Prey for Me" changed my opinion completely. It was this heavy ass sound that I missed from Korn. I highly recommend this album to all Korn fans form 1994 up to 2011. Its just great
    It's okay, I'd say it's definitely better than their previous 2 albums. You can tell they tried really hard to recapture that classic Korn sound, but that's the problem, they tried too hard and it didn't just come naturally like it once did. Ultimately, while having some true bright spots (something I haven't said about Korn in years), it feels very forced especially from Jonathan's end. Yeah, the heavy guitars are back, but I don't hear much of the old Korn groove that I remember and that's what made them stand out to begin with.
    Very well said, I also felt there's just something missing in Jonathan's performance. Still a pretty cool record
    Not bad. I'd say Jonathon Davis is the weak point of the album though. His vocals sound the same on a lot of the songs, particularly the choruses. Plus there's far too many electronic sounds smothering the raw heaviness of the album, also probably down to Davis seeing as he keeps pushing those dubstep influences
    I think it's great. It's guitar driven but they didn't do away with ALL of their electronic influence. It's definitely some of the best stuff they've done since Head first left.
    I actually kinda dig the mix of electronics and heavy guitars on this one, it reminds me of early Celldweller.
    The vocals are kinda tame. Jon just doesn't sound pissed off any more. It's like he's been singing the same song for the past 4 albums. He's lost his edge. The instrumentation is fine and quite inventive at times, Jon could've made the record great. But his lack of color and emotion pales in comparison to how he used to perform. Shame.
    This album is their best album since Untouchables but the vocals are definitely the weakpoint of the band nowadays. Feels like many of the verse parts are just recorded really lazily by Jonathan. Back in the day JD had more colorful emphasis on his verse parts. Now they sound like they're done like in 5 minutes and he really didn't think of the output. The chorus melodies overall are pretty good but the verse parts kinda fall flat.
    Sweet Lu
    Every one who judged the whole album off one song is now eating a dick. This album is amazing, I'm so glad Head is back!
    How come when I click on the Pandora link it directs me to my own music channel?
    Awesome record. Ray's brought some wicked drum grooves to the table this time around. My only gripe would be that we used to hear Fieldy more in the mix. On this album there's only 2 songs where you can actually distinguish the bass. Love his grooves.
    Okay, so I can't stream it; can someone just say how many really awesome balls-out tunes there are, please. x>4 = buy it.
    I'm currently listening to it and it is a good mix of "balls out" and more melancholy sounding songs. "What We Do" is definitely worth checking out for the riff alone. "Love and Meth" and "Prey for Me" are really good too but I think you can listen to those on youtube already. Same with "Never Never". "Paranoid and Aroused" is heavy and has some really fast parts in it, which is weird for Korn but good. Most of these songs would fit on Issues or Untouchables fine.
    don't understand the downvote, i'm stating facts for the most part and i don't think what opinions i gave are that far from truth.
    got the album friday and love it but did anyone else notice the intro riff to prey for me is the same as did my time's breakdown only sped up
    No I didn't notice it. Part of the riff in "Its All Wrong" sounds almost like the the main riff in "Somebody Someone." But then again, the Korn guitarists like to play with octaves and bends like that.
    why would someone even downvote us? whats there to dislike? lol i dont get it. i pointed out something i noticed in the song..... hahaha ppl r funny
    yeah really. we're just two people having a general discussion about the article (which is rare on ug). what do you want from us?
    too polished, too tired and Davis sounds bored. Such a letdown...
    13-year-olds rejoice!
    More like 31 year olds rejoice - I don't think Korn are getting many new fans...
    I disagree. Lots of people are getting into them I hear. One of my friends was at a show and saw a lot of other teenagers. Maybe they're not gaining popularity like they once were, but they're still gaining some.
    today on Ultimate Nu-metal
    Still better than Ultimate-epic-metal-shit-no-one-except-a-few-retard-hipsters -cares-about
    The album is definitely not that great.... ifs kinda boring. I mean Korn had their time and now maybe they're doing it cause they're older and wanting to relive a bit of what they did while they were younger. I grew out of Korn many years ago.