Korn: 'The Rest of New Album is Lot More Aggressive Than 'Never Never''

"There's fat grooves most people are itching to hear," explains guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer.

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After getting a portion of their fanbase a bit worried and even skeptical about the new album with lead single "Never Never," Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer gave a reassurance to those hungry for old-school Korn vibe. While discussing "The Paradigm Shift" with Rock 104.5 radio, Munky noted that "Never Never" stands out on the new record as the only "uplifting song." "The rest of the songs are a lot more aggressive - more heavy, there's fat grooves that most people are itching to hear from Korn," the axeman explained. "When they hear Brian [Welch]'s back in the band, they want to hear big guitars and definitely this record delivers that." Shaffer also discussed the current state of affairs among the Korn ranks, saying that after a while things finally seem to be looking up for the band. "We've been through some dark times, some really dark times," he kicked off. "So this almost feels like a first record again, it's like we get another chance. We had the money and we were all married, we had kids - a lot our first marriages crunched, crashed. We failed at a lot of things people try to do - home life - it sucked, it was horrible and I think it reflected on the music through the years." "The Paradigm Shift" is scheduled for October 8 release via Caroline Records. We're conducting an exclusive interview with Munky this week and decided to include UG users, meaning you can post your very own questions for Shaffer here.

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    By the sounds of things, Never Never shouldn't even be on the album, it should be on a Jonathon Davis dubstep compilation release or something. I'm willing to bet a certain percentage of fans heard that song first and thought "**** it, I'm not even going to bother waiting for the rest of it to come out if it all sounds like this"
    Jacques Nel
    Yeah I mean isn't he doing that solo thing "JDevil"? He should have taken Never Never and released it through that. There were all these articles about Korn saying "The album is our best yet" AND "We are bringing back the 'heavy' sound". But then when Never Never dropped it seemed like a B-side to Path of Totality.
    Jacques Nel
    I actually look forward to this album. I would just like to know, IF 'Never Never' really is the only song of its type on the album, and they chose it as the lead single, how the hell did this song come to be and become the lead single? I mean it seems pretty stupid, especially if you claim that you knew your fans want the old sound but you did it anyway. Just curious...
    Considering they like that kinda thing and wanted to make atleast one song in that style before reverting back to old-school korn. Unless i'm giving them too much credit and the really just wanted a lead single that could capture the attention of the mainstream.
    Jacques Nel
    If those are the two options I'd rather live my life believing they like the dubstep effect than knowing they're sellouts.
    People were suggesting that it was done to throw people off. But yeah, I'll admit I was kind of disappointed when I first heard it. I don't think it's a bad song, just was expecting something different because I was pretty sure they were all saying this album would have a lot of the old sounds..and..you know, Head's back.
    I was OK with Never Never, but Love And Meth is just way, way better, so this is good to hear
    I need to hear more riffs like "Falling Away from Me" and "Blind" and "Adidas" and "Shoots and Ladders" Korn is a great band, I just feel like they tried to take a different path these past few years and failed. Head is a great guitarist with a great style. I wish the original drummer would come back. He has a unique drumming style that fit what Korn was looking for. I'm optimistic about this album.
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    I also think it's kind of interesting that this same user name has the same types of posts with different information they're trying to pedal to everyone. Totally wrong in all aspects.
    jaja seems like Davis feiled trying to change korn sound again (the path of....) xD we all want old school korn... i need old school korn
    Why can't Korn make a song that is "mainstream"? More people will get to hear their music. I just hope they keep a good balance though.
    The more mainstream they get, the less independance and 'unique-ness' there is, arguably. It's good to have a change in the type of music, otherwise it's all going to be the same stuff. EDIT: computer screwed up, didn't know this message showed up.
    The more mainstream they get, it can get too boring: by being Korn, they don't lose that thing that makes them different from all other bands. Not being mainstream isn't a bad thing as well, you can explore more things with less criticism (not suddenly, like Path to Totality...)
    Follow The Leader was about as mainstream as you can get considering how many unit's it's sold. 3,951,884 as of January 4th. It's safe to say that they are in fact "main stream". Just sayin.