Korn: 'The Rest of New Album is Lot More Aggressive Than 'Never Never''

artist: Korn date: 09/17/2013 category: new releases
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Korn: 'The Rest of New Album is Lot More Aggressive Than 'Never Never''
After getting a portion of their fanbase a bit worried and even skeptical about the new album with lead single "Never Never," Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer gave a reassurance to those hungry for old-school Korn vibe. While discussing "The Paradigm Shift" with Rock 104.5 radio, Munky noted that "Never Never" stands out on the new record as the only "uplifting song." "The rest of the songs are a lot more aggressive - more heavy, there's fat grooves that most people are itching to hear from Korn," the axeman explained. "When they hear Brian [Welch]'s back in the band, they want to hear big guitars and definitely this record delivers that." Shaffer also discussed the current state of affairs among the Korn ranks, saying that after a while things finally seem to be looking up for the band. "We've been through some dark times, some really dark times," he kicked off. "So this almost feels like a first record again, it's like we get another chance. We had the money and we were all married, we had kids - a lot our first marriages crunched, crashed. We failed at a lot of things people try to do - home life - it sucked, it was horrible and I think it reflected on the music through the years." "The Paradigm Shift" is scheduled for October 8 release via Caroline Records. We're conducting an exclusive interview with Munky this week and decided to include UG users, meaning you can post your very own questions for Shaffer here.
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