Kylahullut: New CD Out In November

Second Kylhullut -disc will come in november.

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Kylhullut has issued the following update on their official website:

"That happen, if even you want or not! Second Kylhullut -disc will come in november! "Peraukko sivistyksess (Asshole in civilisation)" -cd include 12 killer songs, if you never have not beat your head to wall, now you surely will do that. Bumps to head and scratch to bottocks, sayed men when he sharpen axe. To Tonmis massive drumbases Vesku and Aleksi twist that kind of crackle and thunder, that sure nobody get cold. Guitar sings and snivel fly.

In this time ride will get all from Big Brother little wankers to politicians. Without saving any words and definitely thunder.


01. Tillintallin tasap! (Brainless) 02. Kourallinen turhia (Big Brother) (Fistfull of pointless (Big Brother) ) 03. Kieli hanurissa (Tongue in ass) 04. Heta Hyttisen taskuparkki (Pocketpark of Heta Hyttinen) 05. Lvistetyn laulu (Song of perforated) 06. M heitn sut pihalle! (I throw you to yard!) 07. Kameratutkat, suoriksi mutkat (Cameraradars, curves straight) 08. Hiltonin Pariisi (Hilton's Paris) 09. Torakat (Cockroachs) 10. Pillu (Cunt) 11. Kyll saa Vanhastakin panettaa (Surely Vanhanen can wanna have sex) 12. AOR (AOR)

And here is second sound sample from disc: Kourallinen turhia (Big Brother) (Fistfull of pointless (Big brother))."

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