Lamb of God 'Discussing What the New Record is Going to Be'

New album planned to drop by the end of the next year, says bassist John Campbell.

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As Randy Blythe's manslaughter case had been put to rest, it seems that the Lamb of God are finally able to focus on making some music.

During a recent chat on Full Metal Jackie radio show, bassist John Campbell announced the group's plans to release the new album by the end of 2014, saying that the five-piece already sat down to talk about their future studio ventures.

"We have begun discussing what the new record is going to be and we are planning on touring through the end of the year until the beginning of next year," Campbell said (via Loudwire). "The plans are to record a record sometime next year and have it out by the end of that year."

In the first part of the interview, the bassist discussed the events that occurred during the past year and the trial singer went through, pointing out the importance of never forgetting that a human life was lost that night in Prague.

"It's important that in all of this it's not lost that a fan lost his life. We lost somebody through all this and that's a tragedy," the bassist said. "It definitely makes you wonder where exactly you're headed, what options you have in front of you. I would say just the not knowing whether or not we were going to continue on with the band was an interesting situation to deal with."

The latest Lamb of God record, "Resolution," dropped in January 2012 as the group's seventh studio effort. With 52,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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    "As Randy Blythe's manslaughter case had been put to rest," Cracking opportunity for a Laid to Rest pun there UG, I am disappoint.
    Mehtulheade, you also missed a great opportunity. You RUINed it.
    Despite being cleared of manslaughter, Randy and the others in the band are still respectful of the one person who actually lost their life, several years on. Utmost respect for these guys.
    I have a feeling this new record will be FAR better than Resolution which was kinda sub par imho I'm hoping Randy toys around a little with singing like he did on the track "Insurrection"
    I think collectively that might be true, but its quite an inconsistent record- To the End, Invictus, Ghost Walking and the King Me are all amazing songs to me. It just isn't the full-blown masterpiece that is AoTW I guess.
    I'm hoping for an album on par or better than Ashes of the Wake to release, because of everything they've gone through. I may be hoping too much, but whatev
    I need some new workout music....BRING ON THE LAMB OF GOD!!!
    Thats so true man, just when I think i cant handle another 40 reps or another 3 minutes on the cross-trainer, I just stick on As the Palaces Burn and find a shitton of hidden energy and kill it!
    Such a quality, hard-working band, not to mention top-class musicians too. Going to see em in August. Hopefully after all this ordeal they'll push out something truly special.
    i'm excited for some new lamb of god, and i can't belive they missed a laid to rest pun in the article
    Mediocre, as all of their material.
    You're so set to fail dude.
    Just because I don't like garbage mallcore, yeah right
    Yes, please break out the sub-genres that no one cares to remember anymore. Get out of 2008, moron. -.-
    End of next year? I was hoping for a new album much sooner than that.
    dude give them time, in fact I hope they release it later and take more time on the album. Either way it'll be awesome
    Saw them a few nights ago and Randy always talks about important shit. It's only common sense that people should be safe. Still didn't stop two wanksters from jumping some guy in his 60's