Lamb of God Post Mysterious New Music

Guitarist Mark Morton has shared a discreet link to brand new music, but you'll never guess what it sounds like.

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Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton has posted a mysterious new clip of music simply labelled "Anticipation," which you can download from Mediafire now.

It's not clear exactly what this music is for because Morton doesn't give any explanation in the tweet where the clip first appeared (below), but it's a short and sweet loop which sounds both sentimental and slightly dissonant.

One theory is that it's for a forthcoming Lamb of God documentary film "As the Palaces Burn" because of a tag on the file called "filmstuff" as spotted by the PRP. The film has been directed by award-winning documentary maker Don Argott, and looks at the impave that heavy music makes on people around the world.

Of course, Lamb of God's world was turned upside down when frontman Randy Blythe was arrested and then charged with manslaughter in the Czech Republic in June, shortly after the film trailer below was posted online. While the film was always scheduled for a 2013 release, it's not clear how far their plans were set back with the impact of Blythe's court case where he was ultimately found innocent.

Click the link in Mark Morton's tweet to download and hear his new clip of music, and come back to let us know what you think in the comments:

Mark Morton (@MarkDuaneMorton) April 16, 2013

Watch the trailer for the forthcoming Lamb of God documentary "As the Palaces Burn" here:

YouTube preview picture

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    This is for a documentary soundtrack that he is scoring. If you follow his twitter you'd know this is completely unrelated to Lamb of God. Can't wait to hear the rest of it! P.S. If you don't follow him on Twitter, you should get on that. He's very interactive with fans. I've had several chats with him on there.
    Is no one paying attention to my comment up there? This snippet has NOTHING to do with Lamb of God. It's for a documentary that Mark Morton is doing the score to. Typical UG level of journalism.
    For those of us less familiar with MediaFire, which of the five download buttons am I actually supposed to hit?
    Sounds like something I would record for a project in audio production school. The tag had it titled "FilmStuff" which makes sense because it does sound like it would be some sort of background music.
    I enjoyed the song. I could see it being a great way to build into a very heavy song, similar to Viridian and White Walls by Between the Buried and Me.
    It would be nice to see Lamb Of God go in a different direction. Their music is getting kinda monotonous.
    LOL at thinking Lamb of God is capable of going in a different direction. Ignore this comment, keep doing what you do best LoG!!
    this wouldn't be the first piece of music from mark morton not to be related to log (for example his work with dez fafara of devildriver in born of the storm), so this could be something new outside of log as well.
    Uhm, they've done similar shit already. Like Barbosa. It sounds cool and everything, dunno why anyone would be surprised by it..
    Who ever says the last two albums aren't good or they are getting monotonous have metal health issues. hehe get it? no seriously i love the last two. especially Wrath. They are very different from their other albums. I Think they are greatly improved on their playing and how to make a more complete album. Its all good baby. Lamb in Quebec this summer. ROADTRIP time.
    exactly what Pukka-VCU said, its for there new movie they are putting out, UG really sucks at there news with out doing any research first. Chris Adler would never let Lamb of God go soft, he said its a metal band not a rock band.