Lamb of God Starting New Album Work Around June: 'We Don't Need Randy While We're Writing Music'

Band still "very proud" of frontman, of course.

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Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler shared a tentative schedule regarding the band's new album, confirming plans to hit the studio around summer.

When it comes to frontman Randy Blythe's recently announced hiatus, Adler told Metal Injection that the singer's participation isn't required until the later parts of the writing process. "I know Randy said something a couple weeks ago where he wants to take a lot of time away from the band and just kind of work on his thing and get his head straight," Chris said. "I can't blame him at all, and I think we all need to some time off."

Focusing on specific future plans, the drummer added, "But, last November, at the end of our tour, we all spoke for a little while about a time table. And we don't really need Randy to be there while we're writing music. Normally, he comes in with the lyrics last, sometimes even in the studio. So, we can a great head start while he does his own thing. We talked about getting together around June-ish. Now, as time has gone on, since that tour, just over the past couple of months, I think the situation remains sort of fluid and continues to affect us in different ways.

"Not because of [Randy's] exoneration or how things have gone, but, really, because of the death of a fan, which is, really, the one thing that we want people to understand, that the movie is dedicated to Daniel [Nosek, the fan who lost his life at a Lamb of God show in the Czech Republic]," Adler continued (via Blabbermouth). "It's about how this tragedy happened and how this person certainly didn't do anything wrong. It's very difficult to process that information as an entertainer, when we want our fans to have fun and now we know this event where this kid came to have fun is the last thing he ever saw."

During a separate Grammy chat, Chris gave an update on Randy's current mental state, sharing nothing but praises about his bandmate. "He's doing great," the drummer said. "He's been sober now for over three years, and thank God he was sober when this situation happened. He's really pulled himself together. He's a remarkable guy, and we're all very proud of him going over and handling it the way he did, but at the same time this was not the film we wanted to make.

"This was a total f--king nightmare," he continued. "The guy spent a lot of time in jail and was on trial where he easily could've been sentenced to 10 years. The bottom line is that a fan of our band died, and it's hard to say whose fault that was, but it's still a very tragic situation and this nightmare that none of us can really wake up from. Randy obviously being the guy on trial for it, it's his nightmare every day."

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    Great news, really looking forward to this. Their work has been stellar as of late.
    Always loved Lamb of God for their music primarily, but this time I can't wait to hear the lyrics Randy comes up with.
    Space gig? That would be out of this world!
    aaahhhhh! yes it would! that literally crossed my head after watching metallica in antarctica! Metal has conquered all 7 continents, lets take space!
    "I think we all need to some time off" Will proofreading never exist on this website?
    Don't honor the fan that charged the fvcking stage. I feel bad for him sure, but he shouldve been in the the crowd having a good time
    I personally hope they take the extra time to really work on some good material. While Wrath was a good album, I didn't listen to it for a very long time (comparable to everything up to that point), and I haven't even listened to Resolution in full.