Lana Del Rey Announces First Track From 'Ultraviolence'

artist: Lana Del Rey date: 04/04/2014 category: upcoming releases

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Lana Del Rey Announces First Track From 'Ultraviolence'
Lana Del Rey has revealed that the first single from her forthcoming new album will be called "West Coast."

AsĀ NME notes, the singer announced the track name on Twitter, when responding to a story about her leaked song "Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight," which emerged online yesterday.

It was previously thought that the track was new material to feature on Del Rey's forthcoming album "Ultraviolence." However, the singer confirmed in the same tweet that it is an old track written for another artist. Listen to "Meet Me in the Pale Moonlight" below.

There has been much speculation about the release of "Ultraviolence," which will be the follow-up to Del Rey's 2012 album "Born to Die." She had previously mentioned an album release date of May 1 in conversation with fans, but so far there has been no official announcement of the release date or tracklisting.

The singer is set to play a slew of US tour dates in May and June, and has also confirmed that she will perform at this year's Glastonbury festival.

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