Lana Del Rey Performs 'West Coast' A Cappella at Vegas Gig

Meanwhile, single is expected to be played on Radio 1 today.

Ultimate Guitar

Lana Del Rey performed an a cappella excerpt from her new single "West Coast" at her first gig of 2014 on April 11. Watch it below.

The show took place at the Chelsea, and was Del Rey's first since November of last year. The singer took the opportunity to perform a few a cappella lines of "West Coast," which was recently revealed as the first single to be released from new album "Ultraviolence."

During the gig, Del Rey had a long discussion with other members of the band, debating whether or not to perform the song for the screaming fans, where she could be heard saying, "Just up to the chorus? No?" before conceding: "I'll just sing you a little bit of the verse without the band."

The lead single from Ultraviolence will get its first play on BBC Radio 1 today (April 14).

As confirmed by a Guardian journalist on Twitter, "West Coast" will be premiered on Fearne Cotton's show (which starts at 10am) on today, April 14. The news follows rumours that "West Coast" will be released on iTunes over the weekend.

The single artwork to "West Coast" was revealed by Del Rey on her Facebook last Friday. The campaign for the single and forthcoming second album "Ultraviolence" seems to have kicked into gear in the past few days, with billboards promoting the record popping up in LA and New York.

Ultraviolence is rumoured to be released in May - but an official date is yet to be confirmed.

Del Rey is also set to perform Glastonbury Festival in June.

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    Does she play the guitar?
    She does play the guitar, and she's made several solo songs with it before (look for May Jailer). However, I believe that she prefers leaving that to the instrumentalists when performing on stage.