Lars Ulrich on Metallica 3D Film: 'People in Hollywood Had No Idea What I Was Talking About'

"It's unlike anything you've ever seen, and that we're very proud of," says the drummer.

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The latest Comic-Con special appearance saw metal legends Metallica focusing on their upcoming 3D movie "Through the Never," revealing a new set of details regarding the film.

Members of the iconic four-piece discussed their latest effort in several separate interviews, with each of the musicians clearly showing their excitement about the project.

"It's unlike anything you've ever seen, and that we're very proud of," drummer Lars Ulrich said, also admitting that not everyone in the film industry managed to get the grasp of the group's ideas.

"I spoke to a lot of people in Hollywood who had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to explain to them what this movie was gonna be and what kind of creative partner we needed," Ulrich told I Am Rogue. "Nimrod [Antal, the director] was the first one that bought into it so we jumped with him."

When it comes to the film's 13-song soundtrack soundtrack, or a setlist, the stickman stated that there will hardly be any surprises, as the band decided to stick to the classic tunes.

"There are no unheard songs," he said. "There aren't any great surprises, it's not some extended version of a deep track from 'Reload,' it's the songs that you may have heard on the radio. We obviously figured that the soundtrack for this type of escapade would be benefited by songs that may be a little bit more on the toe-tabbing department than some other crazier, nuttier stuff that's buried deep in our records. I hesitate to use the word 'hits,' but you [the interviewer] used the word 'classics,' so thank you for that."

While discussing the intensity of the main character's adventures, frontman James Hetfield described the film's concert scenes as "four guys up there bashing you with fire and loud music and all the props from the last 30 years on steroids put into one big stage."

"Through the Never" is set to hit the IMAX theaters on September 27 and then kick off the regular cinema screenings on October 4. As far as the new studio record is considered, latest reports indicate that it should drop sometime during 2015.

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    Normally it isn't a good thing if nobody who is making your movie has any idea what you're talking about.
    "benefited by songs that may be a little bit more on the toe-tapping department than some other crazier, nuttier stuff" Aww damn I was hoping for some blistering tracks off Justice that arent One. Still mad hyped though, mainly because I know nothing about the premise of the film.
    It's because Lars can't play those faster songs anymore.
    eh em, please see "Blackened" from "Franais Pour Une Nuit." That is all.
    I saw a more recent video of them playing Orion. Couldn't listen to it because Lars' drumming was ****ing awful. And it's not that complicated to play. Edit: sorry it was Call Of Ktulu, not Orion.
    Why all the hate.Ever since 1986 almost every metal band has been trying to create their own Master Of Puppets.People get old,bands get old.Just appreciate what they have done and still do.One day they will be gone so,just either like them or don't.They are my first modern metal band,I will always look to them as Icons.If I sound like a fan boy then I'm fan boy.Guilty as charged.
    Slow clap. I couldn't have said it better myself. If it wasn't for Metalica's "King Nothing"(Not one of their GREATEST songs) I would have never picked up a guitar, that was my introduction to metal. Sitting there at 5 going that's cool, that's music, I want to do that.
    "As far as the new studio record is considered, latest reports indicate that it should drop sometime during 2015." Not like you've kept reminding us for the past several months or anything.
    I hope ...And Justice for All is in the film, they did play it at the concert. Also, any word on a UK release?
    I don't see why the whole setlist won't be in the movie. I'm hoping it is, but you never know.
    "It's like nothing you have ever seen" Yes Lars, and lulu was like something I've never heard...
    well technically, it is something youve never heard before, granted it wasnt what we were hoping for but he was correct if you ask me
    And James Hetfield is like a table you've never sat at...
    in the '80s, Kill 'Em All was like nothing you've ever heard.... so I don't see your argument hear
    I'm excited for this to release. It will take me back to 1 year ago where I had a weekend FULL of Metallica in Edmonton. One of the better weekends in my career of life so far.
    i don't think James voice is getting worse. it definitely just developed now he just sings at a range much higher than he originally sang the songs
    Listen to "Witchcraft" "Graveyard" or "The Sword" Amazing bands that make Metallica look like the ego centric queer babies that they are!
    Shame Hetfield sings in his modern shitty voice for the film, but o well it cant be that bad...
    Hetfield is getting old, i understand it clearly that he cant sing like he used to. You will get older too, in fact in 1-2 years you might notice some hair in your 'nono' area.
    alfie, did you want some aloe for that burn?
    NEVER put aloevera on a burn! It hurts like the devil's penis, slowly sliding into your virgin sphincter.
    Personally I think anyone that isn't old enough to remember Hetfield's old voice shouldn't be able to have an opinion on the matter. Like you said they haven't been around long enough to understand what age can do. I end this with.... JAMES HETFIELD IS GOD!!!
    I saw King Diamond live a month ago who delivered as always. I saw Iron Maiden last week and Dickinson gave us the air raid siren as always. Hetfield: shouldn't try to sing and down a few like he used to and do it from the heart.
    James hurt his voice recording the Black Album and blew it out completely on tour for the Black Album. He luckily got it back, but at the expense of his growl. He still sounds awesome.
    Pick 'n' Finger
    For the sake of being interested. Which part of the black album could kill your voice? Even if I scream or growl it it doesn't hurt. This is not an ignorant comment but a serious question, since I obviously lack information!
    Really? 1. Imagine doing it night after night for 3 years straight 2. They didn't suddenly stop playing their earlier songs just because a new album came out. The definition of ignorance is lacking knowledge so by definition, your comment in ignorant. The more you know...
    I've seen Iron Maiden live, and I've never heard a vocalist struggle more than he did. He also sounded terrible, since his voice cracked pretty much every chorus. I do love the band though, and I listen to their studio recordings every once in a while, so not hating on the band.
    I guest you didn't see their last performance. Just watch the Dehaan Secret Show at Orion 2013 where they played Kill'em All, he had such a killer voice !
    Yea. They should have waited one more year and record it with his killer voice
    I say this every time I see someone mention his "modern shitty" singing's gotten a HELL of a lot better all of the sudden. Watch some footage from their Orion festivals last year or this year. He's got some growl back as opposed to the opera singer sound from the late 90's. Hetfield is still God...he's also a table on the side.
    It's funny because most people I've talked to put James' 2013 vocals as his best since the early 90s and his 2012 vocals mostly not too far behind. He sung fairly averagely on a few tours after rehab, St. Anger, etc but has really found his voice and the like again.
    Expected of a nirvana fanboi.
    Metallica's problem is keeping it way too safe. And the rare times that they do try new things, it's horrible. Nah, nevermind. Play it safe, Metallica.
    so this movie is going to be like interstella 5555 of daft punk? with music in the background all the time and th story developing?
    Except the live music is interrupted with movie parts and sometimes completely shuts up because of monologue or dialogue. The whole is interesting but also for a very narrow audience. Which makes me wonder how big this is really going to be and how many people will watch it. Which makes me doubt it will be in a cinema near my town.