Lars Ulrich Talks Major Metallica Announcement: 'Lulu Part 2 - Just to P-ss Everybody Off'

The drummer discusses recent "another frontier" announcement.

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Earlier last week Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich dropped a hint of a major Metallica event coming in December, leaving the fans guessing and anticipating for further announcements. Lars now discussed the big event with the Quietus, revealing that the official info might drop as early as tomorrow (October 8). He also left those hoping for a Metallica Christmas album slightly disappointed. "'Lulu' Part 2 - just to piss everybody off! [laughs]," Ulrich jokingly kicked off. "I believe that there's an announcement on October 8. But don't hold me to that, I've been a little caught up in ["Through the Never"]. It's not anything of that magnitude." When asked on whether the announcement is related to a Christmas album, the drummer added: "I wish! There may be a few of you that would be disappointed, it's not anything quite at that level. I found myself telling one of your colleagues earlier, there's an Iron Maiden album called 'The Final Frontier.' So I'll borrow that from my interview an hour ago, and say, 'My clue will be the Iron Maiden album, 'The Final Frontier.'' There you go." During the rest of the chat, Lars mostly focused on "Through the Never" 3D film, stressing that "compromise is not Metallica's major strength." The film officially hit IMAX theaters on September 27 and then rolled out to regular 3D cinemas last Friday (October 4). The movie's soundtrack was subsequently released and managed to score a No. 9 debut on the Billboard 200 chart with 26,000 units shipped in the US within the first week. But back to the big announcement - what do you think we might be looking at here?

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    Metallica II. The Wrath of Lulu
    That'd be hilarious. It's nice to see Lars knows a lot of people didn't like Lulu and can make jokes about it.
    Metallica - Deep Space Nine?
    Maybe it's not so much the theme of space, but the fact that when Iron Maiden made Final Frontier, they went into more of a progressive direction than before. Also wasn't Final Frontier a concept album? I wouldn't be surprised if Metallica did that.
    correct me if im wrong but was final frontier the first maiden album with janick gers? 'tallica getting a third guitarist maybe?
    No, it wasn't. First Iron Maiden album with Janick Gers was No Prayer For The Dying. You're only missing 20 years of Janick's Iron Maiden career...
    no actually. Janick did a Trujillo actually. He joined after the album was either recorder or written
    Or a second bass player... ?
    Even if they had a hundred bass players, they'd mix out all the low-end on their studio recordings.
    I actually think that'd be interesting, get Jason back in to do normal basslines while Rob plays lead bass. I'll be honest, I just want it cause I miss Jason's vocals on Seek and Destroy, Whiplash, Harvester of Sorrow, etc.
    That would sorta be cool. But who could it possibly be? Who would I even want in Metallica?
    Maybe they're getting Dave back for an album. That'd be interesting to hear. Havin Dave and James singing together on some stuff....duel lead guitars....
    Gers has been around since the 90's. And they've had 3 guitarists since about 2000.
    I thought Brave New World was Maidens first album with all 3 guitarists? I may be wrong though.
    'My clue will be the Iron Maiden album, 'The Final Frontier.' I'm guessing they will play a concert in space.... on board of the USS Enterprise. The other article about Metallica being 100% financial independant seems to be true.
    "The Final Frontier" as soon as I read that I instantly saw this headline.. "Metallica Announces FINAL Studio Album" For f**ks sake please let me be WRONG! Otherwise sending a Metallica album into space would be pretty cool.
    As long as Lars is making money, Metallica will keep going, don't worry
    I too had the thought that maybe the "final frontier" hint was a "we got one more album in us and we're done" kind of thing. How much longer can they stand up on stage and play 2 hour shows consisting of 7-10 minute songs. Age might not be everything but it sure as hell doesn't make things easier.
    I liked Rob Halford's Christmas album.. Wouldn't really mind a Metallica one..
    metallica - Jingle Bells.....thats the metallica album we all want haha
    Gee Halen
    LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, COME ON! LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, COME ON! LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, COME ON! LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, YEAH! All the gifts I gave What difference did they make? None'f the sh-t shoes fit Take them back, Santa Clauuuuus ooooOOOHOHOHHHHH! (Make it done!)
    Made enough money, sold the same songs enough times in enough live compilations, ... one final tour?... with a live DVD, live album, metclub download, movie, hologram, sticker, snare drum... table
    Hm... they'll buy their own plane, name it The Lightning, and tour the world with it? I'd like to see that happen. Metallica, riding The Lightning all over the world.
    They already have a plane, but The Lightning would be a cool name for it!
    If it has to do with The Final Frontier then I'd say they're going to use Kevin Shirley as a producer. But that's a guess.
    A Lulu part 2 would be cool because it would be a big "**** you, we do what we want". Then I'd give credit to Metallica... For the first time ever.
    Pretty sure Lulu Part 1 was a big "**** you, we do what we want". Actually, so was S&M, Load, Reload, St. Anger, Death Magnetic, Black Album, AJFA, MoP, RtL, Kill'em All.... Yeah, they've pretty much done what they wanted for 30 years.
    But they've done that already with St. Anger and Lulu, much more than any other band as huge as them. I think they already deserve credit for that. Do you see any other Big Four band doing this kind of things?
    [quote] Shuei5 posted on Oct 07, 2013 05:43 am #A Lulu part 2 would be cool because it would be a big "**** you, we do what we want". Then I'd give credit to Metallica... For the first time ever. [quote] Well they pretty much did that already, St.Anger was supposed to say "**** you, we do what we want".
    On the Final Frontier tour, they didn't play many of the classic tunes. Maybe a tour with only the obscure tunes like "Escape"?
    Gee Halen
    Metallica - Epic Patrick Stewart Facepalms Done Right (And We Are F---n' Serious)
    Iron Maiden had a computer game that was released with the album Final Frontier so I think its gonna be some type of video game
    Very possible, can't believe it took someone this far down the comments to point that out
    They are finally releasing that kart racing game they announced ages ago, remember seeinf screenshots for something like that back in the day.
    All I can think of when I read this is Trujillo replacing DK in Mario Kart. That'd be pretty sweet. Start playing Toad's Turnpike and pass one of those stupid buses... look in the window and see Mustaine or Burton.
    For once, as much as I hate to say it, I gotta agree Lu part 2 would be cool. It'd literally be oversold by Kids Bop but still. With how much the majority utterly hated Lulu, continuing in that direction would show they found their missing spines. They traded their songwriting ability for it but that's ok. Still won't listen to it. Also thumbs up for boobs.
    "compromise is not metallica's major strength" actually compromise is what i have heard since the black album
    Compromise is what would have happened if they'd just made the Black Album again dumb shit
    I'm guessing they are sending music into space, a Iron Maider cover album would be cool, but that would mean that they would have to record new music and i don't think they want to do that...
    I concur with those who predict they'll be announcing a producer. I really hope they've decided not to work with Rick Rubin again. It's shameful that a band at Metallica's level can't get a competent producer/engineer to mix an album that sounds like music. You can make a better sounding album than Death Magnetic on an iPad these days.
    I think that Metallica have earned the right to do a hundred of "Lulu's" if they want to, but still... I don't mind if they would do an old school Metallica album 'cause we have waited like 5+ years for a new record or something new and interesting, but still keep the old school 'Tallica sound
    maybe they're announcing a cruise? like everyone's doing these music cruise package festival things. maybe a metallicruise?
    Maybe these guys are just so advanced that we don't understand Lulu yet. Maybe in 20 years our children will love it.
    Lulu II, this one better not have Lou reed in it because he ruined the first Lulu with his crappy voice of his. Same with the velvet underground in the 70's and 80's
    Still it would be a cool album I bet. Also there christmas album. Featuring For whom the sleigh bell toll
    Final Frontier could be Maiden's last studio album. I think they will announce something like a last album for their careers and retire after the next world tour for that album
    ...or maybe the "Coming Home" song?A special San Francisco or LA gig?
    A big announcement...." Metallica making new and good music" ...what a shock! I doubt it though..
    the -lulu effect... Metallica go back in time and kill themselves at the Black Albums release party...sparring us the current "Kiss" ..I mean Metallica from selling us kids games thongs toothbrush s dishwasher soap n other Metallica "novelties" who don't record new music
    guys, just retire, move on and bury the metallica name. you're gonna look silly sooner or later acting like you're the forefronters of metal.
    And you're saying they aren't? You know how many bands are inspired by these guys?
    their music did in'88 ...but have since let millions of musicians who actually play guitar down. and keep doing no they are not frontrunner s they're quickly becoming has beens