Led Zeppelin Preview 'Kashmir' From 'Celebration Day' Film

With the release of Celebration Day on CD and DVD right around the corner, Led Zeppelin has released a clip of Kashmir from the film. Check it out!

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With the release of "Celebration Day" on CD and DVD right around the corner, Led Zeppelin has released a clip of "Kashmir" from the film, the nine-minute cut from 1975′s "Physical Grafiti". Check it out!

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"Celebration Day" is available on November 19th and is definitely worth a listen/watch. Pre-order the album on iTunes and check out the tracklisting below.

01. Good Times Bad Times 02. Ramble On 03. Black Dog 04. In My Time Of Dying 05. For Your Life 06. Trampled Under Foot 07. Nobody's Fault But Mine 08. No Quarter 09. Since I've Been Loving You 10. Dazed And Confused 11. Stairway To Heaven 12. The Song Remains The Same 13. Misty Mountain Hop 14. Kashmir 15. Whole Lotta Love 16. Rock And Roll

Thanks to Antiquiet for the report.

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    Saw the whole thing in theaters.. It was absolutely amazing. Will definitely be picking this up!
    Can't wait for this. Also, I'm not too bothered if they don't do another reunion gig - this'll do me just fine!
    Dave Frenzy
    was brilliant in the cinema, even though for some reason they decided to keep the volume low. It was very annoying hearing scenes from Taken 2 during the intro to No Quarter...
    The volume was low where I saw it at first, I think someone went and told them to turn it up because they cranked it after about 5 minutes.
    I honestly like this version more than the studio version off of Physical Graffiti. Plant kicks this song's butt to the stars and back. I don't care if he did a few overdubs (which he did for this song, since his voice was a bit killed off at this point in the concert). It sounds so full with the instrumentation. Can't wait to get this on vinyl
    The Kashmir video - How AWESOME is that? Gotta get the DVD