Lemmy Talks Jeff Hanneman and New Album

Interview from Golden Gods surfaces online.

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The iconic Motorhead's bassist Lemmy has recently chatted with Artisan News at this year's Golden Gods Awards ceremony. During the interview, Lemmy spoke about the recent death of Slayer's Jeff Hanneman:

"Obviously it's terrible. I don't know how you could say anything else. It's just awful. We toured with him a couple of times ... I knew him. He was a friend of mine."

He was also asked about the band's upcoming recording and touring plans:

"We're half way through a new album right now, and we're going to Europe for some festivals, to do the usual European thing later in the year. I dunno about the summer yet. We're trying to get some American shows in the summer."

The frontman was also asked why he thought Motorhead connected with so many fans. His response was simply: "because they like us."

Motorhead recently had to cancel shows in Austria and Italy due to Lemmy suffering an unspecified hematoma. It is not the first health problem for the frontman in recent times. It was revealed that he has been fitted with a defibrillator because of an irregular heart beat.

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    Q. 'How does it feel to win a Golden God?' A. 'They don't pay no bills and they don't fill no concert halls. It's peripheral.' This is why I wish Lemmy was my dad.
    I wish Lemmy would write a book on how to be a man.
    Not so much a man,he had a kid that he did not take care of growing up.But he is a true rock n rolla.
    Coz he didnt know he had one. but when he found it he was with him period so lemmy wasnt a great father but still not the dick father
    He is one of the most intelligent guys around, it's hard to disagree with most things that he says, one of the reasons this guy's my idol!
    Saw Motrhead back when they toured with Heaven And Hell and Judas Priest. Hell of a freaking show and loud as shit! Get well soon Lemmy!!
    That's a show I will live my entire life wishing I attended. RIP Dio and Hanneman. And for that matter all rockers ripping in the afterlife. Imagine the supergroups formed... kinda can't wait to die...
    Dave Mustaine talks Jeff Hanneman, John Petrucci talks Jeff Hanneman, Jeff Waters talks Jeff Hanneman,Mikael Akerfeldt talks Jeff Hanneman...Don't get me wrong I love Slayer and Jeff but I'm getting tired of all these pointless articles of people saying how sad it is that Jeff is gone, of course it is terrible. Stop asking everyone what they think about it, the answer is the same for everyone.
    I see what you're trying to say, but you come across as a complete dick.
    It's called "eulogy". Everyone is sad because of the Jeff's death, and it is a sympathetic thing to know that many other people miss him as well.
    still not a reason to bring every new reaction it into the news... next article is about me telling you guys how awful I feel about it.
    Didn't really mention Hanneman really at all... Glad to hear stuff about the new Motorhead album though.