Limp Bizkit Reveal New Album Title

artist: Limp Bizkit date: 05/11/2012 category: new releases
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Limp Bizkit Reveal New Album Title
Limp Bizkit have officially named their new album "Stampede Of The Disco Elephants". In addition to the new record, the band have said they are working on two other albums - a sequel to their 2005 EP "The Unquestionable Truth Part 1", and a brand new studio album. "'Stampede...' has got to have something sizzling about it that's more universally accepted," Fred Durst told Kerrang! (via NME). "Some of the songs have an urban feel. We're writing all different sorts of tracks and it seems like the songs going into that basket are ones that girls can like as much as guys who like rock." It will be released on Lil' Wayne's label Cash Money, after previously parting ways with Interscope. "It was probably a year and a half ago that we knew that we needed to get off [Interscope], which seemed to be lost," said Durst. "There were some really cool people coming to the plate who were really excited about the brand Limp Bizkit, which seemed the wrong mentality. When I met Cash Money guys, there was a different dialogue there." Speaking about the forthcoming sequel to "The Unquestionable Truth", Durst described it as "some crazy Limp Bizkit s--t... It's like the leash has been taken off us and we've been given full rein to do as we please." The frontman didn't comment on recent reports that drummer John Otto and DJ Lethal could be kicked from the band because of concerns over their drug use.
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