Limp Bizkit Reveal New Song Featuring Lil' Wayne

Nu metal five-piece stream new single with Lil' Wayne as a special guest.

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Limp Bizkit have officially presented us with their new single featuring popular rapper Lil' Wayne as a special guest guitarist... nah, we're just kidding, but Wayne is however appearing as a guest vocalist and the new single is definitely out there available for streaming.

Titled "Ready To Go," the track was produced by Polow Da Don and comes with a slightly longer than expected length of 6 minutes. The song is expected to also be released as a part of the group's forthcoming record "Stampede Of The Disco Elephants" with any details regarding the release date currently being unknown.

The group is set to embark on a US tour at the end of April, featuring a total of 8 live concert dates. The band has also apparently fired DJ Lethal for the second time following the first firing about a year ago due to concerns over his excessive drug use. Without a more detailed explanation regarding the entire situation, Lethal has posted a Twitter announcement saying he is "pretty bummed out."

"Was looking forward to going back out on the road and rockin out. It wasn't my decision. I'm open. Imagine [being fired] twice," said the turntablist.

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    Adding Lil Wayne to Limp Bizkit is like taking a dump on a dump.
    Top comment right here
    it made me throw up from my ass, and shit through my mouth, that is the level of hatred i have for this.
    my thoughts exactly. I mean who thought adding shit to shit would make anything but a bigger pile of shit? They crossed the shit line Randy.
    exactly, bizkit is like shit flavoured ice cream and wayne is like diarrhoea for toppings
    What demographic is there really left for this band? Lil Wayne's fans would think them to be too rock, and the rock community values them for nothing but some early albums (if at all). I'd call their continued existence a cashgrab, but is there really any cash left to grab?
    Maybe those American douchebag jocks, who think it's still cool to pop the collar on their Ed Hardy shirt and wear their trucker cap slightly off-centre on their head?
    "...who think it's still cool..." So it's less douchey to stop wearing something just because it goes out of style? It sounds like you think a popped collar on an Ed Hardy shirt with a slightly-cocked trucker hat looked fine when it was 'cool,' but now that everybody else isn't doing it, it looks bad. Either it looks good or it doesn't (Fun fact: those things always looked kind of dumb). Popularity and quality aren't exclusive or indicative of one another. Sounds like you're just as much of a trendy douchebag as the folks you think you're better than.
    a drummer
    My thoughts Exactly. Some people listen to their older shit for nostalgia and what not, but i don't know anybody that this would appeal to now.
    That question is pretty redundant. You would have to be stupid to question where they hold relevance when the tour schedule is posted on many sites. So everywhere that they have booked a show is where they are still relevant. Otherwise people wouldn't pay to see them.
    Does anybody else hear "we drinking jizz until we pass out and fall on the flo'"?
    Is this the final version? Because it's ****ing terribly mastered.
    You're also listenin to Limp Bizkit featuring Lil Wayne, so I wouldn't expect the song's quality to be top notch.
    You're listening to a 192kbps MP3 version compressed to a youtube video, I wouldn't expect the quality to be top notch.
    These guys haven't made anything good since Chocolate Starfish and don't seem to be getting any closer to achieving anything good anytime soon
    I don't think Durst has ever written good lyrics. They used to at least be appropriate and flow well, but since Gold Cobra I've just found them really jarring/distracting.
    Bizkit sings: 'We're drinkin jizz' or something. What the actual f**k?
    What the hell is this? Are they trying to combine their lack of talents to create the biggest turd in existence? Only feasible explanation.
    it would only be the third biggest in existence. It would have a ways to go to catch Bono
    FINALLY -- the only thing this band was missing is a horrible guitarist
    This song is one of the worst things on the face of the Earth. And by Limp Bizkit standards, that is some kind of achievement.
    Honestly, this is pretty good, i thought fred's rap lyrics were actually pretty good, at least better than wayne's
    "at least better than wayne's" "I said he so sweet make Her wanna lick the rapper So I let her lick the rapper She-she-she lick me like a lollipop She-she lick me like a lollipop" Just between us, Lil' Wayne's standards aren't very high.
    Not to defend Lil Wayne but it looks like he says "Her wanna lick the wrapper, so I let her lick the rapper", which is at the very least a pun.