Limp Bizkit Reveal New Song Featuring Lil' Wayne

artist: Limp Bizkit date: 03/25/2013 category: new releases
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Limp Bizkit Reveal New Song Featuring Lil' Wayne
Limp Bizkit have officially presented us with their new single featuring popular rapper Lil' Wayne as a special guest guitarist... nah, we're just kidding, but Wayne is however appearing as a guest vocalist and the new single is definitely out there available for streaming. Titled "Ready To Go," the track was produced by Polow Da Don and comes with a slightly longer than expected length of 6 minutes. The song is expected to also be released as a part of the group's forthcoming record "Stampede Of The Disco Elephants" with any details regarding the release date currently being unknown. The group is set to embark on a US tour at the end of April, featuring a total of 8 live concert dates. The band has also apparently fired DJ Lethal for the second time following the first firing about a year ago due to concerns over his excessive drug use. Without a more detailed explanation regarding the entire situation, Lethal has posted a Twitter announcement saying he is "pretty bummed out." "Was looking forward to going back out on the road and rockin out. It wasn't my decision. I'm open. Imagine [being fired] twice," said the turntablist.
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