Limp Bizkit's 'Ready to Go' Video Appears

Watch the band's new video for the song recorded with rapper Lil Wayne.

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Limp Bizkit has unveiled the video for their new single "Ready to Go," which features a guest appearance from Lil Wayne, Metal Hammer reports. The track is the lead single from the band's upcoming album "Stampede of the Disco Elephants," which is out later this year. The record was produced by long time Bizkit collaborator Ross Robinson and is released on Lil Wayne's Cash Money label.

Now, the band's putting the finishing touches on its new studio album. "We're really trying to get it hammered out here," Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland told Billboard in May. "We're done with most of the music, pretty much all the music. The lyrics and vocals are probably 30 percent done, and [Fred Durst] is working as we speak, on tour."

Regarding the musical direction of Bizkit's new CD, Borland said that the songs on "Stampede Of The Disco Elephants" have a "very live and sort of wild" feel. Moreover, fans shouldn't expect the same old Limp Bizkit on the album; instead, there will be quite a bit of experimentation on the effort. "I think it's a little bit more, sort of playful, taking chances, a little less pop, structured type of stuff," Borland said. "I don't want to say it [sounds] younger, but maybe a little more carefree, musically, to where we don't over-think what we're doing."

In an interview earlier this month, Durst noted that the band's "we don't give a f--k" attitude my have affected their public image in the past:

"We were the black sheep or the white sheep, Not quite hip hop but not quite metal. But we didn't give a f--k, and we always tried to say that fairly blatantly. That was one of the things that came dislikable about us."

The original video was removed from Vimeo, so here's edited version from YouTube. Caution! Beware the vertigo!

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    Limp Bizkit is a guilty pleasure I have to be honest, and some parts of this song aren't too bad, but by god is that music video truly horrendous. I get that its not supposed to be spinning around I don't mean that, I mean the awful content that could have easily been plucked from a Z-list rapper 15 years ago...
    I'm usually person to defend bands that get hated a lot but this, I can't even find one thing I like about this.
    OK, so it went like this... I clicked the play button and noticed that the song starts with "GO F--K YOURSELF!". Clicked the stop button.
    Limp Bizkit isn't that simple. There's this deeper tongue in cheek aspect to their music. It's not meant to be taken super seriously. It's just fun rap metal. He really did sell like 40 million records so clearly there's an audience for this stuff. Including me! I'M STILL LIMPING WITH THE BIZKIT
    indeed people take Limp Bizkit too seriously, just have fun and bang your ***** head
    The worst part to me is that Wes Borland is actually really talented. But Black Light Burns doesn't pay the bills, I suppose.
    I have no intention of watching this but I hope for the sake of Limp Bizkit's fans they didn't let Lil Wayne play guitar on it.
    Lil Wayne can play guitar?
    Lil Wayne is the true guitar god and the true master of the "playing without a pick"-gimmick and the "inconsistent rhythm playing"-technique. John Petrucci, Jeff Loomis, eat your heart out!
    It's 2013 and we have a new Limp Bizkit song. ...why?
    And what great things have you been doing all this time? Just came here to diss on them, huh? Don't have any bands you like in the news section?
    Of all the record labels to pick they picked Cash Money!?!?! Why not Roadrunner or something. Onto the song, the music itself isn't bad, Fred just needs to learn to write lyrics (let Wes write them or something) and Lil Wayne sucks as a rapper
    There was a reason why YMCMB took Limp Bizkit. They have a talent of finding shitty artists, and making them even more shittier.
    Firstly this isn't the video. I have no idea why someone would edit a video to turn round then upload it but anyway i don't know why people are so angry Limp Bizkit are refreshing to hear in heavy music lately. They are unique band i've been so disappointed with other bands sounding the ****ing same all the time. No one else sounds like Limp Bizkit and that is an awesome thing.
    Oh wow i am actually really sad about the direction the band has chosen. too bad they didnt make the unquestionable truth (part 2). Kinda hard to give any simpathy to the band today. at least wes seems to have some fun in the video
    "Back it's the mother****ing rock god I'm so poker-faced, ladies going Ga-Ga" Most godawful lyrics ever heard.
    To be honest, if Lil Wayne always sounded like this I'd probably listen to him. This song isn't bad.
    That was awesome...until Lil' Wayne started his thing. If they left him out it would be much better. "We're drinking jizz (YEAH!) then pass out at 4 on the floor"
    To be fair even without Lil' Wayne I would have found this awful. At least it made me laugh.
    That was some of the worst rapping I have ever heard. Lil' Wayne kindly get back in your hole.
    How can a band expect to be taken seriously at all when it collaborates with Lil Wayne? From what I've heard, some Lil Wayne "fans" actually believe he can play guitar; then, again, didn't Durst try playing guitar on stage at one time? (He was probably thinking to himself, "How the f*** does Wayne do this? Man he got da talent!).
    that was probably one of the worst music videos ever, that rotating video is just doing the same to my eyes what the music does to my stomach....
    ultimate-guitar posted a shitty stolen version where the uploader spun it, the real video is on vevo