Lindsey Buckingham on New Fleetwood Mac Album: 'Stevie Needs to Come to the Table with Some Material'

"In order to contemplate a new album, she has to want to do it," says Lindsey.

Ultimate Guitar

Lindsey Buckingham has been speaking about the possibility of a new Fleetwood Mac album. As the guitarist notes (via NME), he believes that Stevie Nicks' recent experience of recording a solo album has led her to be less forthcoming with new Fleetwood Mac songs:

"She had a wonderful experience making that album [2011's "In Your Dreams"]. She hasn't said this - this is just me - but, knowing Stevie, she's probably thinking, 'If I have to write five new songs, do I want to give them to Fleetwood Mac?' I think she's feeling a but protective and territorial about the experience she had doing her solo project. And I can totally relate to that."

Buckingham ultimately noted that Nicks needs to come to the table with some new material for new Fleetwood Mac album to happen:

"The way we do things is always a political minefield. If it's not Stevie, it's me; someone is always causing trouble. I know Warner Brothers is dying to get an album from us, even though we're not signed to them anymore. Stevie needs to come to the table with some material. In order to contemplate a new album, she has to want to do it."

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    Scott O
    Their new record should be a collaboration with Lou Reed. Call it, "Lou Lou".
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