Linkin Park Announce New Album 'The Hunting Party,' Unveil Cover and Release Date

"Parts of the record sound like vintage Bay Area thrash," journalist explains.

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Linkin Park have officially announced "The Hunting Party" as the title of their new studio album, also confirming a June 17 release date.

Noisey broke the exclusive, also unveiling the record's front cover. You can check it out below.

"With their newest album, 'The Hunting Party,' set to be released on June 17th, Linkin Park have dropped the electronics of their previous two records and have rededicated themselves to making rock and roll," the journalist noted. "In short, they've found their balls, and they’re taking those balls and going balls to the wall. Parts of the record sound like vintage Bay Area thrash while other bits of it sound like Helmet, to the point where they actually got the dude from Helmet [Paige Hamilton] to sing on 'All for Nothing.'"

Asked about the state of rock music and the band's mindset for the new album, singer Mike Shinoda gave a lengthy reply. "There's so much music out there; there's so much stuff that sounds like Haim or CHVRCHES or Vampire Weekend that I'm full," he kicked off. "The thing I'm hungry for is not that.

"I turn on the rock station in L.A. and it sounds like Disney commercial music," Mike continued. "And I'm confused by that. The dude from Foster the People was literally a jingle writer. No disrespect, but for me to make that stuff was kind of out of the question. I stepped back and said, 'What's the thing I want to hear that nobody else is making, and what's the thing that we are uniquely positioned to make?' We threw out our old demos, and I talked to the guys and basically asked them to get in touch with who their 15-year-old self was.

"Not to make songs for 15-year-olds out there now - there are a lot of people out there who'll make music because it'll be popular with teenagers, but that's not what we're doing. I told our guitarist Brad [Delson], 'If the kid you were at 15 heard what you made today, would he be proud of you? Or would he say, 'That guy's kind of a pussy.?'' Because he was listening to f--king Metallica and heavier at that point. I said, 'Write a song that'll make that kid play guitar.' So that's what we ended up doing," the vocalist concluded.

Discussing how indie became pop just like alternative did, Shinoda noted, "It's stupid. It's so f--kin' dumb. It's the same thing when 'alternative' happened. An alternative to what, y'know? It became pop. The alternative to alternative was, like, nu-metal. Which, again, became dumb. All these scenes... I don't know, man. There just becomes a point where people are playing monkey-see, monkey-do, and it just cheapens the whole scene. That got weird."

Shinoda also toched the matter of controversy over their latest releases - 2010's lithe "A Thousand Suns" and most recent 2012's "Living Things."

"Two records ago when we put 'A Thousand Suns' out, we knew that it was going to be a totally polarizing album. Before we even let anyone hear it, we were like, 'F--k, are we 100% sure that we want to alienate this many people?' Because some people were going to be like, 'That's it, I've had it, f--k this band, they're not making music for me anymore because all I want to hear is heavy guitars and there isn't a guitar to be found on this record. They're singing about the world's ills and there's a bunch of electronic bleeps and blips, f--k these guys.'

"I heard a great quote by Nas around that time. He said that every once and a while he likes to make a project to shake off his pop fans. To intentionally get rid of them. If you're a casual Nas listener, he's going to let you know at a certain point that you're not welcome to his party. I love that, I thought that was so cool."

It was revealed earlier that Paige Hamilton of Helmet will participate to the album alongside with the contributions from legendary rapper Rakim and System of a Down's axeman Daron Malakian. The whole album tracklisting is still remains unrevealed, but there are a few song titles that are already known. See below alongside with the supposed titles with the description provided by Loudwire.

"The Hunting Party" known song titles with the description:

Keys to the Kingdom: Right off the bat this track has an old-school punk vibe with a new twist. The hasty drums and explosive riffs a hardcore element to it. Vocalist Chester Bennington unleashes melodies and the balance of Shinoda's rap verses makes for a powerful combination. Although the band will be playing arenas on their forthcoming Carnivores tour, this song has an underground feel that would welcome them to a small, beat up venue in Brooklyn, N. Y.

Wastelands of Today: This tune starts with a hip-hop verse and the song has a lot of groove with heavy drum and bass. The chorus is catchy yet sludgy and has some grit to it. Watch out for the heavy breakdown in the middle of the song. Linkin Park take you on a sonic roller-coaster ride as they play around with the tempo and ambiance of the song.

Until It's Gone: It's a more mid-tempo track with softer lyrics provided by Chester Bennington, who really shows his vocal versatility. The dreamy and atmospheric sounds are enough to whisk you away but Bennington brings you back down to earth as he belts out their take on a familiar chorus: "'Cause you don't know what you've got / No you don't know what you've got / You don't know what you've got / Until it's gone." This catchy song is one that's bound to get stuck in your head for a long time.

All for Nothing: This one, when performed live, will get the crowd moving for sure. With a hip-hop flow in the first verse this quickly turns into almost a punk anthem. The song is relentless and unapologetic, with a stellar guitar solo by Brad Delson. It's no surprise that this heavy tune is hardcore especially since it features a guest spot Helmet vocalist and guitarist Paige Hamilton.

Rebellion: With a name like "Rebellion," as a listener you would expect pure chaos and mayhem and that's exactly what Linkin Park give you. The vibe is almost thrashy with its speedy riffs and galloping drums. While listening to it one might think that it could even fit on System of a Down's first album - that's probably because none other than Daron Malakian of System of a Down is featured on this song.

Guilty All the Same (feat. Rakim)

Supposed titles:

Final Masquerade
Line in the SandMark the GravesWarrior

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    i'm just hoping it doesn't sound forced like they feel like they HAD to make a rock album just because half the fans were whinging
    Yeah. At least they sound inspired; I never got that sense with all the pre-release talk about Living Things . I told myself I wouldn't get excited for this album, but ****. It's happening. I really don't want to set myself up for disappointment again, but Linkin Park are that one band I so desperately want to see have an explosive comeback.
    I predict that the comment section will be a ****storm soon.
    Of course it'll be out in June. Can't have a new Transformers movie without a Linkin' Park tune as the credits roll!
    Don't know about you guys but I'm actually pretty stoked for this album now. If what Shinoda is saying is true, and these guys are actually going back to what made them great, then I'm really looking forward to this.
    "I told our guitarist Brad [Delson], 'If the kid you were at 15 heard what you made today, would he be proud of you? Or would he say, 'That guy's kind of a pussy.?'' Because he was listening to f--king Metallica and heavier at that point. I said, 'Write a song that'll make that kid play guitar.' So that's what we ended up doing," the vocalist concluded." ...they've found their balls alright. Their only "rock" albums I liked were half of Meteora and a third of Minutes to Midnight, and I don't really like the leaked music... but that's balls right there, and that's commendable. A lot of legends lost their balls and never found them (I'm looking at you, Vivian Campbell), but apparently, though not much of a legend to my eyes, LP has...
    I've said it a hundred times before, and I'll say it again. A Thousand Suns was a stellar album. Living Things sucked ass. I'm still incredibly excited for whatever the hell they release.
    A Thousand Suns is easily their best studio album, agreed. It's the sound of a band that decided to **** all conventions and do what they WANT to do. That's kinda what this album is sounding like it may shape up to be.
    Exactly. And that's why I haven't been crossing my fingers hoping for a return to the Hybird Theory sound every time they release an album. Because I know that when they want to do it, they will. And now they finally are and I have no doubt it'll be great, because it won't sound forced.
    Because some people were going to be like, 'That's it, I've had it, f--k this band, they're not making music for me anymore...'
    That was me. I literally tore the LP poster from my wall when I first heard that album. The band was taking another direction than what my taste for music did. I always respected them for doing what they wanted and followed their creative energy, instead of doing what everyone wanted them to do. This proves that they still do just that. I don't really like Guilty All The Same, because my own taste 'moved on', but I still respect these guys a lot.
    That's it, I've had it, f--k this band, they're not making music for me anymore because all I want to hear is heavy guitars and there isn't a guitar to be found on this record. They're singing about the world's ills and there's a bunch of electronic bleeps and blips, f--k these guys.
    I don't even really like A Thousand Suns for many reasons but he really hit that point where it seems a lot of people simply hated them for not having guitars, or using instruments which were somehow deemed inferior. That kinda annoyed me. I hope there's at least something I like from this album.
    ye you say that but if Metallica were to start using xylophones instead of guitars I think people would be a little pissed off and rightly so. Some timbres just suit certain bands better, although music and art is subjective, I think most people can agree that the sound from their first two albums suited them better for their style of music.
    I'll be honest. I never liked Hybrid Theory and Meteora. I saw what they were doing and I respected it, but it was very meh for me. A Thousand Suns on the other hand just clicked with me and went "Okay, I can jam this." That album sounded like a band going "Fuck it, I'll do whatever I feel like doing." With the way Mike is talking, this upcoming album may be another album in that tone.
    This is exactly what people have wanted for years from LP now, so there'd better not be too much complaining!
    This actually sounds really promising... and that interview was great. He made a lot of good points.
    Scumbag Shinoda : Tells rock sounds like Disney commercial. Turns Linkin Park into an electro band.
    IMO, these guys might have planned this all along since a few years ago. A comeback to something like their older stuff would have a big benefit for LP, therefore I think their marketing strategy works.
    Big words. I seriously wonder if it's really going to sound like the old LP. They have my attention.
    I just read "guitar solo" and "Brad Delson in the same sentence. I'm happy.
    And I'm intrigued. I've yet to hear a half-decent solo from him... Which is exactly why I am interested in listening to this new album.
    Excited for this album. I love Hybrid Theory. Hoping for a return to that style, but even better.
    I'm honestly embarrassed to read quotes from the dudes from Lincoln Park talking about the state of music. They're completely clueless that they are the mainstream shit version of hard rock that they think they are talking about. Always have been… a roller coaster.
    I don't think they're clueless. How can you be clueless that the music you've been doing for fifteen years has always been aimed towards the hip trend, and even then simplifying it to appeal? They just don't care. Just like Viv Campbell in Def Leppard.
    Look, I've talked to Eman Laerton before. He's an intelligent guy. But being an ******* and then saying the evidence for you argument comes from an out-of-print issue of a Scientific American magazine that came out in 2006 is NOT a good way to convince people you have good ideas. I still have yet to see his "scientific proof" that the musicians he hates so much create what he calls "bad music." And now that I think about it, where the **** has he been the past four years? He obviously hasn't updated his site since web 1.0, and he hasn't made any new videos. It looks to me like he just made a baseless statement, acted like an asshat, sold some merchandise, and then disappeared.
    The Only Good Album Linkin Park Has Made Was Hybrid Theory... Meteora Had Only 2 Or 3 Songs That Were Listenable And Afterwards Its Just Crap
    Paige Hamilton sang on the new Linkin Park record? I'm gonna miss respecting Paige Hamilton. I hope he at least got a decent paycheck...
    I like the album cover and stuff, but I never expected an album with the title like 'The Hunting Party' to be based on a white background. I mean, I am fed up of every LP album having a white album cover.