Linkin Park 'Get Back To Their Roots'

artist: Linkin Park date: 04/19/2012 category: new releases
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Linkin Park 'Get Back To Their Roots'
Linkin Park say their new album takes them "back to their roots", but says the press has misinterpreted this to say there will be more guitars. "That's actually been misinterpreted," said co-frontman Mike Shinoda to NME. "What we've actually said is that the record gets back to our roots and it's captured a feeling that we haven't gone after in many years. I think that's gone misconstrued as a return to heavy guitars." Does this mean they will continue down the experimental path seen on "A Thousand Suns"? "I'll say it like this; with 'Minutes To Midnight' and even more so with 'A Thousand Suns', we were making an effort to get away from the sound of the first two records," Shinoda replied. "The reason for that was that we felt if we made a third record that sounded that way, we'd be pigeonholed into doing that forever." If it sounds like the frontman is finding it hard to describe his own music, wait until you read this tool-ish monologue: "I think we got so interested in adding new tools to the toolbox that we forgot what was already in the toolbox. After making a few records which just focused on the different stuff, it became fresh again to go back and use the old tools. It's definitely not going back to our old ways, we've used all the tools in the toolbox." Tools, tools, tools. It sounds like Linkin Park need to jump out of the toolbox and make something human again. Hopefully the new album "Living Things" will live up to its name and do just that.
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