Linkin Park Post New Studio Update: 'We're Searching for the Sound That Truly Captures Where We're At As a Band Right Now'

"What I can tell you is I'm inspired," says Mike Shinoda while Stone Temple Pilots admits cancelling the show due to Chester's inviolvement into the new Linkin Park record.

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Linkin Park's mastermind Mike Shinoda posted the first band's studio update since last November.

In his recent blog post the band's frontman explained his current absence from social networks and services, saying that he would like "to take a moment to tell you about what's going on."

"As most Linkin Park fans know, the sound of each album is usually quite different from the last," Shinoda wrote. "The new album is no exception. But as usual, the album's sound twists and turns as it is created, so any attempt at estimating what it sounds like today would be silly. The moment I tell you it sounds like "X", the songs will automatically take a drastic turn and evolve into something different within a week.

"But what I can tell you is I'm inspired. We're inspired."

According to Mike's words, "the band is trying all kinds of things we haven't before."

"First of all, we're not in the same studio. All our previous albums (except 'Minutes to Midnight') were recorded at the same studio; this album is not being done there. All our previous albums were done with a producer at the helm; this album has largely been self-produced. We normally write in a organized and regimented style, recorded into the computer; this album has been the product of a mix of focused experimentation and free form jamming. We're even tracking parts to tape instead of going exclusively digital.

Shinoda also reveals he's "been spending 10-12 hours a day in the studio - jamming, experimenting, writing, recording, re-writing, re-recording ... Searching for the sound that truly captures where we're at as a band right now. Something bold and energetic. Something with a balance between the chaos and order.

Then the frontman added: "As ever, we're digging deep to craft the best songs that will set the tone for the next step, that will draw a line between what we're doing and everything else," justto finish his blog post on a high note: "We can't wait for you to hear it this summer," confirming that the sixth Linkin Park album will be released this summer.

Meanwhile, Stone Temple Pilots cancelled all of the upcoming 2014 shows. As the fans suspected, this act was caused by the circumstances during the new STP album making process, but the band released the statement via Facebook (see below), where revealed that the cancelling has been caused by the band's current singer Chester Bennington's involvement into the making of Linkin Park's 6th LP.

Are you excited by the update? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Though I completely disagree with their style change post Minutes to Midnight (I'll say MtM because I half way enjoyed it), I have nothing but the highest respect that they are doing "what they want." At least that's what they say.
    I loved the MtM tbh. Given Up, No More Sorrow In Pieces and The Little Things Give you away are few of the Linkin Park Songs I still enjoy listening to.
    By the time Minutes to Midnight came out, they became too repetitive, constantly churning out hits based on the same formula. They had to make some sort of a change in style, even if it meant for the 'worse'.
    This is exactly how I feel about LP. I used to like 'm and they are the reason I got into (hard-rock/metal) music. But their newer style isn't what I liked about them, but I respect them a lot for taking the direction they wanted to and still make pretty unique music.
    I liked A Thousand Suns and Living Things, I don't see what the big deal is...
    I try real hard not to lump into the "I like their older stuff" group, but it just kind of happens. It's a double edged sword, if you don't change everyone says you just do the same thing (I know I'll get flamed probably but like Breaking Benjamin IMO, they all sound the same). But if you do change people just go on about how their old sound was better. A Thousand Suns and Living Things just wasn't what I saw Linkin Park as and why I enjoyed them. I don't hate people for liking it (Everyone has their own choice) it just didn't do it for me.
    I loved ats and LT. Was not fond on burn it down as the lead single,I would have chosen I`ll be gone Meteora may still be my fav but a thousand suns is IMO their best album to date
    The fact that it's self-produced and not more Rick Rubin-made garbage actually makes me a little hopeful about what this could turn out to be.
    Ah, Rubin. He went from his name meaning a great record was coming to his name meaning a compressed piece of shit was coming. Damn.
    Though I'm really excited with the self-production news, I think that Rubin-helmed ATS was great album. IMO
    Jacques Nel
    Rick Rubin went from a decent producer to Mr Radio-friendly. Glad to hear he's not involved. I mean the first time he got involved with Linkin Park we got Minutes to Midnight, which even though was to me personally not bad, was the album that kind of made fans go "What?"
    Well, he did A Thousand Suns too, and that's hardly radio-friendly. (Also, I get so much hate for this, but it's in my top 5 albums of all time)
    Some of the singles off of A Thousand Suns (like Waiting For The End and Burning In The Skies) Were a bit radio friendly, with tracks like When They Come For Me and Blackout being not at all. However, Living Things is pretty much all radio friendly except for Until It Breaks, and Tinfoil for obvious reasons.
    You will never get hate for just stating your personal opinion on music. And aside from this cliche message, I want to tell you that you're not alone, brother.
    Totally agree. musicians are not actors that need a director to tell them what to do. their material should be coming purely from their own creative thinking. in my opinion they should have ditched the producer long ago. the stuff they made with rubin wasnt bad, but it wasnt their best either. and if you know you're not doing your very best, why do music at all? well LP, my expectations are pretty high now..
    Jacques Nel
    If they are still searching for a sound, and if they are trying things they've "never tried before", I'm not going to get my hopes up. What's more is that it sounds like they are writing 'in-studio' and we all know how that usually turns out. They are a remarkable group of musicians but having that thing where you change your sound with every album creates kind of a love/hate relationship with fans. I'm not one of those fans that is waiting for another Hybrid Theory, I would just like a less electronically centered album for a change again. I'm hoping for more guitar work as well.
    Let it be guitar-oriented Please let it be guitar-heavy record
    Why do they have to search for a sound? Just do what comes naturally. Sometimes bands can become too dramatic about not wanting to return to their roots. It's as if they know what everyone wants but they're plugging their ears saying "lalalala". I do hope it's more guitar oriented.
    "The band is trying all kinds of things we haven't before." Does that mean there won't be any guitars on this album too then?
    How about screaming about how life sucks and your going to hurt yourself. It got you this far.
    Get back to the sound of Meteora and Hybrid Theory, and EVERYONE is happy!
    Chester said there was a big death metal influence on the sound so far. which could be very interesting.
    I know not a single person who still listens to linkin park currently besides blasting their 1st two albums. Literally everyone of my friends grew up on lp and loved them. That says enough about what this band has become.
    Pringles Ridges would make a comeback before Linkin Park finds that true sound.
    Will their new sound be whatever is popular right now, just like all their other albums...
    All the signs , photos from the studio and Chester interviews are pointing to a heavy , more guitar based record
    All this 'we're searching for 10 hours a day for a certain sound'. How about just getting in a room together and rocking out? It's worked for most good rock bands. I'm a big fan of them, have all their main studio albums but let's be real: enough with the pretentiousness.
    Being a member of a band is very time consuming (if you're dedicated). Being a member of a big, professional band is extremely time consuming. Chester is in 2. Schedule conflicts and cancellations were always going to occur.
    hopefully the band and the fans that you are gonna be playing for would like it if you made music/sound which got you to where you guys are at now(Hybrid Theory, Meteora) We got enough techno hipster nu-shit pop taking over the radio and trying to define what the masses like.
    About the STP bit, I hope that if too much conflict arises Chester has the decency to leave. Although he is a GREAT fit, it's not fair to STP fans to make them just wait for him to be free. Not saying it's his fault, he said from the start LP was his priority. I don't think he's being selfish at all, but if it's not going to work then it's not going to work.
    Too bad they are not looking for the sound that they ARE, instead WHERE they are.. ffs.
    Just as valid. Any person at different points in time can be wildly different. Trent's work as Nine Inch Nails is the same way. All of NIN's albums are who Trent was at the time of recording. PHM was where Trent was at the time: Part industrial, part synthpop. Broken and TDS were Trent's rage. And so on and so forth. Where someone is can be and is the exact same thing as who someone is, but isolated to a single moment in time.
    radiohead > Linkinpark LOL
    Lets be honest its going to be rubbish. They are only headlining Download this year because its "Hybrid Theory" in its entirety. Other than that i can't believe they are still festival headliners.
    Linkin Park, Great Band. Last Album piece of shit. I think the really clever people call it Brown noise or something like that. Makes you wonder whether to shit in your pants or run down the street screaming. Really just noise. I didn't even bother to buy it after listening to the previews.
    Mark Roxx
    I love that Linkin Park is experimenting so much and having a drastically different and evolving sound each album (except Meteora was very similar to Hybrid Theory). I think it is their evolution that has kept them relevant, extremely popular and fresh for so long. Can't wait till this summer for their new album.
    Considering what they have been doing in the past, I imagine their "search for sound" means "checking out what kind of music is mainstream now so to jump onto that train". I don't want them to make a new HT or Meteora (actually, I kinda do), it's to be expected that they'd change their sound over the years, but man, at least give us music that can be considered "rock music", don't change it all up completely.
    I hope they go back to the experimental mindset from ATS, but also try to reign it in before they bite off more than they can chew which was my major flaw in the album. I don't care for guitars. I just want to like it.
    It can't be hard to capture crappy. They've been doing it pretty good now for a long time.
    Can't STP just curl up and die? They faded in to a wasteland many years ago, Chester needs to stick with Linkin full time.
    Maybe they should change their name to "Linkedin Park", it suits their new sound/image better.
    I'm hoping that this could signal a reconciliation between Weiland and STP. I don't care about a new Linkin Park record. I care about a legendary band attempting to continue without one of the most integral parts. Hopefully Scott Weiland came to his senses, got treatment and Dean, Robert and Eric understand that there is no STP without Scott. Chester's fine and all- but hopefully he understood that this was just another Army of Anyone or Talk Show- side project while the real band is on hold.
    If it's a "side project" then why are they going by the name Stone Temple Pilots?