Linkin Park Premiered Lyrics Video for 'Until It's Gone'

The track serves as the second single off the band's upcoming record "The Hunting Party."

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Linkin Park presented new single alongside with lyrics video.

"Until It's Gone" is the second single off the band's upcoming record "The Hunting Party." It will be available for purchase as the single on May 30. You can listen it now in the player below.

The album will be released on June 17 via Warner. It will feature guest appearances from Tom Morello, System of a Down's Daron Malakian, Helmet's Page Hamilton and legendary rapper Rakim, who provided vocals on the band's first single off the record, "Guilty All the Same."

You can preorder the album on iTunes or Amazon. Also, the deluxe version, featuring DVD video, is available (German Amazon).

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    Theres something not quite right about the mix, sounds a bit muffled maybe? I don't know the technical terms. But the song, just same old same old for me to be honest. Another LP song trying to sound triumphant and like most of the other recent LP songs trying to sound triumphant. Is there a Transformers film on the way or something?
    Memory In Death
    The mix is better on the Itunes pre-order. Sounds cleaner. This is supposed to be a single for the radio, most radio singles take part in loudness wars. Anyway, this is the only song that's radio friendly on the album. They need something like this to promote it. It's still pretty heavy apart from the mediocre lyrics and structure. So yeah I personally can't wait for the album.
    The mix was supposed to be more "raw" than their previous records. Although, they definitely should cut back on the Auto-tune/Melodyne (0:23).
    KISS mania
    I can definitely hear something in that mix that isn't right. It's nowhere near as bright as it should/could be
    nah...still not it
    Agreed. Hopefully it's just the shitty radio track they usually do for each album, and the rest is better. Those lyrics are ****ing horrible; and that's saying something for Linkin Park.
    It sounds very much the same as Living Things, but lets be humble, and give LP a chance to prove themselves again. Whatever happened to the raw-ness of the album. Eager for the album th0
    "Hey, let's take a really generic idea, and sing it over and over" - Linkin Park. See these lyrics for example: "You're guilty all the same", "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone", "Never again, victimized", "Powerless", "Burn it to the ground". Ugh, and all put to some sort of uplifting tune. LP, these are depressing topics, put them with less cheerful music. Oh, and you can keep playing instruments other than just drums and organs during the verse you know - if you mix it properly, you can still hear the lyrics! Or does that take too much creativity? -Sincerely, someone that still wants to care about your music.
    The topic of the song is a total cliche, the lyrics are very generic and Chester sounds overproduced.. meh
    This is the softest track and I can still hear the guitars and drums, which is what people have been crying for since ATS came out (e.g. "Do they even have instruments any more?"). The internet is just one gigantic bitter, unhappy, outspoken minority, I swear.
    I like it. Yes, it's not "going back to their roots and re-doing Hybrid Theory", like most people are expecting them to, but it's still a good direction they've taken.
    The album was not meant to be the re-make of Hybrid Theory
    Of course it wasn't. But it doesn't stop thousands of fans from thinking "bringing back heavy guitars" means "bringing back the Hybrid Theory/Meteora sound" and raging all over the internet every time it's proven untrue.
    poor lyrics, over produced, auto tune...perfect for a radio friendly track nowadays. Hope they got all their commercialisation out on this one song so that in the rest of the songs they expressed themselves like they have done throughout their whole career.
    Memory In Death
    Guys, this is supposed to be the softest track on the album. Calm down. They needed a single that was radio friendly, and to be honest, this is better and heavier than 95 % of the radio now. The instrumentation is quite strong, only the lyrics aren't that good. But for what it is, it's pretty good. The album is going to be good.
    It's great that LP is getting back to the rock vibe and guitar-sound. But I didn't think the song was that great tbh. Especially the lyrics were kinda mediocre (a lot of repeats "you don't know what you've got until it's gone"). It's also not as heavy as I would like it to be and there is still no rap from Mike. Still a big step in the right direction in my opinion. Can't wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like!
    Not bad. Got the in-between Meteora/MTM's vibe. Not as bad as I thought, got to listen to it more than once, and maybe too much production, but half of the last record was worst than this song.
    Stopped really paying attention after hearing the too obvious autotune at the beginning. But at least hearing that scream in the outro felt good, if nothing else did.
    I was hyped when I heard Guilty All The Same but this... I hope it won't be that kind of album... Bring back the original LP!
    Guilty All The same was 10x better IMO. Can't wait to hear other 3 featured songs. Daron and Morelo usually never disappoint.
    LP is long gone. I think that the new album will not change this fact either. Lyrics are generic, predictable, overally mediocre. I'm not a big fan of this radio music.
    was just amazed at how dumbed down the world is these days, I mean lyric videos? really?
    I liked them when they were a cheap way for a band to sort of get their foot in the YouTube door on an independent label, instead of dealing with very costly video shoots. But they just kinda took off, I guess.
    MaxLees666 · May 06, 2014 04:32 AM
    Memory In Death
    Did you even listen to A Thousand Suns? Or did you just listen to the singles they've released since then?
    I beg to differ.
    Thanks. I actually really liked A Thousand Suns. Took some time to grow on me, but now I listen to it pretty often. Minutes to Midnight never grew on me. And I gave it plenty of time and opportunity. I still can't stand pretty much the whole album, except for like 2 or 3 good songs.
    You clearly haven't listened to anything since. This is a pretty weak song, but definitely a different approach from MtM.
    They were never good musicians... They fooled listeners into thinking they are because their 2 first albums were masterfully produced. In their latter albums their sound became more electronic & stripped down and revealed just how terrible their music writing abilities are. And by going without a producer able to get a good sound they effectively shot themselves in the legs.....
    I have to agree. Don Gilmore brought more a compressed mix on HT & Meteora. Also, the bass was more prominent as opposed to Rick Rubin who almost completely dries it out. I bet even if they wanted to write & record like they did on HT or Meteora, they couldn't. Perhaps they've forgotten how to? Still looking forward to this album though as there is hope still!
    Sing parts of New Divide over this. sounds about the same
    I dont give a shit about this. Where is that Opeth single thats supposwd to come out today?
    Not a bad track, but for LP it's not the best. I love Guilty All the Same, hopefully the album is more like that
    Meh. Not a huge fan of this one, but I still think the album's going to be pretty good.
    I get the feeling that the only good song on this album could be the one they did with Tom Morello.In ˝Guilty all the same˝ i only liked RAKIM`s part
    Lincoln Park is/was/ always will be total shit smothered in shit. Two different kinds of shit covering this band...
    I can't hear the guitars. The only thing cool is the intro. I don't know how people get away calling LP still metal. Not Metal = Mediocre.