Linkin Park Premiered New Song 'Wastelands' Live

The band played the headlining slot at the most recent KFMA Day, delivered surprising setlist.

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Linkin Park premiered new song "Wastelands" live at the most recent KFMA Day (June 24). The song is featured in the band's upcoming album "The Hunting Party."

The band played quite surprising set, featuring a plenty of live mashups and three new songs. Starting with the live mashup of two tunes off their fourth studio effort "A Thousand Suns" - "The Catalyst" and "The Requiem" - the band kicked off the main part with "Guilty All the Same" with Mike Shinoda rapping Rakim's part. During the set, the band played the shortened versions of a few songs, "New Divide," "Lost in the Echo," "Crawling," "Papercut," "With You," "Runaway" and "A Light That Never Comes," alongside with DJ set from the band's own turntablist Joe Hahn in the middle of the show and Mike Shinoda's live mashup of his own rap works, including "Remember the Name" off his solo project Fort Minor's "The Rising Tied" and "Numb/Encore" off mashup album "Collision Course."

The band also played the most recent single off "The Hunting Party," "Until It's Gone," kicking it off right after the encore break. Check out the live performance of all three songs off "The Hunting Party" and the show setlist below.

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    The lyric "Wastelands of today" is almost identical to the lyric "Guilty all the same" - I hope the rest of the album is more inventive vocally
    He could sing the Guilty all the same chorus there and it would be a perfect fit. They should rework that.
    Scott weilland should replace chester,they need stronger vocals
    This sounds like the band that did Minutes to Midnight is trying to write Hybrid Theory. Chester's vocal phrasing and melodies are linear and uninventive, the guitar parts are less in your face, the synths are pretty heavily important... Hybrid Theory and Meteora worked because it was a collection of insecure, pissed off youths playing metal and rap at the same time. They're now in their thirties, happy with their standing and they've just put out a couple of high-charting pop albums. They've taken the formula used by the last albums and tried to infuse it with some heaviness, but it isn't fooling anyone because it's unconvincing.
    Jacques Nel
    Pretty good summary of what happened to this band. Chester got clean, he got over his marital problems and divorce, Mike Shinoda got a big head, Brad Delson decided he's going to stop making an effort to get any type of decent performance out of the guitar...I'm starting to feel like the only guy that's really still making an effort is Rob on drums, he's probably one of my favorite drummers ever. Hope the album is better than expected.
    jaybrink10101 I think what you said is the exact truth, word for word. I still believe there is talent in this band, and I absolutely love Chester's voice, but I don't believe they are the Meteora band anymore.
    finally, after all these years, there is someone who says exactly what i am thinking! THANK YOU!
    Memory In Death
    This is a live performance, recorded by someone in the crowd. Obviously it wouldn't sound hard hitting. Let's wait for the studio version to hit before we come to any conclusions.
    I reckon this'll sound pretty decent on the record, certainly getting there but I feel like we're still waiting for that absolute rager that'll truly hark back to the Hybrid Theory/Meteora days
    New song sounds good! Not amazing, but still in the right direction. Can't wait for the new album to drop, I'm pretty excited.
    The chorus melody is very similar to Guilty All the Same, but I also hear 9 chords in there like they used to have back in the day. It does seem more reminiscent than the other two tracks and Im excited to hear the studio version. The album sounds promising.
    I think we get the picture of how the new album will sound like. I have to say that I'm not really excited..
    What's with all the "short" versions on the setlist? Play the whole damn songs!
    I don't know of any other band that has made such a departure from the sound that made them famous. New song sounds generic, like every song from their last 3 albums. Surprised people still listen to them.
    Memory In Death
    It's a shame that his guitar wasn't working on the Guilty All the Same performance. I love Wastelands, it's pretty good.
    better than the two singles. got my hopes slightly up, but the last album didn't do it for me so I'm not gonna get too excited until I hear the whole thing
    sound a bit like guilty all the same,chester needs to remember his 'Grey Daze' days and lay down epic vocals like in Hybrid theory and Meteora