Linkin Park Presented New Song 'Guilty All the Same'

It's surprisingly heavy and agressive, and features rapping section, but no Shinoda's voice.

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Linkin Park has revealed new song "Guilty All the Same."

The song became available for downloading through Shazam. It's very agressive and angry tune, featuring heavy guitar shredding, and rapping section from Rakim. Strange choice, remembering that the band already has Mike Shinoda as the rapper. But, as Shinoda himself told CBS, it came pretty naturally.

"The reason we went with this single first is that we think it's a good look into the DNA of the record that we're putting out this summer. [Rakim] is like one of my idols. If you get into the nitty-gritty of his rhyme pattern and the topic in this song, it's bananas what he is doing. He's on the some Steve Vai s--t vocally."

In the same interview Shinoda explained the direction the band has chosen for the song (which is, obviously, not typical for Linkin Park):

"A few months ago I was making some demos and writing this stuff and it sounded like something that you could play on the radio. I listen to a lot of indie music ... And I was listening to the demos and thought, I don't want to make any of that music. What is it that's not out there right now that I'm all about, that I'm fired up about that is a void? It ended up being this new material.

"It's louder; it's more visceral than probably anything we've done recently. And we're all really proud of it."

Shinoda explained the music and passion on this record are rooted in the band's earliest memories of their favorite punk rock bands, those bands weren't afraid to try something different. "There's an energy, an aggression and a meaning, like this attitude that I've got something to say and I need to get this out," he said.

Listen to the song below.

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    I had "forgotten" they could play like this. Just when I had "given up" they are now "one step closer" redemption.
    yeah, but in the end it doesn't even matter. good to see that they're breaking the habit of the last few albums though.
    I'm 'With You!'. But we might just be getting Victimized by their PR. They did the same thing with Minutes to Midnight. But atleast they took the Roads Untraveled with this single.
    My girlfriend broke up with me.. But In The End... Or, for What I've Done, Because I was In Between... Or uh... Bye guys
    One benefit about being Linkin Park is that you can release a nearly 6-minute-long single and it will still get airplay because you're Linkin Park. Nice to see them taking advantage of that and releasing a kick-awesome jam.
    That's not awful at all!
    I was thinking that - first listen I was like "WOAH! Guitars are back!", but to be honest that riff on repeat listens is dull as anything. Not gonna write them off or anything, definitely a step in the right direction, lets just not get carried away I guess.
    I love LP, but really, did they really ever have any spectacular riffs?
    Riffs don't NEED to be on a Eletric guitar. I think we can consider Numb, In the End, Faint's intro, etc as good riffs. But, LP was always about great vocal melodies. Sorry the awful english.
    Linkin Park has never been known for its complex guitar riffs. The hardest Linkin Park guitar riff I could think of is that of A Place for my Head. Brad is definitely capable of making complex guitar riffs but that has never been the point of Linkin Park. Mike wants the simple but powerful kind of music. Linkin Park's riffs are riffs that any person with basic guitar knowledge and practice can play but everyone loves them nevertheless.
    I know! I'm going to get a lot of downvotes for this, but I think that is easily one of their best songs. And that outro solo though, that wah pedal they have was finally put to good use! really pumped for the new album.
    it is a step in the direction of actually being heavy but the song sounds greatly uninspired. The vocals especially sound lackluster which is uncommon for this band. Chester usually manages to keep an audience with how talented he is but this sounds just like an early draft for an actual vocal part. And the guitar part is pretty average sounding. It just sounds like the first thing a band jammed out. Its ok, but it sounds like the song is "not quite there." Glad to see LP do something heavy but if its not quality then it doesn't really mean anything in the way of big comeback.
    Song is good. Production quality leaves much to be desired. If the whole album has this quality, it'll sound about like Minutes to Midnight. Therefore, LP logic is: Let's make 2 albums that are smooth as s*** and polished up, and then make an album that's as raw as an uncooked steak.
    Whoa. A Linkin Park song I could listen to over and over and over again? Hat, you're what's for dinner!
    I'm all for musical progress but this is getting closer to their true roots. They try so hard not to be what made them, only to realize that, ultimately, this is what they're good & best at. I hope.
    "This song has been removed from audiomack due to a DMCA complaint." Are you effing kidding me ? I also didn't listen to the last track posted here because it was not available in my country. God do I hate the big record labels.
    I´m surprised at how good the drums sound, i really like the mixing on this one, sounds very natural and live, but yeah also a bit like a demo, but that´s imo better than how LP usually sound. Not a fan of LP, but this seems decent enough.
    It's okay, but damn that tone is nasty. And not in a good way.
    needs a bit more gain and mids scooped a hair.
    it sounds like its only in a demo stage
    It's either in the demo stage or Mike intentionally mixed it down like this. In an interview, he said he was influenced by indie bands and indie music. So my assumption would be he tried to go for that indie garage, almost punky, sound, not the high tech studio sound. If my assumption is true, then he nailed it. If not, oh well. There are lots of great song with terrible mixes.
    Hah I've never heard a solo in a LP song before, so the ending was a nice surprise. Kinda borrowed from the book of Kirk Hammett though...
    You know, when people complain about Meteora and Hybrid Theory being LP's only good albums and that they've sucked ever since Minute to Midnight, I can't help but think about the fact that Meteora came out 11 years ago. The sound on those albums hasn't been "their sound" for over a decade. If you're still complaining and hanging on to that sound now, I think it's time for a reality check...
    They said that they are only about 70-80% done with the album, so they might fix the mix and polish it up a bit. However I think the were shooting for the raw sound on this album
    Very good track. The raw production is how it is supposed to be, and is a tribute to some older raw hardcore / punk records. Then, it is a matter of tastes as wheiter you like it or not.
    The end of the song sounds like something from Meteora and the beginning of the song sounds like something from Hybrid Theory. Love it! I agree with everyone else about the production though... kinda muddy.
    >"featuring heavy guitar shredding" lel This song is OK, nothing more.
    yeah but when you do something crappy in the past and then you go and make something "ok", then that ok sounds like something awesome. tricks.
    Yas, rock songs ahoy. ATS is my fave LP record after the first two, but I'm definitely down for them shelving the electronic sound for an album.
    I don't want to say it, but it actually sounded like AV7X with a different vocalist to me. That said, it wasn't bad, but the vocals seemed a little bland to me. The guitar work was improved drastically from most early LP songs, but I didn't quite hear the energy and emotion you heard in their earlier material, and I know it's LP, but for this type of song Rakim rapping was really unecessary. I think Chester should have handled it himself.
    I thought that i was the only person to think that it does have an A7X vibe to it. Also the rapping is definately the weak part of the song, and i think it would have been better without it.
    I think the production is gonna sound better in the end. I'd be very surprised if it didn't. But I'm actually excited about this album now.
    Not bad. Not bad at all. I like it. Certainly a lot better and more lively than anything on A Thousand Suns.
    Dr. Knox666
    Whoa didn't see that coming. Pretty good song! Although the intro riff sounds like utter shit
    The album is their first ever self-produced, so it honestly doesn't surprise me that the mix is a little off.
    Still shit, just like they have been ever since Meteora. And it sounds like Chester really wants to scream like he used to but can't because they're scared to lose some radio play.
    Chester can't scream like he used to be able to in Hybrid Theory. After every live performance, he had to take time to recover. It physically messed up him. It took him so much power and force to produce his signature screams that he damaged himself and had to operate, and that was the young Chester. That Chester we're speaking about is 10 years younger than today's Chester. There's a reason why hardcore frontmen have a relatively short "lifespan." And honestly, none of their albums is shit. Just different. Meteora isn't the same as Hybrid Theory, M2M isn't the same as Meteora, ATS isn't the same as M2M, LT isn't the same as ATS. That's the whole point of Linkin Park. Mike didn't want to form a band that stuck to just one type of music. He wanted it to be unique. He wanted you to automatically think "Linkin Park" whenever you hear a part of any of their songs. And of course, he wanted it to be hybrid (hence the name Hybrid Theory). Take a look at any band that stuck to their original material and see where they ended up. Most bands that kept doing the same stuff over and over and over again just faded out. Take Bad Religion for example. It came out in relatively the same time as Green Day, Blink 182, and Sum 41. It was big at the time. Now, you hardly ever hear of them. While you hear of Green Day, Blink 182, and Sum 41 every day, you rarely, if ever, hear of Bad Religion anymore even though they're still active and making albums and music as always. They're still pretty big among their fans and I still love them, but you can't deny the fact that they faded out. I will admit, I am a HUGE Linkin Park fan so anything I say about their music will be biased because I love every second of every song on every released EP, studio album, compilation album, live abum, and underground album. But you cannot deny that this is a huge change from their recent material. They're heading in the direction of Meteora and Hybrid Theory.
    Joshua Garcia
    M2M wasn't bad. I liked it. Heck, even the New Divide single grew on me. Everything past that is just.....bleghh. This song is blegh, but it's like, not as bad as their previous bleghs, but still blegh.
    you know, he had to operate his voice since he screamed too much and ruined his vocal cords.
    I like the song...but Rakim is possibly the most boring and monotone rapper I've by naturally you mean rakim came in and started reading the put mike on it
    Dude Rakim is a legend for a reason... his lyrical abilities and flow are way better than Mike's and Mike himself would be the first to admit it.
    The vocals sound like the South Park songs in the high school musical episode.
    Yeah, I didn't enjoy that at all. I'm glad LP remembered what guitars could do but this is still hundreds of miles from where they used to be in terms of song quality. Hope the rest of the album pulls things together.
    Linkin Park needs to just go under a different name. All in all it's a good song, but my mind can't get passed that this is the same band that did Hybrid Theory and Meteora. I'm trying so hard and I just can't!!! But again, not a bad song. One of those "if it came on, I wouldn't protest, but I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it."
    You went out of your way to listen to it, and comment about it. Just saying.
    Yeah yeah, knew that was coming. That was just my opinion after I listened to it. Initial listens don't count.... At least in my book AND THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS! RAGE!
    In all fairness a band shouldn't change their name just cause some fans think that they will never live up to their nu-metal days. Don't go into an Lp looking for another hybrid theory, go in looking for an adventure cause LP`s albums are always surprising in the direction they take. I love this song, it`s like their older work and yet entirely different and new at the same time.
    Sounds weak, it's nowhere near their original sound which made them popular in the first place. It's as though they've forgotten how to play metal and this is their attempt to try and play something heavy. I'm not even a particular fan of the band but it is very noticeable how they went so far down the route of mainstream for money. And as much as I love Rakim he should stick to proper music...
    I love how so many people say they sold out and went mainstream or whatever, when they went from as mainstream and in the limelight as they could possibly be to standing on the fringes of relevance and losing popularity with each release.
    The fact is though they didn't shape their sound into what was mainstream at the time, they, with a few other similar bands, helped nu-metal to become a popular genre and they were at the forefront. When I say they "went mainstream" I mean they realised the nu-metal genre was dying and they actively changed their sound to sell to a more mainstream audience, and in doing that they made really average and somewhat quite bad pop rock.
    Instrumentally this song is "meh" at best, and Chester's vocals are awful. I think they'll never make another album i'll be able to enjoy; there's no way they'll wake up one day and say "Hey, you know what we should do? Write music like it was 2000 again. Same kind of instrumentation, same kind of vocals, same dynamic. " Even though that's what i'd love they'd do. I still listen to "Hybrid Theory", "Meteora" and "Collision Course" very often, and those albums still blow me away and give me goosebumps every time.
    cool idea using a heavy sound like this but the execution of it is pretty dire. Every section just gets dragged out so even the parts that sound quite good become annoying
    this song is too generic. the thing that made the first two albums so great was the originality they had. the rap rock style was an important element to their sound. the rap they have now doesn't really flow with the song. its more like it was just placed on top of the song, and not within it.
    Pretty dull. Melodies and riffs just feel rather lackluster. Complain all you want about the electronics but Living Things had some powerful tracks. This of course is just one song and the full album may surprise.