Linkin Park Releasing New Single 'A Light That Never Comes' Next Week

Band set to unleash Steve Aoki collaboration track as unlockable feature of upcoming "LP Recharge" video game.

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Linkin Park are officially set to unleash their new single "A Light That Never Comes" on September 12.

The Steve Aoki collaboration will come as a special unlockable bonus of the group's upcoming "LP Recharge" video game, featuring band members themselves as characters. Game registration is available here.

Aoki and singer Mike Shinoda discussed the new tune, remembering last month's live premiere at Tokyo's Summer Sonic festival. The turntablist described the show as very raw, adding it reminded him of a punk gig he attended as a teenager.

"There's something so punk rock about the EDM method - go in, get it done, it's like a skeleton crew kind of thing. And we've got this massive crew of dozens and dozens of people," Shinoda said. "But there's a benefit to both, it's push and pull."

The singer also expressed uncertainty over ever performing the tune again. "Who knows where we'll play this song again. We actually don't have any plans right now to play it again together, but I imagine it will happen. And I don't know if it'll be more like what you saw at the Summer Sonic show where it's just me and [singer] Chester [Bennington] and Steve or if it'll be the whole band and Steve. I can see both things happening, but who knows at this point," Shinoda concluded.

As it was revealed earlier, the song will not be featured in new Linkin Park album.

The latest Linkin Park studio effort, "Living Things," saw its release in June 2012, topping the Billboard 200 chart with 223,000 units shipped in the US during the first week.

The band recently revealed that they're working on two album projects. Alongside with the band's sixth studio LP, which details are unknown yet, the band is scoring the movie "Mall" being directed by the band's turntablist Joe Hahn. The movie stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Gina Gershon, Peter Stormare, James Frecheville, and Cameron Monaghan, and is based on the Eric Bogosian novel about five unhappy suburbanites who become inextricably entwined one night when Frecheville's character goes on a shooting spree in a shopping mall.

Hahn has started shooting the film, but there is no scheduled release date. Linkin Park are creating the soundtrack with help from Deadsy drummer Alec Püre. While a few songs will feature Bennington's recognizable vocals, much of the material is instrumental.

"There's a different mindset going into scoring a movie than making a record because you're trying to capture the scene without having the music distract you from what you're looking at," Bennington said. "We're trying to capture the emotional quality of the film, so there's a lack of structure and there aren't very many parts when compared to radio songs. Also, there are different characters in the movie that require different threads of sounds. So there's a lot of cool elements we're working with."

As it was announced earlier, Chester will tour US this fall with Stone Temple Pilots as their main vocalist. The band will perform under the name Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington and will release their brand new five-song EP "High Rise" on October 8. But Bennington insists that regardless of how much fun he has with STP, Linkin Park will remain his main gig. "I love Stone Temple Pilots, but I'm in love with Linkin Park, and that's a great position to be in," he said.

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    I'm stoked. The song was pretty good, at least by modern LP standards.
    Hardly. This song was nothing but a repeating synth part, and chester and mike. there was no guitar no bass guitar. A pathetic song attempt. It was chester and mike, not linkin park.
    linkin park video game?? what the hell could u possibly do in a linkin park video game?
    The first one was meh. This one is actually really good, I've played it a ton, plus it's helpin' for a charity, "Power the World."