Linkin Park Reveal Working on Two Projects

"There's a lot of cool elements we're working with," says band's vocalist Chester Bennington.

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Linkin Park reveal working on not just one album project, but two, Yahoo! Music reports.

"While I was working with Stone Temple Pilots on their new EP there were some times I was actually recording with Linkin Park the same day," said the band's vocalist Chester Bennington. "Writing for both was crazy - but it was fun, too, because both bands have their own distinct character."

On August 10 Linkin Park debuted the new song "A Light That Never Comes," a collaboration with turntablist Steve Aoki, who took the stage with them during his Summer Sonic 2013 performance. "Steve and I met up like a year ago, maybe more," Linkin Park co-vocalist Mike Shinoda said during a Twitter Q&A session with fans. "[The song] happened pretty organically, just shooting ideas back and forth."

As Shinoda revealed in the same Q&A, "A Light That Never Comes" will not be on the upcoming Linkin Park album.

The band is also working on the most unique project in their career - they're writing music for the soundtrack to the film "Mall," which is being directed by Linkin Park DJ Joseph Hahn.

The movie stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Gina Gershon, Peter Stormare, James Frecheville, and Cameron Monaghan, and is based on the Eric Bogosian novel about five unhappy suburbanites who become inextricably entwined one night when Frecheville's character goes on a shooting spree in a shopping mall.

Hahn has started shooting the film, but there is no scheduled release date. Linkin Park are creating the soundtrack with help from Deadsy drummer Alec Püre. While a few songs will feature Bennington's recognizable vocals, much of the material is instrumental.

"There's a different mindset going into scoring a movie than making a record because you're trying to capture the scene without having the music distract you from what you're looking at," Bennington said. "We're trying to capture the emotional quality of the film, so there's a lack of structure and there aren't very many parts when compared to radio songs. Also, there are different characters in the movie that require different threads of sounds. So there's a lot of cool elements we're working with."

In early August, Bennington finished recording vocals for a five-song Stone Temple Pilots EP that will come out in the fall. There is no scheduled release date for the follow-up to Linkin Park's 2012 album "Living Things."

But Bennington insists that regardless of how much fun he has with STP, Linkin Park will remain his main gig. "I love Stone Temple Pilots, but I'm in love with Linkin Park, and that's a great position to be in," he said.

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    Jacques Nel
    Living Things was a refreshing album from them. Their the first band I really liked back in the day. I'm not excited that the 'new song' involves a turntableist, that tells me it's techno driven perhaps. I hope the new album will be more like the old sound but I'm not holding my breath. Still I enjoy just about all their music.
    The article says pretty clearly that that new song won't be on the album - so there's hope.
    I can say these two projects will be strikingly different. And neither their sixth album nor their soundtrack will sound like collaboration with Aoki. They're this type of musicians - enough to pay attention.
    Jacques Nel
    I agree with you. But sometimes I just miss the old style so much and wish they left more of it to listen to. Either way, I'm looking forward to hear this.
    Living Things to me was the logical progression from Meteora going forward. Minutes to Midnight kinda sucked and while I love A Thousand Suns (seriously, it is great) it wasn't a good representation of what they have become known for. Electronic style as an accent with guitars being the main focus as opposed to the other way around.
    My favorite albums were the first two. Meteora being my all time favorite album. I have to agree though Living Things was unexpectedly good. I would still love to hear a return to their roots but even if they don't, I would LOVE a Meteora/Living Things mashup going on.
    People should start looking at Linkin Park as artist rather than musicians. They're great artist(music included), but whatever they choose to use to make sound is just a medium, like paint or chisel or instruments.
    Some of them met while attending the Art Center College of Design, which is one of the best art/design schools in the country. They certainly are not just some dudes that make music, they have a pretty diverse set of backgrounds in the arts and they've done some interesting things through the years. I'm looking forward to hearing the soundtrack, it seems like something they'd do well at.
    Mike Shinoda did a soundtrack in 2012 for the movie called "The Raid". The Soundtrack is amazing and won accolades from many including an oscar nomination
    I find a very odd situation when it comes to Linkin Park. People say that they have been sellouts by developing a more melodic albeit quiter sound.. But, Hypothetically, if they had stuck to their old sound, I'm sure people would diss them for not evolving and using the same style to sell records.. All who disagree, bring on the dislikes.. But, you have to admit, few bands have been able to experiment like them, without producing a totally shit end result.. If Living Things was released by anyone other than Linkin Park, it would have gone down in history as one of the greatest albums of all time (Provided also, that the songs were a little longer!).. My opinion though.. It is a really pleasing, intriguing and multidimensioned sound..
    Damned if you do, damned if you don't. So, might as well just do whatever the **** you want to do without caring about the fan reactions.
    Nope! Would Living Things has been released by another band, no one would have ever heard from that album.
    I really like both the older and the newer lp songs. But I miss Brad Delson's riffwriting. Just wish that they release more guitar driven songs again. The soundtrack music sounds interesting though.
    What riff writing? He just threw random powerchords into the rap and screaming.
    Not on the first two albums, he did more than just powerchords. For the rest, I can't really say since I listened to each album after those once, and only once.
    I kinda wish they'd make more songs like "Lies Greed Misery" and "Victimized" (and "Blackout" maybe) in the future. I mean, I'm not calling for "the old LP", I consider A Thousand Suns as probably their best record so far, or, at least, the greatest step forward in their career. Living Things was OK, but those two crazy-shit guitars-and-electronics driven experimental tracks really blew my mind and I would be psyched for an LP album with more songs in that style.
    I'd pay real good money to have the Hybrid Theory and Meteora Linkin Park back.
    You know you can order those cd's online right? In fact, they're on youtube, if you're a real cheap one, or on any pirate thing. I for once payed money for those cd's and now never listen to them anymore. But that's just because I grew up and lyrics like 'I wanna run away' and 'Shut up when I'm talking to you' don't really express the way I feel. Because I don't really feel like an angry teen anymore. But hey, that's just me. Cheers buddy.
    Getting a little bit too stressed about someone's opinion here now aren't we.. I don't even think I need to point out how far you missed the point by, but I will cause you're obviously lacking in intelligence. a) he never said any of that b) he wants them to have their old musical style, he never mentioned their lyrics. c) when someone says they want the old GnR back... they imply they want them to get together again, not that they want an AFD CD for christmas, draw the parallel. yeah, you do sound a bit like an angry teen buddy. but hey ho, that's just my opinion.
    Apparently you lack some intelligence yourself kiddo. I was implying that their old style is somewhat of a teenage minded style they grew out of. If you want that style, too bad cause you'll probably get stuck on the only two albums made like that. What would be the point of making another album like that anyway? It would just be more of the same stuff we already know. But hey... don't worry buddy, you can have your opinion on this site. Just don't get mad when someone responds to it. Cheers!
    Ah that's fine then, all makes sense now, bands should never go back to their roots and play some songs in a style they pioneered, which is why everyone loves the new incarnation of KoRn too! No, there's definitely no need whatsoever for a repeat of something which was enjoyed so much by fans worldwide. And calling people kids over the internet doesn't make your dick any bigger in real life mate, you can get pills and counselling if you're worried about that!
    Work on getting back to some nu metal instead of this pop shit.
    Let's list all the things this article talks about: -Stone Temple Pilots -Working with a turntablist -Writing a movie soundtrack Hm. That's rock, electronic, and soundtrack music. I see no mention of pop shit anywhere. LP hasn't written a nu-metal album since Meteora. I for one, still like Linkin Park beacuse they have evolved over time, not despite it. I didn't like A Light That Never Comes, but the new STP song is pretty good. And I'm really excited about the soundtrack. I like a lot of their previous instrumental stuff and I'm excited to see what they'll do with a less rigid structure to follow. And Hahn is directing the movie? Definitely want to see it.
    I like a lot of bands that evolved over time, but LP didn't evolve, they just stopped playing metal and started playing way softer music to a much wider popular audience -> pop, which, in my opinion, is pure garbage. So it's no use talking projects when the main one is worth nothing.
    A wider audience? You're aware that each LP album has sold less copies than the one before it, right? (With the exception of Reanimation, but that's technically a remix album.) So they've neither started playing pop (as in the genre) music, nor have they written songs that are more widely popular than their old stuff. And I wouldn't say they've started playing softer music at all. Yeah, they have more soft songs scattered into their later albums, whereas Hybrid Theory essentially had none, but you can't tell me that their harder songs on more recent albums aren't as hard as the hardest songs on Hybrid Theory/Meteora. I didn't really like Living Things, so I can't argue for it specifically, but When They Come For Me (from A Thousand Suns) is one of the heaviest, most complex LP songs I've ever heard, both lyrically and musically. Edit: I didn't mean for this comment to be as long as it ended up being. Also, I'm glad there's finally an edit button.
    That albums sold thing is a global fact because of iTunes. Also "nu-metal" actually was "pop" back then, all the time radio was playing LB, Korn and all that stuff. Even members of the band have stated that it's supposed to make moneys and they have bunch of radio friendly songs. Saying that they are not playing pop doesn't change the fact. But you can also don't give a and just listen to whatever you like, let that be mrs Black or Behold... The Arctopus.
    Yeah agreed. But I just wanted to prove the fact that LP got less heavy and abandoned their old nu metal style.
    m4ss3 m/
    Didn't Mike already contribute on making the soundtrack for the latest Medal of Honor game? I haven't heard it but I'm sure they'll do well on making one for a movie.
    yes he did 2 tracks as soundtrack ... He also did soundtrack for movie called "The Raid" which was amazing
    wasnt that castles of glass? that had an affiliation with some kinda video game I believe..
    As long as it's nothing like their last 3 albums. Well Minutes to Midnight wasn't that bad, but hybrid theory and Meteora need to come back.
    Lincoln Parq is a roller coaster...
    Eman Laerton can suck it. He's a smart dude, but he refuses to explain how he determines what is "bad music." Instead all he does is tell you to read the article that he read in a magazine in like 2004.
    It's not that hard to determine that Lincoln Park is bad music.
    Jacques Nel
    Lincoln? Anyway, Linkin Park do not make bad music. Musically they are amazing. I respect the whole thing about trying new things and 'evolving' but everyone who ever liked Linkin Park would read this article and wish that the new album would bring back the old sound, or at least be more guitar driven. I don't care whether their guitar riffs are easy as sh!t to play, it sounds awesome. I can honestly say, even though my musical influence stems from a lot of different artists, LP got me into playing rock music in the first place.