Linkin Park Share New Single Update

"Until It's Gone" will be premiered today at Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show.

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The second Linkin Park's single off their upcoming sixth album "The Hunting Party" will be aired on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show at 7:30 PM BST today (May 5).

The track, titled "Until It's Gone," will be released on May 30th. It was described as the "more mid-tempo track with softer lyrics provided by Chester Bennington, who really shows his vocal versatility." The track features "the dreamy and atmospheric sounds," which "are enough to whisk you away but Bennington brings you back down to earth as he belts out their take on a familiar chorus: 'Cause you don't know what you've got / No you don't know what you've got / You don't know what you've got / Until it's gone.'"

The single was also reviewed by Altwire's Derek Oswald. He described the song as the "brooding goth rock anthem" with "a synth line reminiscent of 2003's 'Numb'," "gorgeous choir like backing vocals, and intense orchestral backdrop." Derek also described the song as "one of the most atmospheric and diverse songs" on "The Hunting Party" so far (he reviewed the six song sampler, which also included "Keys to the Kingdom," "All for Nothing" featuring Page Hamilton of Helmet, "Wastelands," "Rebellion" featuring System of a Down's Daron Malakian and the most recent Linkin Park single "Guilty All the Same" featuring Rakim). Finally, Derek states that the track is "atmospherically similar to the band's 2010 release 'A Thousand Suns.'"

The band itself recently shared the preview of the track via their Instagram. Check out two videos below.

Listen to "Until It's Gone" on BBC Radio 1 on 7:30 PM BST here.

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    So stoked for this album. Bring on the heavier LP goodness!!
    It's great that LP is getting back to the rock vibe and guitar-sound. But I didn't think the song was that great tbh. The lyrics were kinda mediocre (a lot of repeats "you don't know what you've got until it's gone"). It's also not as heavy as I would like it to be and there is still no rap from Mike. Still a big step in the right direction in my opinion. Can't wait to hear what the rest of the album sounds like!
    Ugh, the lyrics absolutely destroy what could have possibly been a decent song. Hope the album is a lot better than this, so far it feels like Living Things all over again.
    Shittiest thing anyone can say about any band is "I wish they kept making the same stuff they did when they first surfaced." That's like asking people to act like 18-year-olds their whole lives.
    Cause even a blueprint is a gift and a curse Cause once you got a theory of how the thing works Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first
    When I heard those lines the first time my brain clicked and ATS started to make more sense. Love that album.
    Well said. I only like LP's first album. I think that rest of their records have some good songs, but as cohesive albums they're not really that interesting. That being said, I think it's cool that they keep doing their own thing and what feels right to them.
    I am "Altwire's Derek Oswald" and I can tell you that this is definitely the strongest and most aggressive Linkin Park have sounded in about 11 years. I strongly recommend giving the album a chance when it comes out in a month, you might be pleasantly surprised.
    Should clarify that Until It's Gone is mellower than the rest of the tracks I heard, but still has some aggressive sounding parts. This is the more 'radio friendly' track. My aggressive comment was in reference to the tracks as a whole. Keys To The Kingdom in particular.
    I've heard rumour that in actuality, you're Oswald Cobblepot (instead of Derek Oswald), best known as The Penguin and/or Danny Devito. What is it like filming on the set of Always Sunny?
    A penguin is a bird that cannot fly! I am a man. I have a name...Oswald Cobblepot!
    Instrumentally a pretty nice track. Nothing too standout but well put together better than what I heard from Guilty All The Same. Chester's vocals sound really out of place though. Like I was waiting for something bigger that never delivered. It's like the song's got the heavier sounds, the bigger sounds, but still lacking the punch that made their better singles short and effective. Also I found the lyrics to be pretty poor even by their standards.
    Have to come on here cuz I can't take the blind love from youtube and twitter. No I'm not a hater. But I'm disappointed. They just can't seem to get it right anymore. But of course everyones like "its so beautiful they're back!"
    Same here. There's no middle ground in the comments between "OMG THEY'RE BACK SO GOOD" and "THIS ISN'T WHAT YOU PROMISED DOESN'T SOUND LIKE HYBRID THEORY TOO ELECTRONIC." Sure, the lyrics suck as always, but it's a solid song. Nothing spectacular, and hopefully one of the weaker cuts on the album, but not awful.
    yeah let's hope the next single if there is one is a heavier faster track that actually sounds finished this time.
    Generic middleschool-core music.
    1998 birthday LOL. Made the account when I was your age kid, its not like your username is anymore mature. One day you'll grow up out of your My chemical romance, blink-182, and Linkin park and you'l agree with me that this music is generic and targeted to people your age to make money.5 years down the line you'll laugh at yourself for listening to it and develop a taste of your own.
    WOW 1998 birthday, just a baby yet barely out of diapers(no offense)much less middle school. It's funny though because alot of what you are saying is and will be true for yourself. At what 16? You haven't really developed your own identity yet, at this age your brain just isn't fully developed nor is your personal identity. You will get there though, 5 years down the road you will laugh at yourself for calling people kid(when you're a kid yourself still) and trying to act grown up. You may even look back on this post and realize how much of a child you still were at the time, lol it's ok we all go through that phase as teenagers where we think that we are all mature and grown up, time really does work wonders lol. Don't stay up too late pal don't want to be groggy and sluggish for school. Stay clean stay strong stay focused.
    Im 19, Born in 1994. I know I am still young myself and will find my own identity. Socksandtrees profile says hes born in 1998, thats what I meant.
    looks at video and questions, "is linkin park still gay?" clicks video and listens, "yup still gay..."
    Ten year old "Tru Br00tulz mutulz" fan detected.
    but linkin park was never a, "tru Br00tulz mutulz" band
    ..... Oh was that all you had to say? Because it didn't really refute the comment you replied to. Reading comprehension is your friend.
    They've done a great job marketing this album, I'm interested to check this out
    It`s a solid single. Not the best, not the worst, but I did really enjoy it.
    I thought it was decent enough to justify checking out the whole album when it comes out. Don't get me wrong, this is probably not going to make my top ten this year (strangely, though, A Thousand Suns did when it came out, simply for being so different), but I can't justify the hate. I mean it's immeasurably better than Nickelback and Nicki Minaj, so it has that going for it. and it's kind of nice to hear Delson do something other than whole note power chords in Drop D for once. Even if it's not the best lead guitar playing I've ever heard.
    Not really my bag but interesting to see what kids are coming up with these days. Always willing to get behind singers who sound like they haven't quite hit puberty.
    From someone whose username is Dave Mustaine, talking about singers is quite irrelevant my friend.