Linkin Park Shared Studio Version of 'Wastelands'

artist: Linkin Park date: 06/02/2014 category: new releases
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Linkin Park Shared Studio Version of 'Wastelands'
Linkin Park shared the studio version of their new single "Wastelands" off the upcoming album "The Hunting Party."

The song should've receive its world premiere on June 1 on Sirius XM radio, but the band's mastermind Mike Shinoda spoiled it this time by throwing a few CDs with new song to the crowd at this year's Rock in Rio in Lisbon before the band played "Wastelands" live. Watch the video below.

Featuring groovy drums, jumping guitar riffs, soft electronic licks, Shinoda's agressively rapped verses and catchy "Guilty All the Same"-esque choruses, sung by Chester Bennington, this single is the closest one to the vibe of band's first two studio albums since the release of "What I've Done" in 2007. Listen to the song below.

It's also rumored that two more album tracks, "Final Masquerade" and "Rebellion (featuring Daron Malakian of System of a Down)," will be released as the singles.

The song received its world premiere live at KFMA Day in Tucson, AZ on May 24, alongside with the live debuts of their previous singles, "Until It's Gone" and "Guilty All the Same" (Rakim's lines were rapped by Shinoda).

The band is currently hitting their European Tour. It will include the band's performance at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park as well as the headline spot at this year's Download Festival, where the band will play their debut effort "Hybrid Theory" in full.

"The Hunting Party," Linkin Park's sixth studio album, is released on June 17 via Warner. Alongside with aforementioned Daron Malakian and Rakim, the album will feature the guest appearances from Helmet's Page Hamilton and legendary Tom Morello.

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