Linkin Park Shared Studio Version of 'Wastelands'

The CDs with the song were thrown to the crowd at Rock in Rio.

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Linkin Park shared the studio version of their new single "Wastelands" off the upcoming album "The Hunting Party."

The song should've receive its world premiere on June 1 on Sirius XM radio, but the band's mastermind Mike Shinoda spoiled it this time by throwing a few CDs with new song to the crowd at this year's Rock in Rio in Lisbon before the band played "Wastelands" live. Watch the video below.

Featuring groovy drums, jumping guitar riffs, soft electronic licks, Shinoda's agressively rapped verses and catchy "Guilty All the Same"-esque choruses, sung by Chester Bennington, this single is the closest one to the vibe of band's first two studio albums since the release of "What I've Done" in 2007. Listen to the song below.

It's also rumored that two more album tracks, "Final Masquerade" and "Rebellion (featuring Daron Malakian of System of a Down)," will be released as the singles.

The song received its world premiere live at KFMA Day in Tucson, AZ on May 24, alongside with the live debuts of their previous singles, "Until It's Gone" and "Guilty All the Same" (Rakim's lines were rapped by Shinoda).

The band is currently hitting their European Tour. It will include the band's performance at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park as well as the headline spot at this year's Download Festival, where the band will play their debut effort "Hybrid Theory" in full.

"The Hunting Party," Linkin Park's sixth studio album, is released on June 17 via Warner. Alongside with aforementioned Daron Malakian and Rakim, the album will feature the guest appearances from Helmet's Page Hamilton and legendary Tom Morello.

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    I really like what Shinoda is doing here but Bennington has to stop copy pasting the same vocal melody in every new song.
    To be fair Mike Shinoda basically copied his vocal rhythm from When They Come For Me.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. I mean its still a decent track. Despite I'm not a huge fan of this distortion effect on the guitars, like on guilty all the same
    The guitar tone truly is terrible. It reminds me of what you'd find on a beginners Spyder Amp, I don't understand what they were thinking...
    I thought this too! I really dig the drum rhythm in the verse though, I think that and Mike's rapping along with it are the highlights of this track.
    I'm finding Shinoda a bit awkward too. Instrumentally I actually like this one, more than I can say about the others, but vocally it's still not there for me.
    I don't have a problem with him repeating his hooks, it's just that they aren't particularly strong hooks to begin with.
    Memory In Death
    The only problem with this track is the chorus uses the same syllables as the one on GATS. That aside, I really like it. The part before the last chorus where he sings it differently makes it interesting.
    shinoda's rapping just seems to get better and better. he's opening up lyrically and saying new things in new ways. bennington...well way to be really uncreative. his lyrics suck and the vocal melody is nearly identical to guilty all the same. if both songs are on the album i'll laugh.
    Start laughing because both of them are on the same album. This one's chorus doesn't sound like "Guilty" to me. More like New Divide meets What I've Done. This is why music is subjective. To each their own.
    I can hear the similarity in he vocal melody in the choruses. But shit I sill like it and will buy the album when it comes out. I'm one of those weird people that has liked all of their albums...except minutes to midnight. That had like 2 good songs. The rest was absolute shit.
    I think this song is actually pretty rad! The studio version is better than I thought it would be having just heard live recordings on YouTube.
    Bloody hell this is terrible. Just my opinion of course but I find it strange how they regressed so much since Hybrid Theory and Meteora. It's like they had a different producer on them first two albums doing all the work.
    Looking forward to hearing what Brad sounds like on the rest of the album, some good stuff going on here
    Really enjoying this track. I'm really glad to hear guitars & distortion again from Brad. The bridge is my favourite part though. Instead of a typical Chester scream, the band leave it for an instrumental bit, which harkens back to a quasi raw/meteora'ish sound. Can't wait for the rest of the album.
    Chester can barely scream anymore.....that's why the instrumentation was there.
    So, Chester can barely scream anymore? Check 5:50 then.
    I didn't say he can't anymore. it just isn't coming as easily to him as it used to. H e is 37 after all. Honestly, im glad these guys are getting back to using guitars, but the vocals in all of these songs seem so lazy.
    Actually I take it back, just listened to the album. He can definitely still scream. His voice just doesn't have that edge to it anymore
    Memory In Death
    The bridge sounds muddled. There's obviously a lot going on there that we're not hearing, like that 'slide' effect, which is clear in the live version. Disappointed in Andy Wallace's mixing so far.
    I thought Chester's delivery may have been a creative choice on GATS, but this has pretty well convinced me he can't scream any more. He still has a good voice, but the aggressive style doesn't work any more.
    He still carries out great screams in live settings , you should really check more live recordings
    they will never be able to go back their roots truly. They went down such a dark path with there latest effort that i can no longer find a strong interest in listening to them. Im a big fan of the first two albums and grew up listening to it. And judging based on what everyone saying, there seems to be no creativity with this song. Unless Chester can do those high pitch loud in your face screams like he does in the song "faint" my ear might catch its attention. To me this song sounds like what everyone else trying to put out to make easy money. They thinking going to back their roots will save them. Good Luck!
    The guitar gives me a bit of a Rage Against the Machine vibe, and that's not a complaint. I like where this album is heading.
    I believe the vocal melodies are way too similar (this and "Guilty All The Same"), Chester needs to get a bit more creative. I also believe this is a band actively trying to sound like they once used to, without really feeling it. Which is why I really don't feel this. May the downvotes commence; there's no way you can say things people don't wanna hear without getting downvoted!
    This song would gain much intensity featuring the "old" Chester voice, which definitely sounded "bigger". Also, riff is cool, sounds like RATM.
    I must admit that I am really excited for this new album ! It sounds like a return to form without having to copy their previous work.
    LINKIN NARC i can't believe what i heard. they narced em out to the 5-o and the cops stole all their weed for when they was done on stage. Sublime was the band they turned in
    Memory In Death
    I think it was made quite clear they didn't narc on Sublime. Though the whole Linkin Narc thing is hilarious
    Good god. When Lincoln Park first came out, I thought, "…now this, this is utter shit… the worst of multiple genres blended in a pile of trash… angsty tweens will love it!" I can't believe they've gotten worse. I can't believe that Page Hamilton and Tom Morello are participating in tripe like this.