Linkin Park Streaming New Album 'The Hunting Party' in Full

"Rock music has become happy pop s--t," singer Mike Shinoda says.

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Linkin Park have decided to stream their upcoming album "The Hunting Party" in full prior to the official June 17 release (June 13 in select countries), giving fans a chance to get the full taste of the guitar-driven effort.

Featuring 12 songs, the 45-minute album was previously announced with a total of five singles - "Guilty All the Same (featuring legendary rapper Rakim)," "Until It's Gone," "Wastelands," "Rebellion (featuring System of a Down's Daron Malakian)" and "Final Masquerade."

Head over to iTunes to check it out and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

Discussing the band's return to the full-on guitar-driven vibe, singer Mike Shinoda has stated that rock music has become "happy pop s--t" in the past few years.

"An album like this really came about from this kind of realization of that's where rock music has gone, it's gone to this poppy place and we can't, we didn't feel like we could go there," Mike told Tone Deaf. "It just felt like it would feel derivative, it would feel like we were trying to play catch up, and when I think of our band I think of it as striving for innovation, striving for pushing the envelope and trying to do something different each time."

Focusing on the overall scene, the singer added, "If you look at the big picture, it's gonna take more than us releasing an album to do it. I'm looking forward to hearing aggressive, visceral music from other artists. You know I'm hearing it now, I just heard a brand new song by Garbage, featuring Brody Dalle from the Distillers and Frank Turner is doing this hardcore band now and it's amazing, I loved it.

"I personally feel like there's so little of that going on, and there's so much of the fancy, happy, pop s--t going on, I'd love to hear some more aggressive music," he concluded.

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    It would be so beautifully ironic if LP replaced Metallica on Glastonbury with that album title.
    Let's admit it, Linkin Park have finally redeemed themselves! They're back!
    I feel like it's them caving to fan-pressure. I was happy to see them expand their sound to more "sophisticated music" (whatever the hell that means). But those more complex sounds didn't sell well to the distorted chord fans who kept calling for the next HT or Meteora. This is a good example of a band trying to go a different direction and not being followed by their original fans and not picking up any new ones.
    Some great tracks. "All for nothing" has to be my current favourite though. Some great "tough guy" rapping and a nice chorus and solo!
    Really enjoying it, definitely some of the best guitar work these guys have ever put out, Rob destroys it on the drums too! Liking the first two songs in particular, impressive
    While not up to the standards of Hybrid Theory & Meteora, The Hunting Party is some of the best work they've done in quite sometime. I think they'll succeed in weeding out their pop fans with this release. Love the brash and punk'ish attitude in these new songs.
    This album would've been a great follow up to Meteora instead of Minutes To Midnight in my opinion
    Listening to it right now. All fresh to me, since I didn't bother listening to any of the singles as they were released. I'm very happy with it. Halfway through and I'm not even hesitating to call this the best since Meteora. No question. Minutes to Midnight I've never been satisfied with, except for a couple songs, even after giving it countless chances. A Thousand Suns I did come to really appreciate, but kind of as a separate thing. I don't listen to it when I want to hear Linkin Park. I listen to it when I want to hear A Thousand Suns. This is great though. This is what I wanted. This is what I think a lot of people wanted. I dig.
    I had almost lost hope for this album, and it sure was hyped up a lot, but definitely not a let-down! I like this!
    Keys to the Kingdom sent chills down my spine when I first heard it. Probably their heaviest song to date. Also love the Page Hamilton song. My all time favorite still has to be Until it's Gone though but man Keys to the Kingdom doh..
    "Selected countries", 30 minutes before the whole thing is uploaded on Youtube.
    Switch to the US iTunes store at the bottom of the iTunes store page. Search for Linkin Park & it should work.
    Been listening to this alot lately on iTunes. It's their heaviest since Meteora and is worth a listen!
    All for nothing and Rebellion are the best songs on the album. The last one made me miss System of a Down a lot. Overall, better than I expected.
    I really liked the vibes on this album, took me back to their heyday. I'm not actually bashing their more recent albums, they just didn't click with me personally. This sounds more like my jam though, good stuff.
    I wasn't expecting this to be good. First time I've been pleased with a Linkin Park album since Minutes to Midnight (I did kinda learn to appreciate A Thousand Suns after hearing it live, though).
    Love the album !!! I think its better than Hybrid Theory. And why wasn't tom morello utilised :/
    downvoted for tom foolery. haven't heard it yet but it will not surpass hybrid theory. were you like, 4 or 5 when that came out?
    i agree Hybrid Theory set the standard for the band but don't you think that was a bit limited , a bit too simple ? Certainly props to them to come up with something unique , but i think The Hunting Party is really ahead of Hybrid Theory.
    Memory In Death
    I agree with you. For me, THP=ATS>HT>MTM>LT>Metoera
    Your use of the "greater than" symbol leads me to believe you think Meteora is the bands worst album and that THP and ATS are equal. And if your list is meant to go the other way (Meteora being their best) then your logic is again flawed because you have MTM above HT.
    Memory In Death
    I don't hate Meteora, but I think it's their most uncreative album. It's Hybrid Theory part 2, basically. Hell, they didn't want to make that album, but WB forced them to as they were hellbent on recreating Hybrid Theory's sound because of its success. And believe it or not, tastes differ. I prefer their more experimental stuff. ATS is a masterpiece, IMO.
    Never expected to say this...but this is pretty good. So, so, so much better than the last few albums. The first two songs released are the worst on here.
    Damn can't believe how good this is... I've been listening all day and still am not even close to being sick of it. Welcome back, LP!
    It's cool they went more for guitar this time and it has it's moments, but I don't like the album sound-wise. I never thought Chester sounded good, on ANY track. Very processed or compressed vocals all the time... And it sounds too much like a demo album. I hope this was intentional, but the fact that I'm wondering if it is, proves to me that I just think it sounds crap-ish and the songs don't feel 'done' to me for some reason.
    They mentioned in interviews that they wanted the album to sound really raw, if that helps...
    They recorded a few tracks on tape for a more organic feel.
    Raw and tape is fine. Sounding crap isn't. Foo Fighters proved it can work, but LP kinda missed the point imho. I just can't listen through it, so maybe it's just me then.
    Keys To The Kingdom almost has a Meshuggah/Mnemic vibe to it, very nice.
    Nevermind, I guess what I heard was a loop video on youtube. Just listened to the real one, still a good track.
    I want to like this album, and indeed I do like a few tracks, and parts of a few others. However, other parts sound uninspired and/or sloppy. Not to mention the fact that the choruses to Guilty All the Same, Wastelands, and A Line in the Sand are virtually identical.
    THIS. This is what ruined the album for me. I guess this is why Linkin Park can never be anything more than "great". The title of "the best" is reserved for my band Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold.
    I'll still give the rest of the album a chance, but after listening to "until it's gone" and "guilty all the same" on the radio at Guitar Center, I have to say they are the most generic songs I've heard in a while.
    Weak delivery, would it have been any other band this album would have been labeled as average, I don't dislike Linkin Park but they've always been so hyped that now to say they've "redeemed" themselves is preposterous to me.
    Gave it a listen. They now sound like some alternative-pop band. Some nice parts here and there, but nothing really special afterall.
    How the hell can you call this alternative pop??? Chester is screaming left and right! and there are guitars out the wazoo!!
    Slightly better than their previous three albums but a let down on the whole. Meteora and Hybrid theory are godly albums compared to this. I hope they go back to their earlier music lyrically and musically instead of technically.
    This kind of stuff is the worst kind of feedback anyone who considers themselves an artist can receive. You are basically asking them to act like 20 year olds their whole lives. Or then you're just longing for a time in your own past that you remember as being a happy time.
    I work at Guitar Center, and they seem to play those two songs about 1,000 times a day. I really don't care for them.
    Lel, their two first albums are populair pop shit as well. Don't really like any of their music, but still props for their the balls to move on.
    I was impressed compared to Living Things and Minutes To Midnight (though I actually love A Thousand Suns and consider it their magnum opus), but they hyped up the guitar solos and they're really nothing special. Otherwise, it's a pretty decent album for something by LP.