Linkin Park Working on New Album, Confirm 2014 Release

Band also rounds up 30 Seconds to Mars, Enrique Iglesias and more for Philippines relief.

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Although there's still a great portion of work to be done, Californian greats Linkin Park have confirmed working on a new record, announcing a tentative 2014 release. "We're kinda just starting on the next album, we'll see where that goes. At this point, we're having lot of fun," singer Mike Shinoda told Artisan News. "These days, I'd imagine that we could probably get through this one in less than six months and hopefully have something out for people next year." When it comes to the album's sound, Mike didn't want to reveal much details. "I hesitate to say what it sounds like because every time I do that people take that and run with it and it ends up not - I mean, we change our minds about what's gonna happen every couple weeks," he explained. Meanwhile, the band has rounded up a lineup for a Philippines relief following the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. Including such acts as 30 Seconds to Mars, Never Shout Never, Enrique Iglesias and more, the artists will selflessly join forces to help Music for Relief foundation. Linkin Park released their latest effort - the remixes compilation "Recharged" on October 29 via Warner Bros.

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    brace yourselves. the demands for the old linkin park are coming.
    i understand and appreciate bands changing their sound and evolving, that's not my issue with LP. the problem is that most of their new songs just aren't good songs
    I agree with you on both counts but I think part of the problem with Linkin Park is that they've continually changed their sound more than they've evolved. The latter offers the opportunity to look at a band's early efforts and trace a relatively clear line towards their later works. When, on the other hand, bands move in completely different directions with their albums, it presents a problem for the core fan base and results in division among said listeners. Incubus is a great example of both. If S.C.I.E.N.C.E. was the first album you loved from them then the odds are you've hated most if not everything that's come after because it seems like a complete departure from their early funk. The problem was that they knew that they sounded derivative of RHCP and decided that they wanted to move in a new direction. Make Yourself, Morning View (my personal favorite), A Crow Left of the Murder, and even Light Grenades are all a clear evolution. What began with heavy effort in Make Yourself grew in both complexity and sound until it reached the softer but more varied tunes on Light Grenades. Some would say that their last album is the next step in that evolution but I just felt like the songs weren't any good and thus didn't care for it. With Linkin Park, they started out with two nu-metal/rap-rock albums (three if you count Reanimation) and then evolved with Minutes to Midnight. They became more of a rock band and, though it rankled some that there was less rap, it was clear that they were demonstrating their musicianship at that point. It's what has happened SINCE then that's really at issue. It took me a long time to warm up to A Thousand Suns but I do think it's an excellent just shouldn't have been the next regular release. It was SUCH a departure from anything remotely similar that came before it that it left most LP fans scratching their heads. If it had been marketed as a special side project, perhaps, rather than the next entry of the canon then I think people would have received it better. The issue with Living Things, of course, is that it also sounds like nothing before it. Since there's no clear evolution it just seems like they're either trying to cash in on current trends (the electronic sound) or they're all over the place. Just imagine if they wanted to conjure the influence of the 1940s and '50s scene and featured tons of brass and crooners. It might be a decent album but it would make zero sense in their musical collective because there's no link to anything before it. I feel like the next album will continue to focus more on the electronic side of things but it would be to their own detriment; fans are getting tired of all of the experimentation.
    This is the first time I've ever seen a comment say "A Thousand suns was good" that didn't get downvoted to oblivion. It is a fantastic piece of music and more people need to listen to it with an open mind.
    Its the only album I still give a crap about from them. I couldn't care less about another Hybrid Theory. But that's just me, I can't get into angsty rap-metal like I used to.
    They could make an album that is rap metal that isn't angsty. I mean, despite criticisms they've displayed they are really excellent artists in their own right.
    I've listened to Linkin Park since HT, it's been one of the of my personal "big 4" growing up (along with Slipknot, SoaD and Mudvayne) but I just couldn't stand their last album, for a number of reasons. First off, I understand that it's normal and common for bands to change, they grow older and change their minds, they become better musicians as they develop their abilities, the musical trends change and influence them, etc. Resulting in their sound changing and hopefully "evolving". But even then, change shouldn't be so radical, if you're a rock band, stay in the realm of rock music, I, and many others, didn't like the band because they were called "Linkin Park", it was because of their music and if you begin making stuff completely different you can't expect us to like it. If you want to make completely different music, start a new project, fans expect rock music from LP (and I'm using the word rock in the most generic way I can), not electronic, if someone likes both kinds, good for them, but that's no my, and many others, case Second, Living Things is particularly bland and boring, ATS at least had more interesting songs even with the different style, even then, I can't listen to MtM or ATS complete, just some songs, and LT I just can't listen at all. Third...I'm sorry, but I can't see the band now as anything else other than a bunch of posers, which puts me off from listening to their music. Yes you can be influenced by the new trends in music, but to completely change your sound for what's hip and cool, that's disgusting and I can't help but see Mr. Shinoda as the one to blame, since everything Chester does outside the band has something to do with rock music. And last, for anyone reading this, if you're one of those guys that goes around saying stuff like "a true fan likes everything the band puts out" (something I see everywhere regarding LP), then no, you're just being a sheep, and if being a sheep is what it takes to be a "fan" then I don't want to be one.
    Though a new Meteroa would be kick ass, I understand that bands evolve. To me, Minutes To Midnight was on the right track to an evolved Linkin Park, it needed work, but it was a step in the right direction. Then A Thousand Suns came out, and since I remember Mike Shinoda saying it was going to be like old Linkin Park whilst being fresh, it felt like a kick in the nuts when it was nothing like LP. Then same thing with Living Things. It's like they took 2 steps forward, 1 step back, 3 steps to the right, 2 steps to the left, turned around, took a step back, a step to the right, and at this point everyone is wondering "Where the f*ck are they going?"
    Year Zero
    6 months ? Should take 2 weeks they don't even play instruments anymore and Mike doesn't rap so he can just do a stupid robot dubstep voice. They should change their name to Laptop Park.
    There was more rapping on Living Things than there was on ATS or Minutes to Midnight...
    But you have to admit: Laptop Park was funny.
    it is. i lol'd still looking forward to this one. call me weird but I loved ATS and living things.
    m4ss3 m/
    It could easily take a year knowing how much they spend time into perfecting all the song. Just listening some of the demos they've been releasing over the years shows that some "ok" demos evolved into some of their best songs. Most people still dislike the fact they redid the chorus on Somewhere I Belong 30-40 times but I think that just shows how much effort they really put into making music instead of going into a studio and coming out after 2 weeks with something rushed that doesn't sound good. (Oh, and Laptop Park has been relevant since Hybrid Theory, which is just funny to me.)
    Their song writing hasn't gotten any better or worse. It's always been at about the same level. What's bothering me, and most people, is the actual execution of the songs. They overuse synths now. There are so many synthesized portions of Living Things that can easily be played on a guitar. I just want to hear more instruments on their next release. I think they can still go in "a different direction" while using actual instruments. Rant over
    its 2013, not 2000-2003, so i don't care. this band used to b amazing in their prime. I know of not one person who continues to listen who were big fans when they first hit big. and yes, i came on here just to say this
    i want hybrid theory 2.....something sim to it...plzzzz....
    The odds of Linkin Park producing something like Hybrid Theory is the same as that of a classic GN'R Lineup reunion. Everyone knows it's not gonna happen but they still have that innate sense of hope.
    I love anything Linkin Park has done. People will bitch if they stayed with the Nu Metal sound because "They're sounding the same" and people are bitching because they decided they wanted to become electronic heavy even tho LINKIN PARK WAS RELEASING ELECTRONIC HEAVY SONGS BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN KNOWN AS LINKIN PARK. But either way I'm excited as hell.
    Personally, I thought Minutes to Midnight was their last good album. I hadn't listened to it in a few years but have really got back into it lately. Some really phenomenal pieces of music there.
    I know that A Thousand Suns and Living Things have some brilliant tracks, but the two albums were definitely attempts to capitalize on the direction of music in most recent years. In other words, away from real instruments and therefore away from real instruments. I simply ask two things of Linkin Park. Ignore the nu metal whiners who want your old sound because it would sound juvenile at this point in your careers. At the same time, please please please record something that you can actually perform live. Hitting the "Play" button doesn't qualify as a performance.
    i feel like maybe living things was meant that way, but for a thousand suns i truly believe they were just experimenting, and the end result was a great concept album that tells a story.
    away from real instruments and therefore away from real music*** Goddammit, where did the Edit button go?
    Nothing is wrong with Linkin Parks new stuff. Sure they change. They change sound. I like that. I hate when bands put out a million albums that all sound the same. Linkin Park is still amazing from their first CD to their last. You just have to be willing to accept the music as it is and what it is. The only two albums that sort of sound the same to me are the first two main ones. It's their band. They can do what they want and everyone else can shut up. All this whining about how they change is driving me nuts. Like maybe you all should try changing occasionally. And personally, I still run to the store as soon as it opens the first day a new CD of theirs comes out. I want to see what they do next. They aren't predictable, so I get to sit here and wish they would hurry it up already so I can know!!!
    Linkin Park is annoying people because they started with a very not-open-minded genre and are now the one band challenging listeners to be the most open minded. Please listen to A Thousand Suns in decent quality and in one go. It's more about the whole album than picking individual songs.
    i very much disliked a thousand suns. it only had like 6 songs, and 3 of them were decent. every other track was a bunch of noise and sound effects. living things, in my opinion, was a step up from ats. it sounded like it could follow mtm. recharged was awful, and i like dubstep remixes. take notes from asking alexandria's stepped up an scratched. i would welcome a true reanimation sequel.
    linkin park was a great band.. there's nothing wrong with evolving your sound. kinda like plastic surgery, everyone has a part of them that they wish they could change. reshaping your lips, check.. reshaping your nose, getting a boob job, check.. getting a sex change operation (NOT OKAY) cuz that's exactly what they did. there's no trace of relating them back to the great band they once where post meteora..
    To quote Page Hamiltion... "Lincoln Parq are nice guys, they just don't know shitt about music." Admit it LP fans, you only like them because of some adolescent connection... it's cool. We all have those bands, it's just unfortunate for you that it's the worst music (barely) ever made.
    A new album already? It seems like they release a CD every year...well, I will give it a try just like I did with the last two albums. But overall, there were like 3 to 4 songs that I liked on the last two albums. I still like that they're evolving as a band, though it's not really my kind of music anymore. I think that standing still and always doing the same kind of music isn't the right way for a band.
    well, it has been 1,5 years since their last ''real'' studio album (excluding instrumental albums and Recharged (remix album), and they said in an interview that they wanted to release an album every two years or so, so if it comes out, let's say summer 2014, it's almost exactly two years, so they're right on schedule
    I'm hoping they go in a different direction this time. I mean, obviously they are going to, since they change their sound on almost every record they release, but Living Things is my least favorite album so far.
    Too me linkin park never did changed. Wasn't Their goal since the very beginning of the band was to combine different styles of music that each band member liked to create one distinct sound. Their doing what they had set out to do, to combine different genres of music into one. But now, instead of the rock and rap that was on HT and meteroa, it's evolve into the things we hear today from them. That's not changing, that's evolving.