Liquid Tension Experiment 3 Is Possible?

artist: Liquid Tension Experiment date: 01/09/2007 category: new releases
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Recently a fan from the Mike Portnoy Forums posted a Tony Levin (bassist for Liquid Tension Experiment) blog saying that Levin had met up with the other LTE members whilst recording another project. "While recording an album in New York I ran into my Liquid Tension Experiment bandmates, who are working on a Dream Theater album. Jorden Rudess had just left the studio when I ran in with my camera to get a shot of myself with Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci." After this post, suspicions were made by fans that there might be a possible third Liquid Tension Experiment album. Later in the forums, Mike Portnoy himself posts to clarify the fans' curiosities: "...Ladies and Gentlemen: LTE 2006!!! [A photo] "Just for the record: "I think my initial feelings of no longer being interested in another LTE album because of the similarities to DT with Jordan have finally passed... It's been long enough now that I think it could indeed be exciting, creative and a lot of fun. "The 4 of us did mention in passing how much fun it would be to someday make some more music together, so as I always say: "Never say never!" "(Unfortunately, there is one obstacle that could make a future LTE album very difficult...and I'll just say, it is NOT any of the 4 people pictured above!!)[Referring to the difficulties Portnoy had with the record label, Magna Carta] MP" The complete post can be found at this location.
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