Liquid Tension Experiment 3 Is Possible?

Mike Portnoy, creator of super group Liquid Tension Experiment, says they maybe a chance of a third album.

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Recently a fan from the Mike Portnoy Forums posted a Tony Levin (bassist for Liquid Tension Experiment) blog saying that Levin had met up with the other LTE members whilst recording another project.

"While recording an album in New York I ran into my Liquid Tension Experiment bandmates, who are working on a Dream Theater album. Jorden Rudess had just left the studio when I ran in with my camera to get a shot of myself with Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci."

After this post, suspicions were made by fans that there might be a possible third Liquid Tension Experiment album.

Later in the forums, Mike Portnoy himself posts to clarify the fans' curiosities:

"...Ladies and Gentlemen: LTE 2006!!! [A photo]

"Just for the record:

"I think my initial feelings of no longer being interested in another LTE album because of the similarities to DT with Jordan have finally passed... It's been long enough now that I think it could indeed be exciting, creative and a lot of fun.

"The 4 of us did mention in passing how much fun it would be to someday make some more music together, so as I always say: "Never say never!"

"(Unfortunately, there is one obstacle that could make a future LTE album very difficult...and I'll just say, it is NOT any of the 4 people pictured above!!)[Referring to the difficulties Portnoy had with the record label, Magna Carta]


The complete post can be found at this location.

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    LTE RULED!!!!! a third one wud be awesome, steve vai on guitar with petrucci?? THAT wud rule!
    YES! This didn't make the front page, but Corey Taylor bitching about what every punk group has been for the past 4 years has been did....
    acshadow25 wrote: LTE RULED!!!!! a third one wud be awesome, steve vai on guitar with petrucci?? THAT wud rule!
    holy shit, and hell ya. although i'm afraid that puting them together would be to crazy, with that much talent and so much creativness that the whole thing would fall apart. but still I am very excited if they go through with another LTE album.
    stand by for a mini tour announcement, folks. as I hear, MP *hates* it when this is leaked, but this news is just too important not to keep under wraps.