Listen: Foo Fighters Debut New Song 'Arrows' Live in Concert

Live at the Acropolis of Athens.

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Listen: Foo Fighters Debut New Song 'Arrows' Live in Concert

Last night at the Acropolis of Athens in Greece, Foo Fighters debuted a new song titled "Arrows" live in concert.

The track comes off the band's upcoming record "Concrete and Gold," due out on September 15.

Album details here, footage from the gig below.

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    This is the fifth song I have heard from the upcoming album. It has been all songs performed live but I like the songs I have heard. Hopefully it is as good as Wasting Light.  When people ask me what Foo albums are their best I tell them Wasting Light/ There Is Nothing Left to Lose and Foo Fighters.
    Wasting Light is one of the strongest rock albums of the decade. I'm fine with whatever people pick between it and TCATS. To me, the one thing that sets either album apart from each other is that TCATS has much stronger lyrical content.  But to tell you guys the truth, I just can't really listen to Foo Fighters the same way anymore ever since we learned that Dave Grohl takes pleasure in raping creatively. 
    What I like the most about the Foos current album "campaign" is that its a real throwback to the days when bands would road test their new material before releasing it. Sadly its not a common thing to do anymore since every show ultimately ends up on YouTube, I think that's why I admire the Foos a lot by choosing to do it anyway.