Listen: Nickelback Streaming New Album 'Feed the Machine' in Full

They said this one's heavier and more aggressive than their previous work.

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Listen: Nickelback Streaming New Album 'Feed the Machine' in Full

Marking today's (June 16) release via BMG, Nickelback are streaming their ninth album "Feed the Machine" in full.

Frontman Chad Kroeger previously described the effort as heavier and more aggressive compared to their previous output, telling Music Choice:

"This album is definitely heavier - as a whole - than a lot of our previous records.

"We've gone back to some pretty crunchy roots, and we're happy about that.

"I mean, we're always stretching off in different directions and trying different things, but we definitely went with more of an aggressive sound on this record."

You can check out the whole thing below. If you just wanna skip to the riff-driven, heavier stuff, you can do that as well. Orders are available here.

Riff-driven, heavier stuff

Mellower stuff and ballads

Closing instrumental

The whole thing

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    If Tool wrote these lyrics most people would probably be praising them as consciousness altering and metaphysically satisfying. Jokes aside, sounds pretty good, decent feel-good music.
    I don't think I'll be able to form a solid opinion on this topic until Gene Sinmons or Corey Taylor tell me what to think.
    A fan of their earlier, heavier work... This makes me happy. They'd been sliding downhill into dogshit since "Dark Horse" and this is almost a return to form... Grow your hair back out, Chad.
    at first I thought you wanted Chad to grow his back hair out, and I thought that it seemed like an odd request
    ...and your icon is perfect to visualize hearing the request!
    In mainstream music, going from mello, radio friendly pop to this takes HUGE balls. Most of their fanbase probably know them as a pop-rock band... I don't really mind the music, but I respect them for doing it.
    I actually might pick this up! Sounds like a big step in the right direction!
    Surprisingly i'm feeling the same - its got my curiosity 
    I actually quite like that closing instrumental, very pleasant sounding 
    They have officially redeemed themselves.  Let's hate on Linkin Park now until they redeem themselves as well
    Not bad. Still too many ballady songs. I was hoping for more songs along the lines of the title track. The heavy stuff is pretty solid. I listened to them a lot when I was growing up and I never understood the extreme hate this band gets.
    was waaitinng for  this. love some nickelback. Feed tthe Machinne has a kick-ass riff.
    The Betrayal (Act III) took me by surprise. That song is...fastastic? Wow...
    The inclusion of some guitar solos in the heavy songs is a welcome change. Just finished "Coin For the Ferryman" and it was a pretty solid song by radio rock standards. Optimistic that the rest of the album is as good.
    I've liked the odd song off of their last few albums, but this is the first full Nickelback album I've enjoyed since 2003.
    The instrumental!! I never thought it possible, but Nickelback wrote things that gave me chills...well, time to go catch me a flying pig.
    Nickelback knocks it out of the park again. Best Canadian band in my eyes. 
    Do you even Annihilator? Do you even Devin Townsend? I mean, this is solid as hell, and it's all your opinion, but still... Calling them the best Canadian band is a little rich.
    Good stuff here and definite prog-metal influence. I mean, "The Betrayal Act III" is a song I could see Russell Allen singing on, tbh. Coin For The Ferryman and For The River are my current favourites.
    heavier yeah, still sounds generic and over-produced though. 
    "Over-produced" is not a thing. It's just that so much metal has such abysmal production quality that hearing something recorded with punchy drums, quality room sound, good singing and guitars with adequate amounts of gain rather than mountains of it sounds foreign to people unfamiliar with it.
    Agreed. There's nothing anymore rock-wise that isn't too formulaic but that's the difference between are you serious about making money in the industry or do you want to play shows to 15 people? It has to be marketable and people like songs they can sing to. Doesn't mean anyone sacrifices artistic integrity to do it, they just refine their craft to something thats marketable in a wide spectrum.
    All this record needs now is Gene talking shit about it, and it's done!
    I think UG secretly likes Nickelback.  They have an article every time the band releases a single