Listen: QOTSA Streaming New Single 'The Evil Has Landed,' Fans Say It Sounds Like Them Crooked Vultures

New album "Villains" coming August 25.

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Listen: QOTSA Streaming New Single 'The Evil Has Landed,' Fans Say It Sounds Like Them Crooked Vultures

Queens of the Stone Age are streaming "The Evil Has Landed" as the second single off their upcoming album "Villains," due out on August 25.

Frontman Josh Homme stated about the album:

"The title 'Villains' isn't a political statement. It has nothing to do with Trump or any of that shit. It's simply 1) a word that looks fantastic and 2) a comment on the three versions of every scenario: yours, mine and what actually happened...

"Everyone needs someone or something to rail against - their villain - same as it ever was. You can't control that. The only thing you can really control is when you let go." 
Among notable comments, a solid portion of people agrees the tune has a strong Them Crooked Vultures vibe.

You can check out the latest tune and the album's lead single "The Way You Used to Do" in the embedded players below.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    This new song makes me want to whip my weiner out and start dancing. I didn't get that feeling at all with the last album. I love you Josh homme and can't wait to hear this album in full. The fun times are back with the queens, tell the world! Our weiners have been concealed for too long!
    This may come as a surprise to some people, but coincidentally Josh Homme was actually in Them Crooked Vultures and QOTSA. Apparently their drummer was in QOTSA too, but just on one of their lesser known albums Songs for the Deaf. Crazy huh? 
    Anyone else miss when you had to wait till an album was released to see what was concealed within? Outside of maybe one music video or promo to taste, seemed more special. But..... new Queens tracks are never a bad thing i guess.
    The ending sounds like the chorus from Miss Alyssa with some weird stuff played through it.
    Solid song.... not what I expected though. Guess that's why I dig QOTSA, each album is unique and unexpected. Wish I could've had this album a couple months ago at the start of the summer.
    Like Clockwork is the valley, and Villians is the mountain. Considering that the past few years have been crazy for Josh, the sounds of both make complete sense 
    After hearing both of these tunes my desire to purchase this album by one of my faves has dropped to zero. Hello free internet download. But hey, at least its better than the first single
    Agreed! I am a huge fan of the band and this album isn't doing it for me. I was able to find the whole album and listened to it several times but it is a disappointment.
    Sooooo much better than the first single.  Still don't think it's anything to write home about but very happy to hear this after how disappointed I was in TWYUTD
    A long ways from their first album. Sounds like a Kia commercial, lofi, tinny, weak melody.
    Very much like Jingle music. Maybe Josh wants some of that iPhone commercial money.
    It's leaked. I found it a little better than the singles make it seem. Definitely not better than their last though.
    Yeah, I can't see this topping clockwork. That was a masterpiece. This is much more "listenable" but much less mind blowing.
    I agree, from start to finish is such a ride. Not too keen on fairweather friends but its not that bad. Songs for the Deaf is still #1!
    For me, Clockwork was the weakest album in their discography. Everything was slow, bleak, and generic.
    Really? To each their own, but I thought it was a great album. Pretty dark though, not something I'd listen to while having fun or hanging with friends.
    Not sure about "generic", but I know what you mean. Everybody went nuts for that album when it was released, but every time I listened to it I found my attention waning. It just doesn't grab me like any of the others, it sort of plods along.
    I listened to it yesterday and was disappointed. Nothing really rocks on it. Like Clockwork was such a masterpiece and this one is really weak. Nothing gets out of first gear or grooves. Josh writing happy songs has lost their luster and soul.
    I gotta agree, there's not a single stand out song on the album. I also can't believe what they did to Villains Of Circumstance... they changed a touching beautiful chorus into circus music. Still gonna listen to it a bunch more times though, that's just a first impression. Probably gonna buy it too since I got a qotsa collection going. 
    Dude... you're listening to an unmastered leak... of course it isn't going to sound anywhere near the levels they chose to record it at. It's gonna sound flat and shitty. That being said, I enjoy the album after skipping the first two songs.
    Sounds like TCV...which sound just like QotSA...
    Not at all outside of Hommes singing. Different grooves, keys are way different and the drumming, even Grohls drumming on Deaf is way different from TCV.
    I listened to the whole album and can't decided I like it or not. Too dancey and mellow for my liking. I love all of their previous albums but I am not feeling this one. I didn't like the first single and there are only three songs I like after spinning the album several times yesterday: Feet Don't Fall Me Now, Fortress and The Evil Has Landed. I was hoping for a more rock oriented album and got a dancey album. It might grow on me but I am disappointed right now.
    I have the album & it is fucking great. Feet Don't Fail Me, Fortress and Un-Reborn Again are my favorite tracks. Can't wait for it to be released
    Thoughts on the production? I for one am glad to have the QOTSA signature dry-AF drums back although I wish the guitars were a little less crystal clear sounding (seems everyone's into really poppy fuzz tones these days)...
    I was going to save my ears for the vinyl, but goddamn they are such whores. Album leaked and my ears are soaked. 
    Why wouldn't it sound like TCV? QOTSA isn't a band. It's a solo project by the former guitarist of Kyuss. Same with TCV. Does anyone actually think John Paul Jones *wrote* any of that stuff?
    What do you mean QOTSA isn't a band? Initially it was a rotational thing but the lineup has become cemented over the past few years. The only real change since the touring band of Era Vulgaris has been Joey leaving and Jon joining. As for John Paul Jones not writing anything on the TCV album... whilst the sound may be predominantly Homme oriented (after all, he played most of the guitars and was lead vocalist), the album was collaborative - as cited by interviews with all three members. Look up the song Highway One (it's an original TCV song not on the album) and it's more JPJ than anyone else.
    ...Like Clockwork was rotational, too. They've had a solid touring band for a few years, but the records are Homme. Even if the band collaborated on this album, they're still rotational. Had they made a few albums with this lineup, it'd be different.
    Not really. The lineup was as it is now. Again, the only difference being Joey leaving during the recording sessions, Grohl drumming until they decided Jon was the man for the job; he played on one track. The rest of the album features guest appearances - mainly in the form of backing vocals (Oliveri, Lanegan, Shears, Reznor and Turner). Elton John provided some piano and vocals as did Charlie May. The core of the band remained as it is now.
    Even your comment just now sounds rotational.
    I fail to see how. The band has a core lineup. Drummers changed and there were guest appearances. Not too hard to comprehend.
    The ending is super cool. These songs are definitely ones that build. The 25th is too far away.